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The Ancient History of the Surname Grocott

The surname is of Anglo-Saxon origin the first record was found of the Grocott name in Worcestershire where they held a family seat as the lords of Manor.  the saxon influence of English History diminished after the battle of Hastings in 1066. where the names only survived

the language of the courts was French for the next three centuries and the Norman ambience prevailed, the family name was first referenced in 1275, when Margeria Groucok held estate in the shire.

Their are many ways of spelling the Surname although the spelling Grocott occured in many manuscripts from time to time the surname was spelt Growcock,Growcott,Groucott,Groucock,Growcot,Grocot,Grewcot,Grocott Groocot,Groocott,Grewcott,Grew,Grewe,Grucock,Grucott,Grucot,Groow and Grow these frequently occured between father and son. 

Angle and saxon blended together as they came to dominate the country. for hundreds of years England comprised of five independent Anglo-Saxon kingdoms until unification in the ninth century. by 1066 ,England,was enjoying peace and prosperity.

Then the Norman invasion from France and their victory Battle of Hastings meant that the Anglo-Saxons lost there land to the invaders. The saxons were restive under Norman rule, many moved northward to the Midlands, Lancashshire and Yorkshire, where Norman influence was less pervasive. Rebellious Norman nobles frequently joined them in there flight northward. As peace was restored,

The Grocott surname emerged as that of a notable English family in the county of Worcestershire, where they held a family seat in the house of manors. Later in Staffordshire they were also known on tax records in 1312 where William Grucock held estates. In more recent years the name branched out into lancashire,Cheshire where many were found in Manchester and Liverpool. For the next few centuries bearers of the family name aquired estates and manors as they established themselves throughout England.






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