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PremiumPlus family site

My name is Jack Poynter and I started this site.

If you have come to do family genealogical research, you can do the usual MyHeritage sorts of things.

If you are here to do Civil War family research, and suspect that your family stems from one of the four Twiggs County Volunteer Infantry companies, select the 'My Pages' tab, then read the Overview page, and then select the unit roster you wish to view. Each line of each roster contains a pointer to the individual's genealogical information, (I know this quit working, MyHeritage says they're working on the problem,) on which you can enter comments or questions.  If you would like to contact me, you can contact me at here.

 Whatever your reason for coming, please sign the guest book.  Select 'apps', then select 'guest book'.  Thanks.

This site was created using This is a great system that allows anyone like you and me to create a private site for their family, build their family tree and share family photos. If you have any comments or feedback about this site, please click here to contact me.
Our family tree is posted online on this site! There are 6597 names in our family site.
The site was last updated on Jan 27 2015, and it currently has 112 registered member(s). If you wish to become a member too, please click here.   Enjoy!

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News articles
Announcements:Christy's Death and site reopening
Posted by: Jack Poynter on June 2 2014 14:14

Christy died 7 Dec 2013; sorry I've taken so long to post this. I closed the site last summer because we needed to focus on her illness, treatment of which was in vain. She was diagnosed the first of August with cancer of an unknown origin; she had shown no symptoms whatsoever, and never did until the last few weeks. It is important for those related closely to us to take notice of the fact that a silent killer runs in our family: Her grandmother died of cancer of unknown origin, as did my brother. And I've had cancer twice now, and am currently in remission.

When I contacted MyHeritage to reopen the site, I found that someone had paid to keep it open until 2015. I would like to know who this benefactor was. If they would contact me, I'd appreciate it.

Although I've done verfy little since last August, I intend to keep on painting. You may view these on my facebook page, God bless and keep you all.

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Announcements:Site closing
Posted by: Jack Poynter on July 19 2013 10:32
For financial and health reasons, this site will close on 25 July. I have enjoyed the site immensely for all these years, but it's time to go. Thank you all for participating. Our GED will still be available on World Connect, under the file name 'PoynterPublic'.
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Announcements:Lee-Jackson Banquet and Auction
Posted by: Jack Poynter on Jan 22 2012 14:15
Our Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp, #1920 Major Thomas J Key, Kansas Division, held its annual Lee-Jackson banquet and auction last night. Christie and I attended, of course, and brought nine original pictures and two prints, and all sold. In fact, everything at the
auction sold...looks like our camp will be solvent this year.

With regard to all the pictures selling, I haven't been this happy since our third child was born, and considerably more surprised.
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Announcements:Confederate Soldiers in the PoynterFamily database
Posted by: Jack Poynter on July 22 2011 11:37

This report shows all the kinship groups in the PoynterFamily database. Each kinship group contains a list oif the Confederate soldiers in the group; each soldier show it's relationship to the olther soldiers; each soldier contains a link to the family tree entry for that person.

Orphans are listed in a separate section.

The report is incomplete, in that some of the planned sections are not yet added.

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This Web site:Rosters modified
Posted by: Jack Poynter on July 13 2011 10:21

I've modified the rosters for the Twiggs units so that it's easier to compare the names in the rosters to the names in the database. Most are the same, in some the initials have been expanded, in a few the names are quite different. For instance, 'MELLANA' turns out to be 'MALANEY', following inspection of the actual service records for the man. The rosters are now in alphabetical order, with the first and last names for each roster third appearing in the table of contents.

To view the rosters, click on the 'My Pages' tab, which will bring up the table of contents.

I'm posting this to multiple sites, because most sites on my list are interested in middle Georgia history. To opt out of this sort of post, please leave a comment on this article.

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This Web site:New Custom Page - Twiggs Rgmts - Ages at Enlistment
Posted by: Jack Poynter on June 29 2011 17:16
Added a new custom page, showing the ages at enlistment for the men of all four units.
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Announcements:Research Aid - Twiggs Regiments
Posted by: Jack Poynter on June 23 2011 23:57
Added a short note on the elements the Twiggs Regiments fought with; go to 'My Pages' / Contents, and click on the link. Currently the note contains only Gettysburg; the other battles in which the Twiggs Regiments fought will be added as I obtain the books with the information.
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Announcements:MyHeritage blog on our site
Posted by: Jack Poynter on June 13 2011 08:22

MyHeritage has posted a nice little blog on our site. Have a look:

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Announcements:News Archives
Posted by: Jack Poynter on Jan 22 2011 22:00

I have as of this date begun to post clippings from the Georgia Newspaper Archives that relate to the people in our database. I'm not transcribing them at this time, because my energy level is pretty low, and my character recognition software can't handle the low quality of the newsprint, in most cases.

Since I notice that MyHeritage has shrunk the articles so that the larger ones can't be read, if you see one you are particularly interested in, let me know which one you want, and I'll email it to you.

Here are the url's of the UGa archives in this article, so you can look at the newspapers online yourself.

Macon Telegraph at the University of Georgia Archives

Milledgeville Newspapers at the University of Georgia Archives

The first time you go to either archive set...

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Genealogy:Lee's in North Carolina and Virginia
Posted by: Jack Poynter on Oct 12 2010 21:49

Sadie Jenkins and Berta Ulm, both descendants of John Everett, Sr and his wife Ann Lee, have been studying Ann Lee's pedigree, and believe they have found an alternate pedigree for her rather than the one posited by the Medders database.

I knew having Robert E Lee as a cousin was too good to be true.

There are now two trees on this website, "PoynterFamily" and "Lee Family," while we study the situation. To view the new Lee information, select the "Family Tree" tab, then, on the upper right postion of the screen, select the "Family tree to display" dropdown, and choose "Lee family". To get back to the other tree, use the same method, choosing "PoynterFamily".

At some point, when all are satisfied, I'll do whatever changes need to be made to go back to one tree.

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