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My name is Candi Vis and I am the Webmaster of this site. 

This site was created using This is a great system that allows anyone like you and I to create a site for their family and even publish their family tree on the Internet.
If you have any comments or feedback about this site, please click here to contact me.  Our family tree is posted online on this site! There are 9767 names in our family site. The earliest event is the birth of Godwulf (80). The most recent event is the death of Patricia E Haima (born Plath) (Mar 26 2014).  **Please note-The relationship shown after the above individuals is their relationship to you.  To show their relationship to anyone else, go to the family tree tab and click on reports...there is one for relationships.**
The site was last updated on Apr 13 2014, and it currently has 50 registered member(s). If you wish to become a member too, please click here.  

A big thank you to Kelly & Brenda Vis for their contributions to the subscription fee!!  Also a huge thank you to Brenda Vis, Nancy Hoffman, and Patsy Nielsen for their research and photograph contributions!

Please contact me if you have any additions, corrections, stories, someone to research, site problems/questions or for information on contributing to the subscription fee! 

This site is a continual work in progress as more people are found, information is added and we all get to explore and learn the features here!!  Please don't hesitate to post to the boards or contact me with any questions....we're all on this journey together!! 

You may notice a couple other trees listed (and pictures for them).  The Belle Roberts tree was started after discovering her grave in the local cemetery and growing curious about whether her "Roberts" heritage could be linked to my own...and just plain enjoying the challenge :)  I have finally connected her tree to ours!!  But, it doesn't appear to be through the Roberts line...very cool! 

We have discovered some very interesting people in our tree so far...including:

**Russell Seager, killed 11/2009 at Fort Hood...may he rest in peace** 

**WE HAVE GONE BIBLICAL...see if you can find the actual earliest events in our tree (the listing above is wrong)

~Charlemagne, ruler of the Holy Roman Empire

~Teunis Dolsen, first male born in NY after it was ceded to the English by the Dutch!

~Numerous people involved in the Salem Witch Trials-Martha (Allen) Carrier, convicted and hanged and 2 of her children jailed(her Husband Thomas, formerly of the King's royal guard, lived to 108 years, and 7'4"!!), Mary (Allen) Toothacker suspected/questioned, Capt John Alden-jailed & escaped, Mary Osgood-questioned...and more

~Samuel Huntington, John Adams, and Samuel Adams, Signers of the declaration of Independence

~Major General Jedediah Huntington, fought with George Washington in the Revolutionary War

~Jane (Burbeck) Little, died during the British occupation of Boston....she was making ammo for the American troops!

~Walter P Chrysler, auto baron; Marilyn Monroe...oo la la; Vlad Dracul and Vlad the Impaler, together became the legendary DRACULA; The Baldwins

~US Presidents Ulysses S Grant, John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Gerald Ford, Franklin D Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt and more!!

~Capt Johannes Chrysler and Lt Adam Chrysler fought in the Revolutionary war, and Capt. Nathan Hale was a famous revolutionary who was hanged by the British.

~At least A DOZEN passengers on the mayflower, with more to be added...Can YOU find them all?

~Lady Diana Spencer and her family, and many more royal families from 500AD on!!!!

~Be sure to watch for the newly discovered to be verified and added...famed abolitionists Maria Weston and FREDERICK DOUGLASS; Amelia Earhardt; Frank Nelson Doubleday of Doubleday Publishing;  VP Dan Quayle; Horace Mann; Nathanial Hawthorne; and many more....possibly even Marcus Aurelius!!!!

~Lots of heroes and incredible stories that still have to be added, and many more to be found....this is so fun!


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A site member commented on person Hazel J Duerr (born Johnson) :
 came with aunt carrie to door in montello first we ever knew her . didnt see her much but loved her any way wish had been older to talk to them about family but have got to know many now 
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A site member said: My condolences to the Johnson family on their loss.
May 25, 2013
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News articles
Obituaries:Fredrick G Johnson II April 24, 1964 - May 26, 2013 Resided in Neenah, WI
Posted by: Candi Vis on May 28 2013 12:29
Fredrick G. Johnson II, age 49, of Neenah, passed away unexpectedly on Sunday, May 26, 2013 at his home. Rick was born in Oshkosh, WI on April 24, 1964, son of Fredrick Johnson and Carol Harrington. Rick graduated from Oshkosh High School in 1982 and shortly after, he served in the United States Air Force. In 2002, Rick, along with his partner Matt, started M.R. Cares Inc., a business he was very proud of.

Rick enjoyed hunting, playing sheep's head and spades. He also enjoyed working with his hands; fixing things and remodeling houses. Rick was a gifted business owner who cared deeply for his clients and staff. He was very family orientated and loved hanging out with his nephews, family and friends.

Rick is survived by his daughter Sarah Harrington; his mother, Carol Harrington; his father, Fredrick (Caroline) Johnson; his grandmother, Gloria Abraham; his siblings, Kim (Gabriel) Ludwig, David Harrington, Susan Harrington, Debbie Johns...

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Family stories:In Honor of Memorial Day
Posted by: Candi Vis on May 25 2013 16:57

In honor of Memorial Day, I have created a list of the veterans I’ve discovered in the Hannah-Vis tree. I’m sure there are many more to be discovered. I’ve sorted them by era of birth. When known, I’ve listed their service details as well. If you know of any I’ve missed, or have any additional details or corrections, please feel free to let me know in the comments J.

1600s and earlier
Phiip Delano(1602-1681)-Pequot War
John Clarke(~1590-1673)-Pequot War
Samuel Huntington(1582-?)-Officer in Army of King Charles I
Jan G Van Dalsen(1623-1647)-Army Captain
Maj. William Bradford(1624-1703)-King Philip’s War, wounded in Great Swamp Fight
Thomas Little(~1654-1676)-Died King Philip’s War
Jeremiah Ripley(1662-1737)-Lt. In King Philip’s War
John Parkhurst(1644-1725)-King Philip’s War
Capt. Timothy Tingley(1697-1779)-Unknown
Capt. Daniel Hale(1697-1745)-Militia 1745 KIA in Louisbourg
Capt. Joseph Little(1653-1740)-Unknown
Capt. Thomas Hale(1659-1730)-Unknown
Moses Little (b. 1657)-King Philip’s War
Capt. Samuel Guild(1647-?)-King Philip’s War
Peter Coffin(1630-1715)-King Philip’s War
Col. Shubael Gorham(1686-1745)-Capt of 1st Co in Louisburg Expedition
Thomas Morgan Carrier(1626-1735)-King’s Royal Guard
William Pabodie(1620-1707)-Military leader
Capt. John Alden(1626-1702)-Naval Commander
John Lay(1633-1696)-King Philip’s War, Great Swamp Fight
Capt. John Gorham(1619-1676)-Died of injuries from King Philip’s War
Joseph Howland(1640-1704)-Militia

Col. Moses Baker(1769-1829)-Militia Officer
Maj. Moses Baker(1738-1802)-Revolutionary War
Col. John Turnbull(1756-1843)-Revolutionary War
James Gheen(1796-?)-Revolutionary War Constable
John Morden(1768-1832)-Revolutionary War Loyalist
Robert Carpenter(1738-1777)-Died in Revolutionary War
Peter Roberts(1750-1804)-Revolutionary War Green Mountain Boys
Gen Christopher Roberts(1753-1832)-Revolutionary War Green Mountain Boys
John Roberts(1759-1842)-Revolutionary War
Benjamin Roberts(1761-1828)-Revolutionary War Green Mountain Boys
John Roberts (b.1722)-Revolutionary War w/George Washington, French & Indian War
Jane Burbeck(1767-1845)-Revolutionary War (manufactured ammunition)
Lt. Moody Cook(1751-1834)-Revolutionary War
Col. Moody Cook(1786-1855)-Unknown
Richard Roberts(1782-1858)-Lt. War of 1812
Lt. Edward Marsh(1758-1845)-Unknown
Maj. Gen Jedidiah Huntington(1743-1818)-Revolutionary War
Ebenezer Huntington(1754-1834)-Revolutionary War
Capt. Gurdon Bell(1757-1815)-Marines Revolutionary War
Capt. Moses Little(1739-1798)-Revolutionary War
Edward Burbeck(1738-1782)-Revolutionary War
Richard Roberts(~1755-1830)-Revolutionary War
Joseph Stearns(1751-1829)-Revolutionary War
Ezekiel Worthen(died 1783)-King George’s War, French & Indian War, Revolutionary War
Sabin Mann(husb. Of Mary Stearns b. 1745)-Revolutionary War Capt.
Jabez Huntington(1719-1786)-Maj. Gen. Revolutionary War
Capt. Ephraim Bill(1719-1802)-Revolutionary War
William Burbeck(1716-1785)-Col. In Revolutionary War
Capt Joseph Stearns(1712-1792)-Militia before Revolutionary War
Col John Bynum Jarnagin(1720-1798)-Unknown
Maj Joshua Huntington(1698-1745)-Revolutionary War
Capt. Nathan Hale(1755-1776)-Martyr Revolutionary War
Capt Johannes Chrysler(1765-1839)-War of 1812
Fear Holmes(1722-1767)-Revolutionary War
Deborah Sampson(1760-1827)-Revolutionary War, fought as a man
Zebedee Snell(1736-?)-Revolutionary War
Maj Judah Alden(1751-?)-Revolutionary War
Capt Peter Boylston Adams(1738-1823)-Revolutionary War
Capt Elihu Adams(1741-1776)-Revolutionary War
Balthasar Chrysler(1734-1830)-KIA in Revolutionary War, British POW
Lt. Adam Chrysler(1732-1793)-Loyalist in Revolutionary War, fought with Mohawk Captain
Eleazer Howard(1739-1808)-French War, Revolutionary War
William Howard(1744-1776)-KIA Battle of White Plains during Revolutionary War
John Howland(1744-1789)-Revolutionary War
Lt. Hironymous Kreussler(1713-1751)-French & Indian War
Levi Dungan(unknown)-Revolutionary War

Theodore Roosevelt Jr(1887-1944)-Brig Gen WWII led troops onto beach at Normandy, Purple heart
Commander George McClellan(1826-1885)-Union Commander in Civil War
Thomas Jefferson Roberts(1831-1863)-Civil War Confederate
James Marion Roberts(1834-1882)-Civil War Confederate
Houston Warren Roberts(1839-?)-Civil War Confederate
Absalom Henry Roberts(1844-1863)-Civil War Confederate
Karl August “Charley” Duerr(1895-1966)-WWI, WWII
Carl August Duerr(1892-1976)-Military Service 1918, severely wounded
Ulysses S Grant(1881-1968)-Maj. Gen. both World Wars
James Albert Little(1844-?)-Civil War-Co#1 112nd IL Vol Infantry, 2 years
Charles Wesley Griffith(1838-1908)-Civil War
George William Ragan(1839-1919)-Civil War
Col. Richard P Roberts(1820-1863)-Union Army Civil War, KIA at Gettysburg

Robert C Hannah, Jr(1955-1980)-Army Specialist 4, Gold Star
Loren Ivan Duerr(b. 1956)-Army
Eugene Burnett(1928-1979)-WWII & Korea
John W Drehmel, Jr(b.1938)-Marines 1965
Jimmy A Drehmel(1943-1965)-Marines 1965
Lewis Hoffman(1937-2009)-Navy
Capt Russell Seager(1958-2009)-NP at Ft. Hood, killed by gunman
Prince Rodion Cantacuzene (b.1928)-Capt US Navy
Robert C Hannah, Sr(1923-1992)-F1 US Navy
Byron W Chapin(1910-1981)-US Navy 11 yrs
John Schiller(1937-1993)-US Air Force Korea
Robert Duerr(1921-2000)-WWII Warrant Officer
Raymond Duerr(1921-1991)-WWII Army Air Corps
Harold Duerr(1935-1980)-Korea
Jerome “Romie” Plath(1928-20005)-Cpl US Army WWII
Wayne “Butch” Haima(1935-1988)-Cpl US Army Korea
President Gerald Ford(1913-2006)-WWII
James Roosevelt(1907-1991)-Brig. Gen. USMC
Franklin D Roosevelt, Jr(1914-1988)-Purple heart WWII
John G Vis(1920-1989)-WWII TEC 3 Army
Robert W Hull(1929-2012)-Cpl US Army, Enlisted 1951 served 2 years
Ronald Hull((b. 1947)-Army 1967-1969
Milton Hull(1919-1998)-WWII Air Force 5 years
Henry Chrysler(1850-1916)-Union Army Civil War
Edna H Hunter(1922-2012)-WWII WAC
Phyllis Duerr(b 1926)-WWII WAC
Robert John Wallendal(1927-2011)-US Army 1945

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Obituaries:Robert "Bob" William Hull
Posted by: Candi Vis on July 6 2012 14:14
Hull, Robert W. "Bob'

Robert W. "Bob" Hull, 83, passed away Wednesday, July 4, 2012, at home surrounded by his family.

Bob was born April 28, 1929, in Ottumwa, Iowa, the son of John and Gladys Tennis Hull. Gladys didn't survive the birth of her son. In 1933, his father married Gertrude VandeStreek who became Bob's mother. Bob joined the United States Army in 1951, serving for two years and earning the rank of Corporal. He married the love of his life Beverly Rymer while home on leave December 28, 1951. After returning to Wisconsin from the service they began farming in the Waupun/Brandon area. He also worked with and later co-purchased with his brothers, Ron and Gordon, their father's business, Hull Implement Co. This is where his great passion for MM tractors and tractor pulling began with his 1953 MM-UB. After the closing of the business, Bob worked for the town of Waupun from 1988, until his retirement. Bob and Bev have been members of Alto Reformed Church all their married lives. Bob is a member of American Legion Post 210 of Waupun. He along with his brother, Lyle were charter members of the Wisconsin Tractor Pullers Association and later Central Wisconsin Antique Tractor Pullers. Bob pulled his MM-UB and later his MM-R at many, many pulls. He celebrated 40 years of pulling at the Alto 4-H Fair in 2008. Bob also enjoyed operating the scale for his children's events with the Wisconsin Garden Tractor Pullers.

Bob is survived by his wife of 60 years, Beverly (Rymer) Hull; three sons, Michael (Cheryl) Hull of Waupun; James (Donna) Hull of Brandon; and John Hull (fiancee, Bonnie Vis) of Waupun; one daughter, Brenda (Lowell) Vis of Waupun, one sort of adopted son, Jodie (Kathy) Stobb of Waupun; nine grandchildren; six great-grandchildren; seven brothers and three sisters, Gordon (Marlene) Hull of Waupun; Elaine (Samuel) Braaksma of Wisconsin Rapids; Elton (Katherine) Hull of Waupun; Lois (Gordon) Alsum of Waupun; Delvin Hull and friend, Lilly of Coloma, IL; Lyle (Jayne) Hull of Waupun; Ronald (Joan) Hull of Burnett; Caroline Gilmore and friend, Gene of Beaver Dam; Jerald (Luann) Hull of Waupun; Phillip Hull of East Moline, IL; and many nieces and nephews.

Bob was preceded in death by his parents, John and Gertrude Hull; one grandson, one nephew; two nieces; one brother-in-law; one sister-in-law on the Hull side; and three brothers-in-law on his wife's side.

Funeral services for Robert W. "Bob" Hull will be held Monday, July 9, 2012, at 11 a.m. at Alto Reformed Church with the Rev. Ted Lindman and the Rev. Ted Medema officiating. Friends and relatives may call on the family on Sunday at Werner-Harmsen Funeral Home in Waupun from 4 to 7 p.m. and on Monday at church from 10 a.m. until the time of service. Burial will take place on Tuesday, July 10, 2012, at 10 a.m. at Ledgeview Memorial Park in Fond du Lac. American Legion Post 210 of Waupun will provide military honors.

Werner-Harmsen Funeral Home of Waupun and staff are serving the family. Please visit our website at for further information and to send condolences.

Published in Fond du Lac Reporter on July 6, 2012
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Local news:Road Trip's Amy Doty enjoys the ride with a red-hot cover band
Posted by: Candi Vis on Mar 29 2012 13:11

From Appleton Post Crescent. For full article

Like a cliché movie scene featuring an aspiring rocker, Amy Doty once found herself dancing in front of a mirror, singing her heart out to a pretend audience.

It was a scene that would happen again and again throughout Doty’s childhood, until the red-haired singer traded her upside-down hairbrush for a microphone and a live audience at age 22.

Doty, one of two lead singers in the Oshkosh band Road Trip, hasn’t looked back since her onstage debut in 1993, using the band to showcase her rock-oriented voice for the past 19 years.

Beginning as the band’s backup singer, Doty later moved to lead and now stands as a nominee for female vocalist of the year at April’s WAMI Awards (Road Trip guitarist Jason Busse is nominated for guitarist of the year, while the entire band received a WAMI nod for cover band of the year).

Now one of the leading female rockers on the local scene, Doty and co-lead singer Rich Plath trade a one-two punch on the microphone — a formula that has made Road Trip one of the most popular bands in the Fox Valley.

P-C: Explain what being onstage is like for you.

Doty: It’s the most wonderful place to be in the whole world. It’s the one place where you can feel at home and finally be yourself. … I also know people in the audience are hurting and they’re tired and they’re sick of the same ol,’ same ol’ and what I want to do is take them out of that. I always say I’m taking you on a journey and we’re getting out of this and we’re actually going to havefun for a little while.

Being a female lead, do you feel you’re viewed differently or held to a different standard onstage?

I don’t feel that anymore, but in the ’90s I did. It was so different back then because there weren’t as many females in bands and so I’d go into a club and I’d actually get kicked out of the dressing room. (Club workers) would be like, ‘What are you doing here? You can’t be in here.’ I’d say that I’m in the band and they would say, ‘What guy are you with?’ And I’d say, ‘I’m actually the singer of the band.’ Some club owners and bartenders wouldn’t talk to me, wouldn’t even look at me until they heard me sing. Then they’d be like, ‘Can I buy you a drink?’ But I don’t feel any pressure anymore because there are so many girls (fronting bands) and radio is flooded with female voices. We’re starting to blend in with the guys and nobody cares anymore.

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Obituaries:Robert J Wallendal
Posted by: Candi Vis on Dec 28 2011 19:38

Robert J. Wallendal (1927 - 2011)

| Visit Guest Book

Robert John Wallendal, 84, of Waupun, died on Christmas day, at the Christian Homestead in Waupun.

Bob was born on Aug. 9, 1927, in Springvale Township, Fond du Lac County, Wis., a son of Jacob and Susie (Tjepkema) Wallendal.

He graduated from Brandon High School in 1945; and then entered into service with the U.S. Army.

On Jan. 15, 1949, Bob was united in marriage to Marion Zick. They co-owned and operated the Waupun Laundry in Waupun for many years.

Bob was committed to youth activities and devoted much time as a Boy Scout leader and member of the Eagles. He was instrumental in organizing the Waupun Little League in 1962, and volunteered as a coach for many years. Bob co-founded McCune Beach, where he built and ran the mini golf course.

After selling the laundry in 1971, he managed the bar at the Rock River Country Club for seven years. Bob was then employed with the City of Waupun, and also served on the Parks and Recreation Department. The city honored Bob by naming him Father of the Year in 1967. Following his retirement, Bob was a devoted crossing guard.

Other activities he enjoyed with his family were helping his son-in-law on the farm, coaching baseball, golfing, hunting, and bowling. He was also proud to get his pilot license.

Bob is survived by Marion, his wife of 62 years; four children, Rosanne Wallendal and her significant other, David Smoody, Gary (Deb) Wallendal, Joan (Ron) Hull, and Tom (Cindi) Wallendal; seven grandchildren, Dustin (Jodi) Hull, Carriann (Richard) Laubenstein, Jacob (Carri) Wallendal, Shannon Hull and friend, Aaron Seaman, Jessica (Eric) Frost, Margret (Bryce Merrifield) Wallendal, and Glen Peter Wallendal and friend, Abby Berken; five great-grandchildren; a sister, Marian Dahms; three sisters-in-law, Dorraine Wallendal, Ruth Metavia and Catherine Leichtnam; nieces and nephews; other relatives and friends.

He was preceded in death by his parents; a sister, Dorothy Ferch; and his brother, Donald Wallendal.

SERVICES: A Memori- al Service will be held at 7 p.m., on Wednesday, Dec. 28, 2011, in the Chapel of the Christian Home, 331 Bly St., Waupun, with Chaplain Wick Hubers officiating.

VISITATION: Bob's family will receive relatives and friends at the chapel on Wednesday from 4:30 p.m. until the service time.

In lieu of flowers, memorials may be directed to the Christian Homestead of Waupun; Agnesian Hospice of Fond du Lac; or a charity of choice .

Bob's family wishes to thank the staffs of the Christian Homestead and Agnesian Hospice, for their dedicated care.

The Kohls Community Funeral Home, Waupun is serving the family. Online condolences may be sent at

The Reporter

Fond du Lac, Wis.

Dec. 27, 2011

Published in Fond du Lac Reporter on December 27, 2011
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Obituaries:Susie Doty
Posted by: Candi Vis on Nov 19 2010 11:50
Sandra (Susie) Doty of Kingston, WI, a loving wife, mother and grandmother went to be with her Lord on the morning of November 13, 2010. She was born on June 5th, 1943 to Richard and Elsie Plath. She and her nine siblings grew up in Kingston. She married her husband William Doty on July 24, 1963 and they had two sons.

Susie and Bill owned and operated Doty's Handy Hardware in Kingston while raising their sons. Later Susie went to work for PMI in Markesan, and after that she worked for the Post Office in Kingston until retirement.

She was very involved in her community; she was the president of the Kingston Lioness Club and also head of traffic control for the Kingston Fire Department. Susie and her husband also belonged to the Kingston Businessmen's Association.

She thoroughly enjoyed...

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Local news:Fort Hood Profiles: Capt. Russell Seager
Posted by: Candi Vis on Jan 22 2010 18:34

Thirteen people were killed when an Army psychiatrist allegedly opened fire on soldiers at the Fort Hood Army base, including Capt. Russell Seager. Here is a short profile:

Capt. Russell Seager, 51, of Racine, Wis., was a psychiatrist who joined the Army a few years ago because he wanted to help veterans returning to civilian life, said his uncle, Larry Seager of Mauston.

Capt. Seager’s brother-in-law, Dennis Prudhomme, said Capt. Seager had worked with soldiers at the Veterans Affairs hospital in Milwaukee who were suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. He also taught classes at Bryant & Stratton College in Milwaukee, said Mr. Prudhomme, who is married to Capt. Seager’s sister.

Larry Seager said his nephew’s death left the family stunned, especially because the psychiatrist only wanted to help soldiers improve their mental health.

“It’s unbelievable. He goes down there to help out soldiers and then he …” Mr. Seager said, his voice trailing off. “I still can’t believe it.”

Russell Seager is survived by a wife and 20-year-old son.

Mr. Prudhomme said Capt. Seager was scheduled to go to Afghanistan in December and had gone to Fort Hood for training.

“Our family has suffered a great loss and we are all devastated,” Capt. Seager’s sister, Barbara Prudhomme, said in a statement read by her husband. “We are very proud of the way Russell lived his life, both personally and professionally, and our hearts go out to all the victims and their families.”

–Associated Press

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