My name is Valerie Worrall-Rose and I started this site, because of my children Bobby, Wayne & Wanda & grandchildren, Justin, Logan, Liam & Teagan.

Family is important to my husband and myself, and what better way to acknowledge our family than by 'knowing' our ancestors, where they came from, who they were and what they did, whenever possible.  

We have quite a lot of photographs of people both living and dead. Many loaned by people such as Brett Ashmede-Hawkins - who is living in Miami, Florida, as well as cousins In Scotland, England & Wales also Australia & New Zealand.

Update: July 2011, I have recieved many more old photographs of family members, including one of my great grandma Sarah Ann Worrall, shown in her midwife uniform.

Busy updating the tree both here and on Ancestry.com 

Other likeness' were found on the internet, as they are public, paintings of some of the wealthier families.  In some cases I have no likeness to show, but I have used a photo of the area I either took myself, or are on loan to me by various family members, or in some cases the cover of a travel book about the area and I have also used photo's taken in Britain by a famous collector/ photographer, Francis Frith. 

This helps to make the 'person' more significant or we can imagine something more of their life in their time.

 I have said many times, that I think we must all be related, and the more I research, the more I believe it........... Our family tree moves in and out of many famous and infamous families over the years, decades and centuries..


 During this process I noticed 3 main things:

1) Twins are prevalent in the family tree.

2) Too many children died at young ages.

Who knows if they'd have survived in todays times with the medical treatments available and simple things like antibiotics. I remember hearing about my own uncle Albert who died  in 1941 aged 24, from infection from a abdomen injury as a result of a coal mining accident. Penicillin became widely available 6 months after his death, but too late for him.

How many others died for lack of good medical treatment, including the mothers who died giving birth or from infection afterwards (Childbirth death was rampant until more recent times.)

3) In the end, we come from strong stock. (This obviously goes without saying for all who live today)   Our ancestors survived and prevailed over many threats:

Accidents, illness & disease / plagues,

Probably animal attacks (In the hunter gatherer times) OF COURSE

Adverse conditions i.e. earthquakes / storms / gales / tornadoes / flood / Fire.

Wars: including

the Roman / Iceni, Vikings, Boar War,  Napoleonic, Trafalgar, Ireland, Crimea, India/Afghanistan, the settling of Canada & North America and Caribbean Islands.

An ancestor of my husband, Lt. Col.  Thomas Rose B 1640 inMickleton, Gloustershire,  England, fought for Oliver Cromwell (a relation) with Penn & Venables in the winning of Jamaica for Britain.   THomas's son ( William) married Elizabeth Bromley, a descendant of Sir Thomas Bromley - Lord Chancellor of England, who's daughter - another  Elizabeth Bromley - married Oliver Cromwell, uncle of THE Oliver Cromwell.

Later, William's grand-daughter,  Elizabeth Bromley Rose married Cossley Hall, B 1728 Kingston, Jamaica (lived Hyde Hall, Trelawny later) .

Their Grand-daughter Elizabeth Hall Green returned to England and married -  Leicester Fitzgerald Charles Stanhope, 5th Earl of Harrington. 

Batttle of Waterloo

- Thomas Worrall B Church Aston, Shropshire, England 1782 - 1887 served in 32nd Cornwall Regiment of Foot.

  • Timeline of 32nd (Cornwall) Regiment of foot

 1807 Feb Joined the 32nd foot regimant age 15 years.

  • 1807 - 32nd at Portsmouth, Expediton to Copenhagen, Gosport.
  • 1808 - 32nd at Gibraltar, Sicily, Cadiz. Landed at Mondego Bay in Portugal. Rolica 
  • 17th August, Vimiera
  • 21st August. 1809  32nd at Corunna -
  • 16th February then returned to England. Walcheren Expedition.
  • 1810 - 32nd at Portsmouth, Hailsham, Bexhill, Guernsey.
  • 1811 - 32nd at Lisbon. Joined Wellington's Army.
  • 1812 - 32nd at Salamanca - 22nd July. Siege of Burgos. Retreat on Portugal.
  • 1813- 32nd in Advance through Spain. At Pyrenees - 28th July, Nivelle 
  • 10th November, Nive - 12th December.
  • 1814 - 32nd at Orthes - 27th February. Peninsula. Bordeaux.
  • 1814 - Middleton. Fermoy. Cork. Ireland. (Met and Married Bridget Long of Fermoy, Co. Cork Ireland.
  • 1815 - 32nd at Netherlands. Brussels. Quartre Bras - 16th June and Waterloo - 18th June.
  • Injured - Head injury, they had to put a mettle plate in his head 
  • Later he was fondly  nicknamed 'Tommy Tinhead'.
  • The 32nd, under Lieutenant-Colonel John Hicks, were placed in General James Kempt's Brigade in Sir Thomas Picton's Fifth Division. Paris
  • 1816 - 1817 -  32ND Castle Cornet, Guernsey Island.
  • Eldest son William was B at Castle Cornet in April 1817.

 William Worrall B 1817 Mystery Solved: 

My great great grand-father William Worrall (son of Thomas Worrall above) was Born 1817 Castle Court,  Guernsey Island, we knew that he most likely served in the early 1840's with his regiment in India/Afghanistan.

I had trouble finding his extensive Military record, but with the help of a British Military site, the mystery is finally solved. It looks like he was a true "Red Coat".

1840's he was in India & Afghanistan

1847 England  (Married Canterbury, Kent in 1849)

1850 Ireland,

1854 Gibralter

1854 Crimea ( the same year 1st child William Worrall Jr  is born) 

1856 Canada, Montreal Quebec,

1858 Mar 9 - 1st Battalion 17th Regiment of foot redesignated upon formation of 2nd Battalion, during that time he was back in England.  

1858 the 2nd child Thomas is born but died in 1859

1960 Samuel (my great grandfather is born)

Nov 1861, Trent Affair, Montreal Quebec Canada,

1862 Montreal Quebec Canada,

1865 back to England where he was Honorably Discharged with full Pension.

1865 Sarah Anne Worrall (my great grandmother) is born. Sarah was the youngest child.

This explains the few children he had (4) and the date gaps between them, in a time where families were much larger. You see, if you dig enough and ask the right questions you can find answers that have evaded you for years.

Many of William Worrall's grandsons, served in WWI and great grandsons in WWII.


What are the odds of this??

John Worrall Born 1600 and his brother Roger Worrall born 1605 In Grandborough, Buckinghamshire, England, each have descendants named Valerie.

John 1600 - Valerie Page born 1976, Shewsbury, Shropshire, England .( Brother Cadael's Counrty)

Roger  1605 - Valerie Worrall Born 1935 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England.

Roger 1605 - Valerie Worrall Born 1942, Hapton Burnley, Lancashire England. 

Roger 1605  - Valerie Thomas, 1947, Burnley, Lancashire, England.

AND we (The Valerie's)  have found each other. We never knew of each others families until recently, (except the Valerie 1947 & Valerie 1942 )

I think its pretty amazing.


The tree includes many family names:

Adam, Alexander, Allan, Anstruther,  Appleby, Arscott, Atherton, Azan, Bache, Baker, Barker, Barnaby, Barthorpe, Bartlet, Basset, Batson, Beauchamp, Beaufort, Bellingham, Bennet, Bennett, Bent, Beresford, Bethell, Bewsey, Blake, Bleddynn, Blois, Blyth, Borthwick, Bowes, Bracewll, Bradbury, Bradley, Bradshaw, Bragoli, Brandon, Bray,  Bromfield, Bromley, Brown,  Bruce, Burns, Butler, Buttery, Byrne,  Campbell, Cant, Carmichael, Carnegie, Carter, Castator, Cawley, Chambers, Chance/Chaunce, Chaucer, Chetwynd, Claus, Clayton, Colston, Cookson, Cooper, Corbet, Corringan, Crawley, Crombie, Cronkite/Cronkrite / Cronkwright & Cronkhite,  Cromwell, Crosby, Cunliffe, Cunningham, Cynfyn, Darling, Davey,  Dawes, Day, Dey, Dent,  DeBeaumont,  DeBotillier, DeBroase, DeCosta, DeLaPole, DeMontfort, Dinsdale, Dixon, Dunn, Dutson, Dyke, Eaton,  Eldridge, Ellis, Ellison, Erskine, Evans, Falconer, Farmer, FitzAllen, FitzGerald, FitzJohn, FitzRoy, FitzWalter, Flemming, Forrest, Foster, Foulis, Frost,  Fyfe, Galloway, Garbett, Gardner, Garrett, Gauden, Gawley, Gelder, Glaze, Gordon, Goteer, Gotier, Gregson, Gresham, Gresty, Greves, Grey, Hailey, Haines, Haldane, Hales, Hall, Hamilton, Hanmer, Hann, Hannah, Harcourt, Harding, Hare,  Harris, Harrison, Harvel, Harwood, Hastings, Hatton, Hayward, Haywood, Hemmings, Henry,  Hepburn, Hepperd, Herbert, Hewling, Hewson, Heyes, Hibell / Ibel,  Higginbottom, Hill, Hindmarsh, Hitchcock, Hobday, Holden, Holland, Hoo,  Hoofman, Hooftman, Hope, Horner, Horton, Hosey, Houghton, Howard, Howell, Huggins, Hughes, Hunt, Huntingdon, Huson, Hynes, Hywel, Iago, Ingram, Ireland, Jackson, James, Jennings, Johnson,  Jones, Justin or Justy, Kavanagh, Keith, Keller, Kelly, Kennedy, Kenyon, Kerh, Kerr, Kershaw, Keyes, King, Kinsella, Kirby, Knight, Knightly, Knollys, Kurtz, Langdon, Langford, Lawrence, Leinster, Le Chaucer, Le Scrope, Lee, Leeming, Leeson, Lerigo,  Leveson, Lewis, Liberty, Lindo, Lindsay, Llewellyn, Lludd, Llewd, Loader,  Long,  Longespee,  Lyman, Lyseith, Maitland, Mangham, Manning, Markle, Marshall, Martin, MacDonald, McAlpine, McConnell, McCormick, McKinnon, McLean, McMillan, McNabb,  McNamee, McNeill, Mears, Melnachuck, Moberley, Mogg, Monro, Moore, Murgatroyd, Morris, Muschett, Neild, Neish, Nelson, Neville, Newman, Newport,  Norton, Nuttall, Nutter, O'Brennan, O'Brien, O'Byrne, O'Conner, O'Neill, O'Rourke, O'Sullivan, O'Toole, Ogilvy, Olaffson, Ormerod, Osment,  Parchment, Palmer, Parkes, Parsons, Payne,  Peden, Peel, Perkes, Perry, Peters, Pickells, Pinkney, Plantagenet, Powell, Preston,  Priseman, Provenzano, Pullar, Quinney, Raey, Randolph, Raybold, Rees, Reeves, Reid, Relf, Reynolds, Rhun, Richards, Robbins, Roberts, Robertson, Robins, Robinson, Rockett, Rogers, Rose,  Rowlands, Ryall, Sawyer, Scott, Sewell, Seymour, Sharp, Sharpe, Shaw, Shephard/Shepherd, Sherring, Siddaway, Silverwood, Smart, Smith, Spencer, Squires, Stevenson,  Stewart, Stockton, Sukki, Swift, Sylvester, Thomas, Thornicroft, Thorp, Thorpe, Tilney, Timperley, Toal, Toop, Torrey, Trentham, Troy, Tucker,  Twamlow, Tweddle, Tylney, Tyrack,  Uens, Ulster, Underhill, Verity, Wakeley, Wakely, Wales, Walker, Wall, Wallis, Walsh, Walsingham, Walters, Ward, Wardell, Warren, Watson, Watton, Webb,  Wentworth, Wessex, Wesson, Wilson, Wharton, White, Whittaker, William, Williams, Williamson, Wilson, Wood, Woodhall, Woods, Wooldridge, Worrall, Wright, Wrigley, Wydeville, Wyndham, Wynter, Wyse, Yale, Yates,Yeats, Young and many, many others.

This site was created using MyHeritage.com.

The site is called Rose & Worrall Family Website, for obvious reasons, but that doesn't take anything away from the fact that is a OUR / YOUR family site.

This site actually show's an incorrect oldest person (it should be Adam) However, most sites I have used have a hard time, with any BC dates.

Not to worry, we know what we are doing!.

This is a great system that allows anyone like you and I to create a private site for their family, build their family tree and share family photos. If you have any comments or feedback about this site, please click here to contact me.
Our family tree is posted online on this site! There are 27987 names in our family site.
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