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My name is Erlene Best and I started this site.
I started researching my family history, "Bremmers-Sharpe-Blanco-Johnson-Rice-Carty," first. Thanks to my Aunt Winnifred and Uncle Vernon Jones. When I married Chris, his family wanted to know about their family history, "Best-McPherson-Christopher-Bennett-Waldron-Ross".

So the hunt for information was on. I have learned that the stories that were past down from family members, are not always rosy or true. I have unlock doors and looked inside and things that I have found, sometimes have taken my breath away. I learned to scan family photos, put old movies, videos, slides on DVD because when someone passes away, things always sprout legs and walks off, they are lost forever, along with family stories.

I always travel with computer, scanner, small tape record, camera, video camera and a good and understanding husband.

I have a "WARNING FOR YOU", under hire expert on on, do not hire "PRO GENALOGISTIS", I did and paid them $5000 research one family 10 members. I received 10 copies "all unreadable copies" it took over 10 months, all most of the items found were accessed after I complain, ..THIS IS A WARNING TO YOU....happy hunting..
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