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My name is Roger CHACE and I started this site on May 7, 2011 with about 2,000 names, many from a Family Wheel Chart of our family created in 1895. It was created using  If you have comments, please click here to contact me. 

I have confirmed a link between our lineage and that of Salmon Portland Chase, who was the 6th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Judge, appointed by Abraham Lincoln.

Our family tree is posted online on this site! There are 8303 names in our family site. The site was last updated on Mar 29 2015, and it currently has 18 registered member(s). If you wish to become a member too, please click here.   Enjoy!

Smile To see the picture of my Family Wheel Chart, which was created in 1895 for the Golden Wedding Anniversary of my great-great grandfather,  where you can zoom in to find names, and dates of several generations of my family, just click on the right.   <Click Here>


I would certainly appreciate any comments you have.

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This Web site:Suggest they show how many total matches are left to confirm or reject.
Posted by: Roger CHACE on July 5 2014 13:40
I have suggested to MyHeritage that since they love numbers so much, not only can they show how many new Smart Matches we have to confirm or reject but total matches. I would love to see how many I have left to confirm or reject.
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Genealogy:Showing 100% known data
Posted by: Roger CHACE on Jan 12 2012 13:54

I have suggested to MyHeritage that a way to show as 100% known data (where you actually have a copy of a death certificate, or birth record, etc) would change the way that data would be shown on your tree. Perhaps it could be shown as blue (like a hot link), with the photo of the data popping up to show.

I think that would make the data much easier to nail down as absolutely correct.

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