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16Oct2014 The pictures that I mentioned immediately below have been posted.


8Sep2014 All of you related to the Hornick or Ziwisky lines may not know that my brother Joe died Aug 25. I went back to Wisconsin for the funeral. My mother had a suitcase full of old studio portraits, mostly weddings, that she gave to Joe and Karen. I scanned all photos which had individuals who could be identified and am now in the process of editing them before posting them to this, our family tree site. After I am totally finished, I will send an email to all site members who are related to the Hornick or Ziwisky lines. I have posted a few already. Don't be surprised if you just see a few once in a while. One of these days soon when I have a lot of time in one block, I will probably post the bulk of them. Hope you enjoy them! AND ADD YOUR OWN!


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My name is John Hornick and I am the Site manager of this site.  My email address is


New information may be posted here or down below under "News articles."


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Does anyone have info on any upcoming family reunions that you would like to post here?


The Holy Trinity Orthodox Church, where many Ziwiskys and Hornicks went to church, near Clayton, Wisconsin, has a cookbook that you may order. It has many ethnic recipes.  Click on the "Apps" tab, then on "Articles", then "Church Cookbook". 


Looking forward to additions of family names and pictures and facts from any of you who would like to contribute.  If any of you are uncomfortable with adding anything by using the computer, contact me.  My contact info is at the top of this Welcome page. 


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Family news
Mar 22, 2015
A site member commented on event 74th birthday of Maxie Ziwisky:
 Thanks for the greetings. 
Mar 21, 2015
A site member commented on event 74th birthday of Maxie Ziwisky:
 Happy Belated Birthday Max. I hope your day was a great one. 
Mar 12, 2015
A site member joined the site.
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News articles
Obituaries:Joseph Russell Hornick
Posted by: John Hornick on Aug 25 2014 22:57
Joe passed away a little after 9 PM August 25, 2014.
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Obituaries:Frank Zeller Obituary
Posted by: John Hornick on Sep 13 2013 19:39
Just got word that Frank Zeller (husband of Delores Peroff) passed away.
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Announcements:Holy Trinity's Fall Festival
Posted by: John Hornick on Sep 4 2013 05:54

Holy Trinity's Fall Festival and cabbage-roll dinner will be held on Sunday, September 15. Worship is at 9:30; serving of the dinner begins at 11:30. Meal tickets are $10 for adults. Darelyne and I plan to attend. (From Joyce Pohl) For more info, go to

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Family stories:Oliver
Posted by: John Hornick on Apr 10 2013 16:05

Yesterday he (Ollie) locked me out of the house, closed the open window and made sure all the other doors were locked. Then he turned the laundry basket upside down, pushed it to the fridge, got the wii remote off the top, and sat down and played the wii and smiled at me thru the window. {From Margie Grife (Hornick).}

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Announcements:Melissa Hornick is a Rock Star
Posted by: John Hornick on Sep 5 2012 16:18
My daughter, Melissa, told me that she has been elected as Vice President of the University of Arkansas' (Fayetteville) chapter of SGE. SGE is the national honor society of geology students. Way to go Missy!
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Announcements:Cuper-Hornick Reunion
Posted by: John Hornick on May 25 2012 16:15

When:Aug 11, 2012

Where:Dale & Mary Cuper, 286 2nd Ave, Clayton, WI 54004

Contact info: 715 455-1137 or 218 998-5097 or (Correction: Thanks to Polly Walker for catching this!)

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Announcements:Vasily Pristash and Marie Ziwicki on the Wall at the Statue of Liberty's Ellis Island
Posted by: John Hornick on Jan 18 2012 13:48

"I want to let all the Pristash-Ziwicki's know that about 1990, I sent in names and payment to have them inscribed in the Wall at the Statue of Liberty's Ellis Island.

"Vasily Pristash & Marie Ziwicki were entered. So that if anyone travels to NYC, they can be found there at the growing complex. It is the largest wall of names in the world."

Letter from Mary Boscher, January 2012.


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Posted by: John Hornick on Sep 16 2011 16:24
Just changed Caylene's diaper because it smelled like she had left a nice "surprise" in it. However, apparently not---and I said to her, "wow, that had to have been one stinky fart" and she replies, "stinky fart!"--clear as could be. (Posted on Kellie's Facebook page 15Sep2011.) (Caylene is 1 1/2 years old.)
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Kids:Max and Ollie
Posted by: John Hornick on Oct 12 2010 17:25

Margie Anna Grife (Hornick) posted this on Facebook on Sep 23, 2010.

Max (about 5 and 1/2 years old) put socks on before going to bed last night so he wouldn't have to do it this morning. And Ollie (about 1 1/2 years old) is officially the bully in the YMCA childwatch, he hit 3 kids today in only 30 minutes.

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Genealogy:Ziwisky and Hornick family history
Posted by: John Hornick on Oct 5 2010 11:58
There is a member of the Holy Trinity Orthodox Church (HTOC) in Clayton Wisconsin who is quite knowledgeable about the area where Hornicks and Ziwiskys came from. The area is Galicia. When Max Ziwisky and John Hornick emigrated to the USA in the late 1800's early 1900's, Galicia was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Now it is part of Poland. I have been in contact with this man, Alexsis Currier. He has sent me a Power Point presentation about the origin of the HTOC in Clayton, and about the "Homeland". I am sending copies of the CD to those who I am sure are interested. If you are interested too, let me know.
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