My name  is Herbert MAX Bradey (CAMPBELL PATERNAL-PRUITT MATERNAL).  I am a S. C. adoptee who has found both side of my family and used DNA testing to confirm and aid the process.   I am tested with FTNDA, 23 and me, Genebase,  natgeo 2.0, Ancestry.com, and a member of the Campbell and Pruitt research projects and Campbell Clan USA.  My mother was Ruth Frances Pruitt and my father remains unknown but is somewhere in the genealogy of James Campbell and Emily Marshall, 1808 and my 107/111 YDNA match is seen with Garnett Clifton Campbell in Group 66 of the Campbell project on FTDNA.. My Pruitt family has a long genealogy history documented in the Anderson, Abbeville, Corner, Starr/Iva, Pendleton district of the upstate of S. C. with particular attention to various cemetery locations such as First Creek Baptist Church and MT. Bethel in the Corner area.  With questions or comments feel free to contact me at 828-859-9227 or P. O. Box 424, Lynn, N. C. in Polk County 28750.  This site has some photos from the Pruitt maternal side of my found biological family which has been so kind as to accept me as a long lost adopted out child from many years ago, understanding that times have changed and if I was born today, my mother would keep me and not place me for adoption.  I hope to one day find living members of my Campbell family, meet them, and connect with the survivors of my father. In fact, I know very little about my father.  We have been unable to find my father.  A recent lead to the James Campbell/Dicey McCallister family proved to be a false home with the YDNA test results of Thomas F. Skip Campbell coming back not a match to me and proving the James/Dicey family line is L21 while my YDNA with my match in Group 66 is clearly DF 27**. I also search for a half sibling who was also adopted through the same identical process, network, and caseworker used for my adoption. The sex of this adoptee iS unknown.  This half sibling to me was  born in Columbia, S. C. at 1516 Calhoun St., Door of Hope home for unwed mothers, in Columbia, S. C. Exact date of birth unknown but around Summer of 1941 is probable. The mother was my aunt, Vivian Iola Pruitt and the father was Albert Frank Campbell 1919-1970. The child was likely named Baby Boy Bruce, Baby girl Sarah or Baby Girl Annie. The Children's Bureau of S. C.  probably handled the adoption and this sibling would now be around 68-71 years old.   It is possible Vivian did NOT have her child in Columbia.  She may have given birth at another Salvation Army home for unweds in Asheville or elsewhere.  Although she had the same caseworker I had in Columbia at one time no record of the birth of her child has been found.  She did have a baby.  She was not 100 per cent certain Frank was the father..... and it was difficult for her to discuss the matter as an older woman.  I am now 66 years old and retired from the U. S. Navy Seabees on the mountain, above Tryon, N. C. in Polk county.  A google search of my name, Herbert Max Bradey, will reveal the old court cases in detail under "Bradey V" which show where I won the battle for my adoption records in lower court and then lost in the S. C. state supreme court.  Those cases widely used as a legal precedent.  My search for my father continues with Campbell Clan USA and Sheila Campbell Hart, my 4th cousin on paternal side and Kevin Campbell, administrator of the Campbell project at FTDNA.  My FTDNA test # is 234361.
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June 18, 2015
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Jan 31, 2015
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Jan 01, 2015
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July 03, 2014
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Mar 01, 2014
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Feb 16, 2014
A site member said: still awaiting 111 markers results for SkiP Campbell and McKay Pruitt
A site member said: Alan Pruitt and Ron Pruitt are now known to be DF 49 *
A site member said: Elaine Pruitt has tested positive for DF 49. Her son tested @Chromo 2 britainsdna
Jan 25, 2014
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Jan 21, 2014
A site member said: James and Dicey Campbell NOT related to James and Emily Marshall by DNA!!!!!
A site member said: Skip Campbell results test 316013 beginning to post and not a match to me, L21
Jan 16, 2014
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Jan 04, 2014
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Dec 03, 2013
A site member said: Michael, Ron, WB and max have all ordered Big Y test.
Nov 24, 2013
A site member said: Big Y and Chromo 2 are both ordered for WB Pruitt.
Nov 21, 2013
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Nov 20, 2013
A site member said: 111 marker YDNA test ordered for Thomas F. Campbell Jr. expecting exact match.
A site member said: I have ordered the Big Y test for test 234361 Campbell.
A site member said: We had a wonderful genealogy visit with Kay Burns and her husband.
A site member said: Last word from Michael Pruitt he is considering Big Y test.
A site member said: L21 positve for WB Pruitt means we can expect further SNP progress from Chomo 2 testing Britains DNA
A site member said: FTDNA posted L21 for WB Pruitt and M222 negative which matches Ron Pruitt results
Nov 06, 2013
A site member said: Looking forward to SAturday tea with Kay Willis Burns to discuss Pruitt genealogy
A site member said: Unable to contact Patti Pruitt to upgrade testing for McKay Pruitt matched 4/67 with WB.
A site member said: Michael Pruitt FTDNA test237862 has agreed to order Chromo 2 test. Matched with WB 3/67
A site member said: FTDNA L21 project is approaching 50 folks total who have ordered Chromo 2 testing.
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