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My name is Daryl Francis MURPHY and I am the Site manager of this site.

This family tree includes my family (that is, my ancestors, relatives and descendants) and that of my spouse, Maureen Therese MURPHY (nee KELLY).  

Our MURPHY ancestors came to Australia from the townland of Bog West near Mayglass in County Wexford, Ireland.  Dennis MURPHY, son of Philip MURPHY and Mary LAMPORT/LAMBERT, emigrated from Ireland with his spouse, Jane Elizabeth MURPHY (nee WHEELOCK), and children on the clipper ship 'Shalimar' arriving in Victoria, Australia, on 9 February 1855.  Dennis was about 43 years of age when he arrived.  Dennis MURPHY had been a farmer in Ireland and he became a cab proprietor in Melbourne, Victoria. 

Dennis and Jane MURPHY are buried in the Melbourne General Cemetery, Victoria. Their children were William James (13 years), Mary (10 years), Philip Charles (7 years), James (4 years) and Jane Elizabeth (infant).  Only William James MURPHY and his brother James MURPHY had children in Australia.  Philip Charles MURPHY died unmarried and childless in Greymouth, New Zealand. 

I am a great grandson of William James MURPHY (c1841-1909), grandson of George Davidson MURPHY (1880-1933) and son of George 'Lionel' MURPHY (1914-1976).

The last MURPHY to have lived at house 2 in Bog West, County Wexford, was Mary MURPHY who, at the time of the 1911 Census of Ireland (according to the National Archives of Ireland), was aged 69 years.  In 1911, Mary - who never married - lived with her brother-in-law, James KING, a widower aged 55 years, and his son, James KING aged 20 years. James KING had married Bridget MURPHY (daughter of John MURPHY, farmer) on 1 Feb 1883.  Bridget KING (nee MURPHY) died some time between 1890 and 1901.

The Welcome photograph above (which was taken 12 May 2008) depicts the ruins which are all that remain of the site where - in the townland of Bog West, County Wexford - our MURPHY ancestors had resided.  The small farmstead was probably a mud-walled home with a thatched roof and no modern amenities (no bathroom, running water or electricity). 

Important surnames in Daryl's family tree (in alphabetical order) are ADAMS, DONOHUE, DOYLE, GLADMAN, HARRISON, KING, LAMPORT or LAMBERT, MARONEY, MURPHY, POWELL and WHEELOCK. 
I have submitted my DNA to GeneTree for testing and analysis to help in my MURPHY family research.
Our KELLY ancestors came to Australia from near Ennis in County Clare, Ireland.
We believe (without being certain of this) that they begin with Colonel John Patrick O'KELLY (1690-1746) of Aughrim, County Galway. His family later moved to County Clare.  
We believe there is a reasonable basis to claim (based partly on historical facts, partly on family stories, partly on other people's research, partly on Irish naming patterns and partly on educated guesswork) that his son, Thomas O'KELLY (c1744-c1780), was the father of our Jeremiah KELLY (born c 1768) and who married Sarah mn unknown) who, in turn, was the father of Thomas KELLY (c 1796-29 Dec 1864). We stand to be corrected on this descendancy line, but in the meantime, we maintain its accuracy. 

So, from Thomas O'KELLY (who migrated to County Clare and dropped the 'O' from the name), we think Maureen's KELLY line goes to Jeremiah KELLY (born c 1768), to Thomas KELLY (c 1796-29 Dec 1864), to Daniel KELLY (c 1846-1920), to James Andrew KELLY(1878-1935) and to Maureen's father, James Andrew KELLY(1908-2000).

Thomas KELLY, son of Jeremiah and Sarah KELLY, and his spouse Ellen KELLY (nee CURTAIN) migrated to Victoria, Australia, about 1853 with their children. Thomas was about 57 years of age at the time. The shipping records for their arrival have not yet been located.  Thomas KELLY was a farmer. Thomas and Ellen are buried in the Old Ballarat Cemetery, Victoria. Their children were Patrick (c1832-1903), Thomas (c1840-bef 1864), Ellen (c1842-1928), Jeremiah (c1843-1872), Daniel (1844-1920) and Sarah (c1846-bef 1864). Thomas and Sarah may have died in Ireland. Maureen MURPHY (nee KELLY) is the great grand-daughter of Daniel KELLY.

Important surnames in Maureen's family tree (in alphabetical order) are BARRY, CLANCY, CURTAIN or CURTIN, DONNELLY, DORAN, FOLEY, KELLY, KIRBY, QUIRK and SCOTT.  

If I have made any errors (no matter how large or small), would you please let me know.  If you would like to help me to keep the family tree updated, please don't hesitate to provide me with additional family information and your family photographs.
[I am sorry but I  have had to delete marriage anniversaries.  I hope you will understand but I can't keep abreast of all marital changes of family tree members and I don't want to offend anyone]. 
The site was last updated on Mar 29 2015, and it currently has 122 registered member(s). If you wish to become a member too, please click here.  


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Announcements:Christmas and New Year Greetings
Posted by: Daryl Francis MURPHY on Dec 20 2009 01:26

Maureen and I are celebrating Christmas this year with all of our children, their spouses/partners and grandchildren at home with us. It has been quite a while since we have all been able to gather together. So we are quite delighted.

May I take this opportunity to thank all site members for contributing to the website this year and to wish you - and everyone on our family tree - a very happy and peaceful Christmas and a joyful and prosperous 2010.


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