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My name is Sue Gough and I created this site on 26th April 2012.

I am looking at both my father, Worrell's, and mother, Turner's names. 

Worrells - James, Head, McMasters, McIntyre, McDonald

Turners - Wynn, Lloyd, Rich, Baker 

As I started to look up the Wynn family, information seemed to roll out. Eventually I found emails coming up on John Land Wynn and these were signed by a Gordon Wynn. I emailed him and was delighted to get a response and even more delighted when I found he was my mother’s first cousin. He has done extensive research. From his and some of my own research I have compiled a picture of who my forbears were.

Gordon Wynn is a great, great grandson of John Land Wynn and great grandson of George Murdoch Wynn. This makes me the next generation on, being, the great, great, great granddaughter of John Land Wynn and great, great granddaughter of George Murdoch Wynn. 

On the Mcintyre/Mcmaster sides where there were some great gaps, I found many common relatives with Mel Watford. I wish to acknowledge and thank her for her great research. The Glen Innes and Inverell family historical societies have also been of great assistance with the research. Between these people I feel I almost know some of my ancestors. The McMasters, McIntyres, McDonalds and McKillops were closely interrelated in the Glen Innes, Inverell and Delungra areas. 

It's a fascinating journey. Many thanks to the kin that I have never met for a lot of the research that you have done. I am amazed at the diversity of the many different names that come through into the family and the different parts of the world people have spread. 


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