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My name is Len Parren and I started this site. This shows the family histories 0f the Parren/Reese families.  The Parren family includes Murdock (Perry, Robinison, Mattison), Hotaling (Platt, Rowland), Mes. The Reese family includes Ashdown (Lyon, Cleveland). Many of these families have extensive history dating back to pre-revoultionary times and some to royal line.

Our family history is like the history of the Western World.  We have some notable ancestors. We are linked to many of the royal families inthe 1200's., Charamagne in the 800's, Roman Ceasars, and many of the Old Testament Bible people. Also historical figures like "Lady Godiva" and Pope Leo IX.

We also have common ancestors with Several presidents including Geroge Washington(1), John Adams(2), Thomas Jefferson(3), James Madison(4), James Monroe(5), John Quincy Adams(6), Andrew Jackson(7),William Henry Harrison(9), John Tyler(10), James Knox Polk(11) Zachery Taylor(12), Millard Fillmore(13), Benjamin Franklin Pierce(14), James Buchanan(15), Abraham Lincoln(16), Ulysses S. Grant(18), Rutherford Birchard Hayes(19),  James Garfield(20), Chester Alan Arthur(21), Grover Cleveland(22)(24), Benjamin Harrison(23),Theodore Roosevelt(26), William Howard Taft(27), Thomas Woodrow Wilson(28), Warren Gamaliel Harding(29), John Calvin Coolidge(30), Herbert Clark Hoover(31), Franklin Delano Roosevelt(32),Dwight David Eisenhower(34), John Fitzgerald Kennedy(35), Lyndon Baines Johnson(36), Richard Milhous Nixon(37),Gerald Rudolph Ford(38), James Earl Carter(39), Ronald Wilson Reagan(40), George H. Bush(41), Willian Jefferson Clinton(42), George W. Bush(43), and Current President Obama(44).

 We also are related to 7 of the "Mayflower" pilgrims.  These are noted by "Pilgrim" to start their name.  Pilgram Francis Cooke and Pilgran Edward Robert Fuller are direct ancestors of the Parren, Murdock, Hotaling, Platt, Rowland, Keith, Reed family.Smile

Our ancestors include 9 of the 25 Magna Carta signers. 


You will see an * next to any of my direct ancesteres, an ** next to my wife's direct ancestors, and an *** where we have common ancesters of which there are several over the last 5000 years.

The search continues.

If you have any updates or family members you want me to add please email me the information.

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Our family tree is posted online on this site! There are 48603 names in our family site. Ther are also many dates older than 10 AD - they are all BC dates, but program only displays as note.
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