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Local news:Need assistance do this
Posted by: on Jan 5 2009 00:52

I will be using this symbol to show the next step >

To edit or add pictures

Click on the Family Tree tab, the tree will load, you will see on the left two tabs, I use the List tab. Type in the persons name ( I know the parents are right so I always start with them to view whos in their tree) you will then see two names ( more then likely) of that person, double click on one of the names, click the plus sign (+) to add or edit this person info or pictures. Please remember to add facts to the persons card like marriage dates, death, where they are buried. the more facts there is the better. There thats all there is to it.

You are suppose to be able to post a comment here so leave us your thoughts or questions here thanks and hope you enjoy this site.

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Posted by: on Jan 4 2009 10:52
On Jo anns family site we have made contact with a gentleman from the UK, his name Stuart Bird, I wont go into alot of detail here, but he has John Quick in his tree. Please help us welcome him to our family site, and Thank him for making Aunt Mary Janes wish come true. We have his report for any of you that may have missed the email it is huge 90 pages long, PDF format, we will give it to anyone who ask for it. we dont want him sending it to all of us every time we say hi( trust me he will want to send it to you)
Some of us are now members in his site also, you can request to become a member to view the tree, Im sure he doesnt mind. you can find his link at Jo anns site,,just look for Stuart Bird( you should beable to click on the name). Need any help with it let me know.
We also are pleased to see that we jumped from 26 member last night to now a 41 tonight, so we finally succeeded in the invites,,but now we are in trouble. This site is only good for 1000 people, we have right now 991,,we are trying to raise money so we can have unlimited amount of people, I have $5,,, anyone else?? sure would be nice to see this go on instead of stopping.
Anyway this is what we have to do at this point, we tried to get as much of you in as possible before you even came here so you may or may not have a card in the tree,,if you do we ask you to update your information, add pictures to your card, not the album, we have to work on the albums.
The people that need to be added send me an email, we have to work at this in order to do whats needed, until we have the funds to get the unlimited. We ask you not to add anyone out of the family,, for instance: Jestin Paul Jansen is married I dont want him to add his wifes parents on this site, I will ask this to be done on a site that you want to be webmaster, thank you for understanding. Also please limit storage to for pictures at this point, we will let you know when you can add more. The only reason Im asking you all this is because i dont want you to put all the work into it and then find out the next time you visit they arent there,, the site manager will delete whatever is necessary, because of the lack of storage, that we dont own. And really knowing the Brules whom arent working like most Michiganders,are going to sell something just so they can keep the site going, which isnt far to them, this is for all of us. We know money is tight with everyone but dont you think this is worth putting in $5 or more? Once we meet the difference we wont have to worry about storage.
Another great idea from the Master of this site is she took an album and put all of the obits in there,,, do you have one that maybe we are missing?
Please feel free to add it or may have to send it to Jo Ann. Or if one is messed up more then yours delete the messed up one and put yours there.
And you know what we all have pictures that we just cant put a name with, I have a box full, want some help with that name? Yep you got it post it in her names forgotten album, check it often see if you can help name that person( tags arent working right now, but am told will be up soon.)
If for any reason you have trouble on the site and want answers from myheritage, I have contacted a woman there that is more then happy to help all of us so you may email her Esther@MyHeritage.com.
Well I know you are bored by now so I will say good bye,, but before I do I will only be seding these out when we have good news, or on the site once I know where to do it so its not so hard to see. But this was easier for me.
If you would like to unsubscribe from this newsletter reply to this first one and put unsubscribe in the subject area.
I hope everyone really enjoys all the hard work Jo Ann has put into this site applauds Joann,,,Beautiful Job Well done!!
P.S. I know I dont have all family members emails, they might want to be a part of this, Donald Quick I dont have, or anyone from Honors family, nor Arelene,,, if they wish to eamil me forward them my email address.

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