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This site records the descendants of NM Hashim and CM Hashim, and their extended families. If you have any comments or feedback about this site, please click here to contact the webmaster.

Our family tree is posted online on this site! There are 605 names in our family site. The earliest event is the birth of <Private> (July 30). The most recent event is the birth of <Private> Hashim (July 27 2014).
The site was last updated on Aug 15 2014. If you wish to become a member too, please click here.  


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Jan 27, 2014
Hilmy Harun Hashim invited Darlina Hashim to the site.
Jan 26, 2014
Faizal Sanusi updated his profile.
Jan 09, 2014
Hilmy Harun Hashim invited Innes Hutchison to the site.
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Family memories:A couple of extracts from Zubaidah...My Story
Posted by: richard lum on Jan 23 2009 03:11
" I was told that my paternal great grandfather came from South India. My
paternal grandfather was named Che Embi....Bapa (or Che Din) could no
remember much about his father because he was a small boy when his father passed away...My father's original name was Che Din bin Che Embi but he later changed it to Che Din bin Mohd. Hashim....

Having left school quite early , and with very little education, Bapa
started work in a rubber estate in Province Wellesley for a while before
securing a job with a firm known as A. Dennys and Co., a leading firm of
estate agents, auctioneers and valuers in Penang. He told us he had to
attend nght classes in order to improve his English

Anyway through sheer hard work and determination, he worked his way through the ranks until he became a junior partner of the firm. In 1936 when the English owner, Mr. Allen Dennys, passed away in Penang, Bapa bought over the remaining shares of the firm to become its sole proprietor. He carried on and did a good job..."

" When we travelled to Kuala Lumpur, we would stay with Bapa's uncle, the
late Captain Hashim, who lived in a big government house at the Lake
Gardens. In those days, Captain Hashim, a widower in his 50's, had an
important job in the Malayan Civil Service. To a little girl like me then,
he seemed to be a very strict old man -always giving orders to servants and
everyone else. They called him "Tuan". To me he was "Tok Tuan" and the name

"I remember on one of our visits there....the house was full of people and
everyone was excited. It seemed that Tok Tuan's only son Uncle Mahmud, who had been away for many years in the UK studying law, had come home bringing back his pregnant English wife and two young sons. Mamhud must have written to inform the old man about all of this. The boys' names were Harun (the late Tan Sri Harun Hashim) and Zain (Tan Sri Rtd. General Zain Hashim). A few months later, a third boy, Noor, was born.

"I remember Harun, who was a little younger than I was, being quite a
handful; he was very playful and naughty at times and loved to chase me
around the house. The house would be filled with my screams especially when he bit me and scratched me, which annoyed Tok Tuan who would then scold us. Shortly after that, I started school and the fun trips to Kuala Lumpur

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Family memories:Zubaidah...My Story
Posted by: Hilmy Harun Hashim on Jan 13 2009 01:39

Note from Kamil Khalid Ariff...Dato Zubaidah, eldest daughter of Tan Sri CM Hashim and Puan Sri Fatimah Hashim produced a book about the CM Hashim family called ZUBAIDAH...MY STORY. It can be a good source of information about the CM Hashim family.

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