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My name is psharp1 Priddy and I started this site.
This site was created using This is a great system that allows anyone like you and me to create a private site for their family, build their family tree and share family photos. If you have any comments or feedback about this site, please click here to contact me.

The “Prideaux” family originated in Normandy Province, France.According to legend, they were among the forces who assisted William the conqueror as he invaded England to gain his rightful crown.The invasion took place in 1066 when Harold was unlawfully named King of England.William led an expedition across the English Channel and on October 14, 1066, William was crowned William I, King of England.During the next four years, he conquered all of England.After the completion of his conquests, he brought many religious and economic reforms to England.He also divided the “spoils of the land” with his loyal patriots.The “Prideaux” families were some of the most trusted, so they were granted land and stone castles and titles were bestowed upon them.The “Prideaux” family settled in Somerset (summer land), England.During this time the name “Prideaux” was Anglicized into Priddy, and the area where they settled became known as “Priddy Parish.”So the meaning of the name Priddy is, “One who comes from or lived near Priddy (earth and soil) in Somerset.”Through the centuries there have been many variations in the spelling, such as Preddy, Pretty, Predie, Pridee, Pride, Pridy, Priddie, and Priddey, but Priddy has come to be the accepted correct spelling.



The Priddy family coat-of-arms has an insignia of three preeds, or eels, which were a delicacy when served in Somerset, England.Heraldic artists developed a language to describe coats-of-arms.The Priddy coat-of-arms was described as, “as, three preeds or small lampreys haurient in fess AR.”Transcribed this means, “Black, three small eels upright in middle third of silver.”Family mottoes originated as medieval battle cries, but no motto could be found for the Priddy coat-of-arms.


The Red family Coat of Arms: Belonged to Capt. Robert Priddy born 1620. Robert was awarded land grants in Virginia for defeating Spanish Pirates. Roberts father (Robert Priddy) was also a Capt.


The pages of time are rather dim between the 1070’s and the 17th century, but we know the Priddys continued to live in and around Priddy Parish.Early in the 17th century, May 1607, the first boatloads of English immigrants begin the colonization of America at the present site of Jamestown, Virginia.In 1624 Virginia became a royal colony and in the 1650’s the first Priddys came to America!


In 1650 Spanish pirates were looting the English merchant ships.Robert Priddy, who was a captain in the English navy, was commissioned to destroy this fleet of pirate ships.His task was soon accomplished, and as a reward the ruler of England granted him land which was located in New Kent County, Virginia.Captain Robert Priddy, along with eight able-bodied men, set sail for Virginia.After they arrived, they established a colony on the land.


Spanish fleets, again, begin to threaten the English merchant vessels; so Captain Robert Priddy was recalled to England.Under his leadership, the pirate ships were quickly destroyed.He was awarded another grant of land -- this time in York County, Virginia.He was later given a third and a fourth land grant, and with each he established a new colony.


Copies of land grants can be found at the State Archives located in Richmond, Virginia, which document that Robert Priddy received these grants of land in Virginia.


Listed below are the land grants found in the State Archives in Richmond, Virginia:

July 1, 1653 RobertPriddy- Granted 377 acres ofland inYork County, Virginia

June 8, 1655Robert Priddy- Granted 400 acres of land in New Kent County, Virginia

June 7, 1655Robert Priddy - Granted 500 acres of land inNew Kent County, Virginia

September 22, 1682Robert Priddy - Granted 500 acres of land inNew Kent County, Virginia

Our family tree is posted online on this site! There are 1320 names in our family site. The earliest event is the birth of <Private> Logsdon (Oct 2). The most recent event is the death of Margret Alice Belt (Oct 11 2011).
The site was last updated on Oct 20 2014, and it currently has 100 registered member(s). If you wish to become a member too, please click here.   Enjoy!

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