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The following 2 McCurdy-related articles were both printed in newspapers dated October 20th, 96 years ago in 1917. Being three days from the anniversary convinced me to put them in this update. Even more interesting is that they described events that happened to two different, but related, Adam McCurdys.


"Two unfortunate accidents occurred last week to workmen employed in building Adam McCurdy's house. Geo. McCurdy cut his wrist severing an artery and Calvin Fisher received a broken leg when the scaffold on which he was working collapsed. Mr. Fisher was removed to the hospital in Mercer."

Adam F McCurdy (1850-1933) - The house they were building was to replace one that had been destroyed by fire earlier that summer.


"Mine Boss Shot At Branchton

A sensational affair occurred at the Branchton Limestone quarries at Branchton at 8:30 o'clock yesterday morning when one of the workmen shot Mine Boss A. O. McCurdy, aged [?], the shot taking effect in the man's side, the bullet following a rib to the backbone. Fortunately the wound is not of a serious nature and the recovery of the mind boss is expected. No reason for the shooting could be learned. Toney[?] Bosco, the man who did the shooting reported for work about his usual time during the morning, and about 8:15 engaged in conversation with the boss. There was apparently no excitement in the talk and no attention was paid to the two by other men until a shot was heard and it was found that Bosco had fired a revolver shot at the boss and had then fled, making his escape from the section while the other men were giving their attention to the man who had been wounded.”

Adam O McCurdy (1890-1968)


Apparently October 1917 was a tough time for those named Adam McCurdy.

Adam F was the son of John W McCurdy and Jennie Irwin. The "F" in his name was thought to have stood for "Ferguson" but may have actually stood for "Forgey" which was the maiden name of his grandmother. The Forgey detail was recently found in an old family history to which his granddaughter had contributed.

Adam O McCurdy was the grandson of Adam McCurdy (John W.'s brother) and Margaret McKenzie. Adam McCurdy died in Ireland prior to Margaret and most of her children emigrating to the United States in 1871.

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