My name is Danika "D" and I am the Webmaster of this site.

Welcome to all visitors and members.  For my members,  we are all tie into this family one way or another be it by blood or by marriage.  Some of you may not actually be related to some of the people on this site except by marriage and other strange family ties, but that's okay.

 I encourage any of you to take a look at the family tree I have posted here.  If you have the option to change information I ask that you are 100% certain what you have is accurate before you input it.  If you are unsure of what you have please consult me and I'll either give you the go ahead or input it in myself.  If you see a mistake, or if you are not on here and want to be (or if you have information about ancestors or descendants I do not) than please email me or use the message feature on this site to let me know what information you have or again, if you're 100% certain than go ahead and enter it.  If you're not certain or too lazy to do so Money mouth I'll be happy to correct it or add it.

If any of you know of anyone else in the family who is a genealogist (besides yourself for some of the people here Laughing) please send me their email address or direct them here so I can talk to them.  Perhaps together we can find out even more!

If you've been interested in genealogy but just haven't gotten around to it, or don't know where to start, you might be able to start here.

If you have any comments or feedback about this site, please click here to contact me.
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News articles
Obituaries:The death of a cousin... RIP
Posted by: Danika Tolbert on Dec 2 2011 07:56
I don't have him on the tree as I never got the full infomation but a cousin, affectionately known as "Little Billy" passed away yesterday afternoon. I don't know much of the story but what I do understand is that he died as a result of injuries sustained in a motorcylce accident.

Little Billy was the eldest son of "Billy" William Tyrone Brown who is my Uncle via him being the brother of my father.

This cousin would be connected to the lines with the surnames of Boyd, Jones, Douglas/s, Brown, Hall, Davis, Johnson and Holley.

I know he is survived by atleast one child... I think a daughter. I'll see what I can dredge up as far as information goes.
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Important:Old European Lines of Royalty and Nobility
Posted by: Danika Tolbert on Mar 31 2011 15:14

Hello to all of you who are new here and looking at the lines of royalty and nobility out of the Old Country!

I just wanted to drop this quick word of warning - I am doing my best to make sure that all my stuff is accurate. I'm drawing from many sources. As such sometimes the lines I have get disconnected (and perhaps subsquently re-connected) and/or put elsewhere as more information emerges.

I'm a dedicated researcher so some of this stuff has and will change. Some people out there aren't as careful with their lines and sometimes get rather fanciful. When I check out their source material or check it against other material it sometimes just doesn't connect the way they'd like it to and I have to disconnect said line from where it went. As such please do your own research on these people as well.

I'm trying to make notation of certain suppositions, and I will add more documentation to many of the people that I find to be legitimate late...

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This Web site:Collaboraters
Posted by: Danika Tolbert on Mar 19 2011 07:27

I thought I would put this up for anyone seeking to find out who I am collaborating with in case you have your own inquiries that might be better directed towards them. You should be able to find all of them on this site and be able to contact them via their links here on MyHeritage. I'll put their names and then their main family surnames (there are several other surnames and if I find anyone or anyone joins who is genealogicaly researching or tracking these other lines I'll add them to this list).

Ellen Tolbert - Tolbert, McPherson, Counts, Taylor.

Mike Brebes - Brebes/Breves, Simas

Greg Lima - Brebes/Breves, Simas, Soares, Nunes, Lima, Strangman (of no relation to me).

Maria Carty (she may not be on the site at the time I write this, she's having problems accessing it. If that's the case message me and I'll pass on her email address if I think she can help you) - Breves/Brebes, Simas, Soares, Nunes.

Kevin Booth - Shaw, Jones, ...

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This Web site:Inputing Again
Posted by: Danika Tolbert on Mar 17 2011 19:24

Hello to all my family,

Thanks is due to Paul Brown (my father) for renewing the site where it was for another two years!

Thanks is also due to Tereza Freire Breves (Breves cousin out of Brazil whom I'm hoping with her help and the help of other Breves we can make the connection to her and fill in more of the Breves tree and ger her fit onto our tree) for upgrading the site for two years!

With the combined generosity of Paul and Tereza I am able to get back to inputing more information on this site for everybody from all of my daughter's lines. Had it not been for them it would have taken me much longer to get back to researching the genealogies since we had reached the site limit and it wouldn't let me input anymore names until now! This is a GREAT thing because now there's room for so many more family members.

Now of note -

Douglas/s - More cousins have been found. To my knowledge none of them have any more information on the Douglass line further back then we already have here, but that's fine. Shortly hopefully I'll be inputing more Douglass descendants and hopefully many will come and join this site as well. The more people you have working on the same line the better.

Boyds - I'm really excited about this because I got the info a year and a half ago but since I ran out of space on the site I wasn't able to input anything. Since that changed we're back in buisiness and I've gotten them back to Virginia. Hopefully more info to get some of it further back will come shortly. We'll see. But if you're a Boyd be sure to check up the "newest" oldest members of our line!

Tolbert - Work on that has finally proven to be slightly fruitfull. Laterally atleast. We've found out who Lance's mom was to about 99% certainty. We just don't know who his dad was yet. We're hoping that with the new information something new will pop up from another branch of Tolberts and hoping that we'll get some results on the mysterious Thomas W. Tolbert and his wife Martha Turbaville. Keep watching!

Vetter - we've gotten that back another generation bringing the earliest date on this tree to late 1400's. That's quite an achievement for any family tree! If you're a Bersticker/Berstecher/Beerstecher you'll have interest in the Vetters so check them out.

Faissler - Progress has also been made on this line. Again another Bersticker relevant line.

Schroeder - Some progress has been made on this line! Finding other family trees out there gives leads. With this line I haven't gotten it much further back (and then it's not on the direct Schroeder line but some of our foremothers in that line) I've gotten clarification on some names and gotten some dates and names of various ancestors siblings. Check that out and update your own trees if you like.

Trips - Two cousins Maria and Tereza are each planning on making a trip sometime within the year to a place called Breves in France. I don't know if the two of them might try to meet there at the same time. I'm going to give it my best shot at meeting atleast Maria in France when she gets there, but I'm doubtful that it will happen. No big deal. But lets cross our fingers and hope that these two ladies might get lucky and stumble upon the holy grail and finally be able to find definitive evidence as to if the Azores Breves actually did come out of Breves France.

DATA - I've made it so that family members can alter the data and the records. Everyone's been good and no one has input anything without my foreknowledge or maliciously changed anything. So no ones in trouble Cool. However we're probably going to hit 3000 records on the site by summer time if the pace of my research keeps up. This is a call for help. When children are born (or when anyone passes away) or there are marriages in your direct family (or divorces) then please (and even if it's not in your DIRECT family but in members of the family around you) give me a hand, find their record or in the case of births make a record and put that into the system yourself with AS much information as you can (and if you have any relevant documentation make a note of that please). The tree is simply too big for me to check on everybody all the time. I know that unfortunately I probably have records where some people are listed as still being alive when they might have passed. If you see something like that and know for sure (better if you know atleast the year they passed) then please feel free to correct that.

Likewise for pictures. There are many records that have no pictures. I'm working on that but I can always use help. Or if you can input pictures for yourselves and/or your family directly that would be great.

There's also a site address book that is private to site members only. While parts of this site are open to "guests" I have made things like the address book private so if you want to input your info for ease of being contacted know that it's as protected as I can make it.

I suppose that's about it for now. I look forward to inputing what I can find in the tree in the next few days to come. I've proceeded again with research all across the board.

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Important:Theresa (Brown) Hunter
Posted by: Danika Tolbert on Mar 22 2010 09:28

My Auntie is in the hospital and her children, my cousins have written to let me know. She and the family would like to request the prayers of all the rest of our family out there.

She is in room 4104 at the hospital listed below. If people go to the hospital site they can send her a card via email. http://www.bhsala.com/home_princeton.

Princeton Baptist Medical Center 701 Princeton Ave. SW | Birmingham, AL 35211-1399
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This Web site:Out of Room!
Posted by: Danika Tolbert on Nov 6 2009 03:58

I guess this is a reason to both celebrate and sigh.

Who knew that my daughters had so many ancestors and family members? My mind is completely blown away! And to a great extent this makes me very happy.

Of my husband's line I have very few ancestors up. I know there's a boat load more.

Of my mother's lines (Bersticker and Brebes) I am delighted that between those two I have the oldest ancestors on the tree for any line. I think to get it back any further I will have to take a trip to Portugal and Germany which I plan to do... eventually.

On the Brown line I know I don't have all those who are currently living but I'm constantly trying to get people to give me information or update what I don't have. Thank you so much to all of you who have contributed. I include our Douglass cousins in this as well. I am please to announce that I have found more regarding our Douglass ancestor Elize Moore. Check it out if you haven't. Ev...

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Genealogy:Photo was of wrong Archie!
Posted by: Danika Tolbert on Oct 30 2009 05:08

The photo that was up of Archibald Douglass was of an Archibald Douglass but it has recently come to light that the Archie in the photo was NOT the Archibald who was Edward's father. Instead something far more interesting has happened.

A little less than a year ago when I embarked upon the search for my Brown family roots all the existing information I had led me, and a few other Douglass cousins to believe that it was quite possible that Archibald Douglass, the father of Edward Brown never married nor had any further children. Then out of the blue when searching census records we found that Edward's father did indeed marry a much younger woman, but the name of Irene whom he had a son with whom he named in the great family tradition, Archibald (Archie).

Recently it has come to light, by the efforts of my cousin David Sanders, who spoke with my grandfather, Willie Brown that the Archie in the photo was NOT his grandfather. With some further explanation and a ca...

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Posted by: Danika Tolbert on May 29 2009 05:16

All my members. In the last couple months we've grown a little bit and we've branched out and found a few cousins here and there.

Well, in going through everything I noticed that some of my members aren't on my family tree. There can be a couple reasons for this. The primary one being that I just don't have enough information about where you fit in. I'm patiently waiting for information from many family members but people get busy and I don't want to leave anyone out or constantly wonder where everyone fits in, because I know everyone here does fit in!

So, here's what I'm going to ask everyone to do if you haven't done so already. Go to the family tree and find yourself. Enter your name on the tab and see if you come up. If that doesn't work and if you know enough about my family and yours see if you can find a common ancestor and see if you can trace down from there and find where you should be.

If after all that you&...

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Posted by: Danika Tolbert on Feb 13 2009 09:06

I have found that Archibald Douglass Sr. owned two slaves in 1850. It was hard as heck to find anything about them but I finally did.

In 1850 A. Douglass owned two slaves. One female aged 45. Another female aged 18 (this one MAY have been Mittie's mother).

I don't have any names.

What does this mean?

That either "Bah" Brown was purchased by Douglass after the 1850 census by A. Douglass (if this is the case it is a possibility that he may have come from Virginia, having been a previous slave of Triplett's who is A. Douglass's brother who went to a property sale of a deceased William Browne). "Bah" was never a slave of Douglass and as such could have been owned by someone else in Lowndes County OR he was never a slave.

I don't have anything definitive yet but I'm slowly digging this up and still hold out hope that I might find something. Still searching census records and anything else I can get my hands on...

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Posted by: Danika Tolbert on Feb 13 2009 05:49

I have recently added information to the family tree for the Jones and Boyd lines. I don't have much on Boyd, but I've just made initial contact with someone who has alot more information on the Jones lines then I've seen.

I want to thank Ella because without her initial information this "discovery" would have never happened. Now I hope to have access soon to alot more information about "new" cousins, and get some pictures as well. You may notice that I have already added some pictures to the site. Hope some of you will take a look at them.

That's all for now.

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