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July 27, 2015
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July 26, 2015
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July 25, 2015
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July 23, 2015
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Posted by: Chantay Bell on July 26 2015 15:27
MMERVILLE, PRISCILLA wasborn 26 February 1911, received Social Security number 214-22-2446 (indicating Maryland) and, Death Master File says, died 20 May 2009 13024130
Check the source file (free) and then check Archives for PRISCILLA SUMMERVILLE.
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Posted by: Chantay Bell on July 22 2015 09:46

Its possible to findout more about your DNA sequence, why you have allergies, or gather specific information about possible cancer, and how to detoxify yourself.


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Posted by: Chantay Bell on May 15 2015 14:28


1.What do you know about your family surname? Its origin? Its meaning? Did it undergo change coming from the old country to the United States? Are there stories about the change?

2. Are there any traditional first names, middle names, or nicknames in your family? Is there a naming tradition, such as always giving the firstborn son the name of his paternal grandfather?

3. Can you sort out the traditions in your current family according to the branches of the larger family from which they have come? Does the overall tradition of a specific grandparent seem to be dominant?

4. What stories have come down to you about your parents? Grandparents? More distant ancestors? How have these relatives described their lives to you? What have you learned from them about their childhood, adolescence, schooling, marriage, work, religion, political activity, recreation? Are they anxious or reluctant to discuss the past? Do their memories tend to cluster about certain topics or time periods and avoid others? Are there certain things in your family history that you would like to know, but no one will tell you? Do various relatives tell the same stories in different ways? How do these versions differ?

5. Do you have a notorious or infamous character in your family's past? Do you relish stories about him/her? Do you feel that the infamy of the ancestor may have grown as stories passed down about him/her have been elaborated?

6. How did your parents, grandparents, and other relatives come to meet and marry? Are there family stories of lost love, jilted brides, unusual courtships, arranged marriages, elopements, runaway lovers?

7. Have any historical events affected your family? For example, how did your family survive the Depression? Did conflict over some national event such as the Civil War or Vietnam War cause a serious break in family relationships?

8. Are there any stories in your family about how a great fortune was lost or almost (but not quite) made? Do you believe them? Are these incidents laughed about or deeply regretted? If a fortune was made, who was responsible and how was it achieved?

9. What expressions are used in your family? Did they come from specific incidents? Are there stories which explain their origin? Is a particular member of the family especially adept at creating expressions?

10. How are holidays celebrated in your family? What holidays are most important--national, religious, or family? What innovations has your family made in holiday celebrations? Has your family created entirely new holidays?

11. Does your family hold reunions? How often? When? Where? Who is invited? Who comes? Who are the organizers and hosts? What occurs during the reunion? Are there traditional foods, customs, activities? Are stories and photographs exchanged? Are records (oral, written, visual) kept? By whom?

12. Have any recipes been preserved in your family from past generations? What was their origin? How were they passed down--by word of mouth, by observation, in writing? Are they still in use today? When? By whom? Does grandmother's apple pie taste as good now that it's made by her granddaughter?

13. What other people (friends, household help, etc.) have been incorporated into your family? When? Why? Were these people given family titles such as aunt or cousin? Did they participate fully in family activities?

14. Is there a family cemetery or burial plot? Who is buried with whom? Why? Who makes burial place decisions? If there are gravemarkers, what type of information is recorded on them?

15. Does your family have any heirlooms, objects of sentimental or monetary value, that have been handed down? What are they? Are there stories connected with them? Do you know their origin and line of passage through the generations? If they pass to you, will you continue the tradition, sell the objects, or give them to museums?

16. Does your family have photo albums, scrapbooks, slides, home movies? Who created them? Whose pictures are contained in them? Whose responsibility is their upkeep? When are they displayed? To whom? Are they specially arranged and edited? Does their appearance elicit commentary? What kind? By whom? Is the showing of these images a happy occasion?

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Kids:Genealogy Q&A: Family History Questions for Kids to Ask Grandparents
Posted by: Chantay Bell on May 15 2015 14:27

  • When and where were you born?
  • What were your parents’ names?
  • What is your happiest memory of your father? Your mother?
  • What is the most important lesson your parents taught you?
  • What are the names of your grandparents?
  • What is your happiest memory of your grandfather? Grandmother?
  • Where did you grow up?
  • What did you do for fun as a child?
  • How did you like school?
  • What did you want to be when you grew up?
  • Tell me about your first date.
  • How did you meet Grandma/Grandpa?
  • Tell me about the day my mom/dad was born.
  • What advice would you give to new parents?
  • What jobs have you had?
  • What are your strongest memories from your time in the military?
  • What would be your recipe for happiness?
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    Genealogy:Percilla or Priscilla Summerville
    Posted by: Chantay Bell on Aug 26 2013 05:47
    New Search on this cousin on Evelyn side
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    Genealogy:Henry Percilla Brescor or Priscilla or Brescoe
    Posted by: Chantay Bell on Dec 18 2011 11:47

    1930 United States Federal Census

    1920 Census

    Noted as Evelyn cousins or adopted sister

    Also Joseph + James Dismond suppose to be Brothers of Evelyn???

    Henry + Percilla 1912

    Name: Henry Brescor
    Birth: abt 1912
    Residence: 1930 - Baltimore, Baltimore (Independent City), Maryland
    Name: Henry Brescor
    Birth: abt 1912
    Residence: 1930 - Baltimore, Baltimore (Independent City), Maryland

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    Other:Teaching Children Their Heritage (ABCNEWS)
    Posted by: Chantay Bell on Sep 8 2011 10:20

    Freed Slave Gave Family Name

    "My family originated in Dinwoodie County in Virginia and we can trace the family back to 1808," Washington told his grandson. "My great-great grandfather? Well, he was a slave, and he changed his name to Washington after he was freed."

    Connecting with their family's past not only helps children understand where they've come from, it reinforces values and traditions that are central to a spiritual life, Murphy said. A strong family tree makes kids feel protected and proud to be who they are, as the youngest Washington said.

    "Well, I'm glad to be a Washington, because everybody in my family is like, they are hard workers," said DD Washington. "The stories that my grandfather tells me, they make me feel good. Like, so I can hear how he grew up and where he lived and what he went through."

    With today's technology, it is easier to connect with the past. And for kids, using a ...

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    Posted by: Chantay Bell on Apr 11 2010 07:36
    Martez Carter Jr. 9:00 am ----- Mount Pleasant
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    Other:Jun 10 2009 School
    Posted by: Chantay Bell on June 11 2009 07:26

    Shabriel Carter graduated from Middle school now going into High school.

    Ziki Little graduated from 1st grade going into second grade.

    Brandon Baker graduated from Pre K going into Kindergarten

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    Obituaries:Yvonne Mildred Thompson Aug-Jan
    Posted by: Chantay Bell on May 12 2009 08:16
    Yvonne Mildred Thompson
    August 25, 1946 - January 15, 2008

    Yvonne M. Thompson was the daughter of Joseph and Evelyn Washington, she was born in Baltimore, Maryland on August 25, 1946, and sadly departed January 15, 2008 close to those who loved her deeply.

    Yvonne received her education from Dunbar High School and had a passion for dancing with her sisters and spending time with her family.

    Yvonne, leaves to mourn sons, Marvin and Michael she has two daughter in-laws Aretha and Stephanie, ten grandchildren Kinard Seiko, Andrew Dante, Eric, Little Mike, Terence Eric, Mikea, Sophia and on great grandchild Shaimir.

    Yvonne is survived by eight sisters, Earlene, Lucille, "Big Glo" Patricia, Gloria, Josephine, Tania. and and Charlotte.

    In her next life she will be greeted with open arms, by her parents and four brothers and her daughters, Delver and Yvette.

    Yvonne's guidance was instrumental in her son Michaels's starting and owning his own business that honors the Washington family's name and her inspiration will continue to encourage her grandchildren to continue their education and become successful role models in society. Yvonne's "family first" attitude will also encourage the incredible bond amongst her sister to remain unbreakable.

    Yvonne was an incredible women, and her life will leave an impression on everyone's heart that had the privilege of knowing her. She was a devoted friend, sister, mother-in-law, mother and grandmother who spent her entire life on helping others by giving them strong words of wisdom guidance and unconditional love for everyone.

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