My name is Alex BIRCHLEY I started this site a few years ago to scotch and/or confirm various family tales about my ancestry. This is a great piece of software that allows anyone like you or me to create a private genealogical website for their family, build their family tree and share family events, gossip, important and trivial facts, etc. If you have any comments or feedback about this site, please click here to contact me.
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The picture(s) (top-right) are of the two St Mary's Churches at Dymock (top) and Bromsberrow, a rural corner of Gloucestershire, where my branch of the Birchley Family were settled in the middle of the 19th century, before my Great Grandfather (Albert Walter Birchley) moved to Birmingham, some time during the 1880's.

The two railway station images are those at Erdington, Birmingham, (a district which I was first brought up in the late 1950's and 60's); and of my currently local one at Selly Oak (bottom).

NB. For the sake of consistency, where documents (photos) relating to a person have more than one event recorded, I have assigned them to one album only. These being usually related to the earliest event cited. There are a few exceptions where I have other sources at hand for the earlier event.

Virtual Cemetery Record Photos are another important exception here. These are assigned according to the person's date of burial and not their date of death as inscribed either on their Memorial Gravestone or as recorded in the Cemetery Burial Index Register. 

For the same purpose of consistency, I have spelt all surnames in their latest or modern form so as to avoid any confusion over lineage.

All place name/addresses are however, noted as they were at the time the events took place, and not as they may be known today. This is for a variety of reasons. For instance: The parish of Aston in Warwickshire, officially only became incorporated into Birmingham City proper in 1912 as a result of the expansion and redrawing of the City bounderies for political/administerative purposes.  Since this is an historical journey into my ancestoral past, I believe it important to reflect the times in which these people lived. This includes using the place-names as they and their contempories would have known them and by which they appear on the many documents assembled to corroborate the accuracy of this tree.

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Alex BIRCHLEY commented on the PDF document Albert Birchley Death 1914:
 Notice that this Certificate omits his second name Walter, by which he is known on the Census Returns I currently have. 
Feb 04, 2013
Alex BIRCHLEY commented on the PDF document Margaret Birchley Death Inquest 1929:
 In the week Alma Cole nee Birchley is buried it is perhaps pertinent to recall the sad death of her eldest sister 83 years previous. She being the first and Alma the last of my father's family - all now sadly departed this life. God bless them all.

A Transcript of the Inquest - Published in the - Shrewsbury Chronicle - Friday May 31st , 1929
Whitchurch Holiday Fatality - Child Killed.

Dr Hall and a jury resumed at the Working Men's Hall, Whitchurch, on Monday, the enquirey into the death of Margaret Birchley, the 12 year old girl from Charles Arthur Street, Netchells, Birmingham, who was killed as a result of a road accident on the outskirts of Whitchurch on Saturday, 18th inst. Mr Freeman, of Liverpool, represented Mr Daley, the owner of the lorry and trailer which the motor-cyclist was endeavoring to pass at the time the accident happened; and Mr Charles C Ladds, of Corporation Street, Birmingham, represented Samuel Wood, the motor-cyclist.
P.S. Teague gave measurements of the road at the Doddington-Bridgewater Street corner, where the accident happened shortly before six o'clock on the morning of the 18th, and said that marks of the tracks of both vehicles were plainly discernible when he arrived on the spot a few minutes afterwards. The child's head struck the road at a point near the end of the straight line in Bridgewater Street, and a few feet nearer Doddington there were marks where a portion of the sidecar had cut into the metal of the road. The lorry had evidently rounded the corner on its proper side of the road, and the brakes of both lorry and trailer were found to be in good order. Both brakes of the motor-cycle wee inefficient and one was practically useless; but this of course was after the accident. The motor-cycle had evidently mounted the pavement some 20 feet before reaching the corner, where the turn to the right took place, and the rounding of the corner the motor-cycle seemed to have gone out into the road again, before overturning. The sidecar was in a damaged condition, and the lid of the dicky seat where the deceased child was sitting, was broken off.

In reply to Mr Freeman, Sergt Teague said it was a "blind" corner. There was a danger signal, which could be seen plainly from the Doddington side than the other.
John Richard Daley of Tithebarn Street, Liverpool said he had spent the night of the 17th on his lorry on Press Heath and started off to Whitchurch en route to Liverpool at 5:30am. Just before six he passed through Whitchurch and before rounding the Bridgewater Street corner put out his right hand. looked through his mirror, and saw that there was nothing in sight behind. He then applied the brake gently and rounded the corner, just after which he saw the motorcycle. He knew the road quite well and was aware that it was a difficult corner, he had travelled that way four times a week.
Samuel Wood, of 3 Poplar Terrace, Charles Arthur Street, Netchells, Birmingham, said that he started from Birmingham that morning at 2:40, and all went well till his arrival at Whitchurch shortly before six, when he saw the lorry in front of him with a trailer, and sounded his horn several times, but heard no other saond. He was only very slightly deaf at the time of the accident, but the deafness had become much worse since. The driver of the lorry made no signal, amd witness thought he was justified in passing the vehicle. He intended going straight on down into the town, not knowing there was a main road to the right; he thought it was a side road. When he saw the lorry turning to the right he had passed the trailer, and had no option but to mount the foot-path with the view of keeping clear. On rounding the corner the sidecar went into the road and overturned and the child was thrown out on her head.

The Coroner: Dont you think it was adangerous thing to pass another vehicle at this corner? - I could see round the corner.
But you couldn't see through a brick wall. How do you account for the condition of your brakes? - They were all right before. They were tested the night before I started.
How do you account for not stopping your engine? - Well it was out of gear. Did you see the danger signal? - No sir.
Mr Ladds: Were you near the lorry or the trailer when you were picked up? - I cannot say.
Mr Freeman: Why did you not stop your machine if you were only going seven miles an hour? - I believe the lorry or trailer pulled over.
Superintendant Roberts: You say you did not see the danger signal. Is that what you told the police after the accident? - I cannot say.
Well in any rate, you signed it. And why did you say after the accident that the other vehicle didn't touch you? - I might have said things I didn't know about after the accident. I had been knocked out, and didn't know what I was saying.
Mrs Alice Fleet, Netchells, said that Wood was her nephew, and she was in the sidecar with the deceased child in the dicky seat. She gave similar evidence to the accident and said she was suffering from shock; she had suffered a good deal prior to this occurrence, on acount of another accident in which she was involved some years ago.
The jury returned a verdict of "Accidental death," due to the injuries recieved from a fall on the road. They added that in their opinion, Wood was guilty of negligence, in having attempted to pass the other vehicle on approaching the corner. They also thought that drivers of vehicles should be provided with better warning at this point, as the existing signal was insufficient. The driver of the lorry was exonerated from all blame. 
Jan 24, 2013
Alex BIRCHLEY said: Sad News. My Auntie Alma has died aged 86. Youngest sister of my dad.
June 19, 2012
Alex BIRCHLEY commented on the PDF document John Kibbler Birth 1838:
 This document was the first to contradict a formerly held belief of mine that Sarah Kibbler's maiden name was Bromwich. Several sites connected to me have this stated. Whilst not 100% certain I now believe Marshall to be correct. The only corroborative evidence I can cite at the moment is of a connection to the Marshall family name, which has emerged in one or two Smart-Matches I have recieved. Tenuous, though this is, it is interesting that this name and not Bromwich has cropped up during my research. 
Apr 05, 2012
Alex BIRCHLEY commented on the PDF document Albert (Walter) Birchley & Annie Coxon Marriage 1891:
 Although cited as Walter on this Marriage Certificate and indeed on the Census Returns for 1901 and 1911, his actual first-name was Albert. (see: His Death Certificate and the Marriage Certificate of his eldest son Arthur William) 
Jan 24, 2012
Alex BIRCHLEY commented on the PDF document Wilmot Young Merchant Navy Service Record 1920-29:
 Here is a short account of Grandfather Wilmot Young's Merchant Navy Service during the 1920's. It details the ships he served on together with a little of their history and subsequent fate.

This is a working document that I will from time to time remove, amend and re-submit as and when new information is forthcoming and/or corrections are made to it where necessary. 
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Obituaries:Death of Alma Cole
Posted by: Alex BIRCHLEY on Mar 8 2015 08:16
This cutting from the Birmingham Evening Mail dated 30th Jan 2013 provides confirmation of the details of the Death and Burial of Auntie Alma, together with the first-names of her two surviving sons and their respective spouses and her grandchildren
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