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June 22, 2015
A site member commented on event 29th birthday of Tahir Sema:
 Ameen, thanks! 
June 03, 2015
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Mar 30, 2015
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 Slms Thohida Hope you have a super day. May Allah(SWT) keep you in good health to see many more happy ones and may he keep you smilimg always. 
Mar 23, 2015
A site member commented on event 44th birthday of Hamid Khan:
 Slms Hamid WOW we all getting to be toppies now.
Just now you will a grandtoppie.LOL. Enjoy your birthday,have all your favourite goodies and chill.

May Allah (SWT) keep you healthy, wealthy and wise for many years to come Insha Allah 
A site member commented on event 44th birthday of Hamid Khan:
 happy birthday. may u see many many more.
may all your dreams and wishes come tru insha allah.

from sumie and family 
Feb 07, 2015
A site member commented on event 57th birthday of Rooha Bibi Deen:
 Happy Birthday mummy. May Allah bless with you health and happiness, Aameen. With lots of love from your loving son on our birthday... 
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News articles
Announcements:Eid Mubarak
Posted by: Zakariya Sema on Oct 25 2012 13:12
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Announcements:DVD family reunion
Posted by: Zakariya Sema on Oct 25 2012 12:52
Dvd of family reunion with family trees & group photo now available @ R150.00 Reply with name , qty Telephone 031 829 2652
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Announcements:Directions to venue
Posted by: Zakariya Sema on Aug 27 2012 14:24,27.964840%20%28GP,%20South%20Africa%29

Copy and paste in browser to see directions to reunion venue. Click on droped pin i , then dirctions to here . First put in current location

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Announcements:Banking account details
Posted by: Zakariya Sema on Aug 25 2012 13:55
Account Name: O. Hassen
Bank: ABSA
Account No: 40 6927 7739
Branch Code: 507305
Account details . Please do an eft before the 7th September, 2012 . Please e mail proof of payment , as well as each members name and cellphone number for whom payment is being made.
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Family stories:History Of Sema Family From Maputo
Posted by: Zakariya Sema on Aug 20 2012 05:58

History of Sema Family from Maputo


Born in India in 1873 and died on 06.18.1954, on a Friday (16 Shawwal 1373). He moved to Maputo in 1903 and traveled holding a British passport seeking for a better life. He was married in India and had a son. In India, he owned a building with two floors.

In Maputo, he met SaquinaHusseneIssabo, who was born in Maputo. She was a daughter of an Indian father, from India, and mother from Mozambique. She was born in 1889 and died on 08.21.1977, Sunday (5 Ramadan 1397).

They got married and six children were born, namely:

RassulSema (known asBubai) was born in 12/03/1917 and passed away on 09/05/1982.
She was married to Abdul RemaneSablé and three children were born: a boy and two girls: Shamsudine (deceased), Amina and Hamida.

Haji Abdul CadirSema,was born in 15/10/1923 and passed away on 14/10/1994.
He was married to Rassul Ismael (deceased) and five children were born (two boys and three girls): Zaida, Saquina, Idanino, Sara and Ismael.

Haji CassimoSema was born on 07.11.1927, andpassed away on 27.07.2002 (Saturday, 16 JamadalAwal 1423).
He was married to CamariaDula (deceased) five children were born (four boys and one girl): Adamji, Isaac, Nasser, Idrisseand Faira. Also held the 2ndNikah withMariamoMayet and a daughter was born, called Filza.

HajianiMariamoSema, was born in 1930, widow, and lives in Maputo.
She was married to Abdul Gafur (deceased) and seven children were born (five boys and two girls). Agira, Sulemane, Amir, Issufo, Arfa, Rachideand Omaire.

Haji Ismael Sema, was born in 11.16.1932and lives in Maputo.
He is married to NurubibiMahmudoEsmaelon the 5/10/1957, Saturday, and six children were born (four boys and two girls). Camilo, Amino, Selma, Nuno, Claida and Mahmudo. Also havetwenty grandchildrenand 8 great-


HajianiZainaboSema,was born on 23.06.1935, lives in Maputo.
Sheis married to MamadeIssufo and five children were born (four boys and one girl):Zulmira, Issufo, Danilo, Ismeteand Abdul Carimo.

Ismael Sema
April 20, 2012

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Media:One mans passage to resistance
Posted by: Zakariya Sema on Aug 12 2012 11:54

Link to article in star page 18 and 19

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Family memories:Response to article tribute to Hussain M. Sema
Posted by: Zakariya Sema on July 23 2012 11:55
Dear Tahir,

Thank you for your e-mail and article about your grandfather, who sounds like a very good man and the sort of person that we need more of in the world.I'm sure he will be greatly missed by many.
I have forwarded your piece to George Paxton who publishes our quarterly newsletter, for possible inclusion, after which it would be published on our website. I will let you know.

Best regards,
this tribute is phenomenal, we did not know how he passed away we just knew that he took ill , we would never have known if you did not delve into his history
Naseema Vali
  • Kabira DewanThank u tahir for the time and effort in writing this article. It was very touching. It is very important to remember this part of our history and to keep Hussain Cha Cha in our duaas. Please ask Daddy to update these comments on the family tree as well.
    Saturday at 10:41pm · Unlike · 1

    Hussain DewanVery interesting. It is up to the younger generation to keep the memories and sacrifices of our forefathers alive.
    Saturday at 1:53pm via mobile · Unlike · 1

    Imraan Cassim Semagreat reading tahir..really interesting about our chacha...he is always remembered in our dua's..may allah grant him janatul-firdous..and all our marhoomin..ameen
    13 hours ago · Unlike · 1

    Hussain Cha cha. ( May be Mamoo to some or grandfathers brother or Grandmothers brother)
    A tribute to you , you were true to your name . You sacrificed your life for truth and justice , like Imaam Hussain .
    You passed away childless , but your sacrifice has given birth to other liberation organizations that have liberated us . Your sacrifice was not in vain .You are one of the unsung heroes of the struggle . A poem to Imaam Hussain in your honor.
    His dress is torn, with mud it is worn
    His splendid, delicate body is cut, slashed, and torn
    Who is this dignified, master horseman?
    Who is standing his ground in front of an army of thousands?
    Indeed it is Hussain, it is Hussain
    Zakariya C.Sema
The "Gandhi Way" publication has asked for Hussain cha cha's picture. I said we are looking for a picture of him and will email them a pick if we successful in locating one.



great write up...well worth the tribute to our late uncle...also good job in publishing on the family heritage site...slmz...imraan

Imran Sema

Article submitted to Lenasia echo , will appear next issue

Zakariya C Sema

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Announcements:Family Reunion
Posted by: Zakariya Sema on July 15 2012 06:01
Sticky post
Omar Hassen
29 days ago
- Close

VENUE: Mont Blanche Wedding Venue, Plot 46 Cyfret Crescent, Tedderfield


GPS CO ORDINATES: -26.349833,27.982447 (R82, GP, South Africa)

DROP PIN:,27.982447 (R82, GP, South Africa)

Omar Hassen
Site manager
since Feb 19 2009
Location: South Africa
Posts: 1
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Family stories:Love
Posted by: Zakariya Sema on May 28 2012 04:38

It's easy to love a perfect God, unblemished and infallible that He is. What is far more difficult is to love fellow human beings with all their imperfections and defects. Remember, one can only know what one is capable of loving. There is no wisdom without love. Unless we learn to love God's creation, we can neither truly love nor truly know God.

By Shams of Tabriz

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Posted by: Zakariya Sema on May 1 2012 03:47

Everyone is tight lipped.No one posting articles.Let me tell you a joke to break the ice.

The burglar

A thief went to Nasrudin's house and carried away almost all the possessions of the mullah to his own home. While Nasrudin had been watching from the street. After a few minutes Nasrudin took up a blanket, followed him, went in to his house, lay down and pretended to go to sleep. The thief asked Mullah, "who are you? And what are you doing in my house?" Mullah replied, "we were moving house, weren't we?" .

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