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I Welcome all Descendants, Relations & Non Related Family Members who aswell share Family ties to the Shetland Island/'s. the Island- in particular the (once Viking + Nordic) Shetland Island of ' Unst '.

I WANT TO UNITE THE UNST FAMILIES OF SHETLAND!!!, not meaning to confuse or imply anything as historical Fact -There is always room for Error, I'm looking forward to Investigating,Exploring + Entertaining all possiblitys & Scenarios, 2 Interesting Facts...

  1. the Sutherland Clan had Close Ties to the MacKay Clan , I Have Makays on both Sides of My Family (my Mothers Too!). -Another Interesting Fact
  2. is that Many Familys Migrated off the Island (to far off lands all around the World Around the 1800's ,Steel Passenger Ships Allowed Many Shetland Family's to Travel ,Settle & Pursue a better Future in Many Other Countrys - Such as Canada, Australia ,South-Africa and New Zealand 

- There is a method to my Madness, please excuse any inconsistency's, I have an open mind, so I don't mean to confuse or cause any controversy.

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Family memories:Dads Birthday Email from the Shetlands!!!! - On 5/12/2011, at 9:50 AM, Joan wrote:
Posted by: Sharn Wilson Lawrence Sutherland on Dec 6 2011 06:54
 On 5/12/2011, at 9:50 AM, Joan wrote:
>> Dear Lawry
>> I know you got the Sutherland photos from Nola, but I have one I would like to post to you, its the one of Elizabeth with Marion on her knee just before they boarded the ship for NZ. What is special about it is that she has written on the back to her parents. I did try to scan the writing but it was unsuccessful. When I returned the others to Ruby I asked for that one to send to you. Ruby, now quite elderly is the widow of William Henry Andersonwho would have been afirst cousin to your father.
>> Your grand mother was a first cousin to my mother so I would have been a second cousin to your father.
>> Both times when I was in NZ I met Muriel Mouat, the first time stayed overnight with her, by the last time I visited she had had a stroke but was really quite amazing.
>> If you would like the photo could you send your postal address.
>> Best wishes from a snowy Shetland
>> Joan Robertson
(Lawry Sutherland's reply minus unrelated details)> Hi Joan
> What a lovely surprise to hear from you and what a treasure you have offered me .I would be delighted to see it
> It is also a wonderful co-incidence because today is my Birthday ... I was born on the 5th of December in 1945 ... so how amazing to get contact from the other side of the world on this very day !!
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Posted by: Sharn Wilson Lawrence Sutherland on Dec 1 2011 00:05

From the Official History of the Otago Regiment, NZEF in the Great War - 1914 - 1919 by Lieutenant A E Byrne (MC). (1930 J Wilkie & Co Dunedin) ABBOTT

Reginald Montague Vane 11377 Private MM
AKROYD Aubrey Glanville 30152 Private DCM
ALDRED Ernest 28847 Corporal MID x 2
ALLEY Eric Buckingham 9/239 Captain MID
ANDERSON Ernest Adam 56893 Private MM
ANDERSON Eric James 32783 Lieutenant MC
ANDREW Richard Edward 19212 Lieutenant MC
ANGELL John 32605 Private MM
ANGUS Robert George 46673 Private MM
ARDEN Neville Henry 23/1288 Captain MID
ARTHUR-WORSOP Alphonse Campbell 8/3469 Sergeant MM
ARUNDEL George 41465 Corporal MM
ATMORE Charles Frederick 22736 Lieutenant MC
AVIS George 10022 L/Corporal MM
BALNEAVES Andrew Ewen 16522 Private MM
BARNETT Richard Thomas 8/3181 Sergeant MM
BARR John Haddin 6/3525 Lieutenant MID
BARRY Charles 8/3136 Lieutenant MID
BASSETT Louis William 15651 2/Lieutenant MC
BEATON John 8/1935 Sergeant MM
BECK Thomas James 8/1192 Corporal DCM, MM
BEEBY Cecil William 8/3479 Private MM
BELLAMY Herbert 23/1552 L/Sergeant DCM
BENNETTO Donald John 8/3867 Sergeant MM
BENNY Henry 8/3183 Private Italian Bronze Medal
BERG Leonard Andrews 1/457 Sergeant DCM, MM
BIRD John Richard 45467 Private MM
BISHOP John Joseph 23294 2/Lieutenant MID
BISHOP William Gibson Allen 8/1406 Major MC, MID x 2
BISSLAND Lelsie James 8/8309 Sergeant MM
BLACKBURN James Joseph 29728 Sergeant Belgian Croix de Guerre, MM
BLACKBURN Percy 21959 Private MM
BOATE Percival Cyril 8/1370 S/Major French Medaille Militaire, DCM, MID
BONIFACE Charles David 8/2849 Private MM
BOREHAM Harold 9/2049 Private DCM
BOWATER Alfred George 8/3494 Sergeant MM
BOYLE James McKenzie 24331 Corporal MM
BRASH Alexander Dow 23/1568 Private MM
BREMNER Daniel Eric 9/796 Captain MC
BRODIE Henry George 8/3459 Captain MID
BROWN Donald Forester 8/3504 Sergeant VC
BROWN James 8/2855 Sergeant MM
BROWN James 8/3195 Private MM
BROWN James Arthur 8/3507 S/Sergeant Medaille D'Honneur avec Glaives en Bronze, MSM, MID
BROWN Robert Donnelly 27432 Sergeant DCM
BROWNE Charles Townley 23/1573 Sergeant MM
BRYCE Colin 22664 Captain MID
BUNBURY Thomas Atkinson 8/2809 CSM DCM
BURROWS James Kitchen Hastie 8/987 Private MM
BUTLER William Joseph 23512 Private MM
BUTT Thomas Hampden 23/696 Private MM
BYRNE Arthur Emmett 14537 2/Lieutenant MC
CAMERON George 8/1423 Private MM
CAMERON John 8/3252 L/Corporal MM
CAMPBELL Thomas Mills 27457 Corporal MM
CARTER Frederick James 36557 Sergeant MM
CARTER Francis Dolby 6/2971 Sergeant MM
CAULFIELD John Porter 52378 Private MM
CHANDLER George 8/3209 Private MM
CHAPMAN Walter William 11150 Captain MC
CHARTERS Alexander Burnet 10/1168 Lt-Colonel CMG, DSO, MID x 4
CHARTERS Rodger Gordon 9/1212 2/Lieutenant MC
CHISHOLM Dudley Sedman 13842 Captain MID x 2
CHISHOLM James 46936 Private MM
CLANCY William Sarsfield 8/555 Sergeant MM
CLEARWATER John Thomas 25/607 L/Corporal MM
CLYDESDALE Albert Daniel Duncan 9/1801 Private MM
COCKERELL Allan Richmond 8/744 2/Lieutenant DSO, MID
COLE Andrew William Ernest 34030 L/Sergeant MM and Bar
COLQUHOUN Duncan 8/1774 Lt-Colonel DSO
CONWAY Roland Victor 35686 Private MM
COOK John Ashley 5/158 Sergeant MM
COUSINS William James 11170 L/Corporal MM
COWAN James George 8/28 Lieutenant MID
COX Alfred Robert 13879 Corporal Belgian Croix de Guerre
CREIGHTON Oliver 8/1959 Private MM
CROKER Basil Warner 8/3228 Sergeant MM
CROWTHER Harry 13883 Private MM
CRUICKSHANK Victor 9/1538 Private DCM
CUNNINGHAM James Thomas Chalmers 9/689 Sergeant MM, MID
CURLINE Harold James 23/1605 Private MID
CURRY Alfred Walter 52963 Private MM
CUTHBERTSON George Isaac 13886 Corporal MM
CUTHILL John Ernest 8/1724 Lieutenant MID
DIACK Arthur 32830 Private MM
DICKINSON Cecil Thomas 65957 Private MM
DICKINSON Leonard Ross 9/919 Sergeant DCM, MM
DICKSON Neil 9/1822 Private MM
DOLMAN William 11009 Private MM
DOMIGAN Harold Roy 32987 Lieutenant MC
DOUGLASS Robert Dean 9/1282 Lieutenant MC
DOYLE Arthur Reginald 8/1970 Private MM
DU FLOU Leopold Louis Jacques 8/3087 CSM DCM
DUNCAN Charles Mollison 8/191 Sergeant MM
DUNLOP Andrew 8/3563 Corporal DCM
EARL Frederick James Reid 13387 Lieutenant MC
EBERT George 30324 Private MM
EDWARDS George Reginald 23758 Sergeant MID x 2
EGAN John Patrick 8/998 L/Corporal DCM
ELLIS Henry Albert 32642 Private MM
ELLIS John Weaver 3/139 2/Lieutenant MC
EMERSON Albert Leslie 13850 S/Major MSM
ESPIE William Charles 9/924 Private MM and Bar
EVANS William Daniel 8/3251 Sergeant DCM
FALCONER Alexander Smith 8/39 Captain DSO, MC, MID x 2
FALLS David 36585 L/Corporal MM
FERGUSSON Frederick Clutha 11061 Sergeant DCM, MID
FINDLAY John Merrivale 56919 L/Corporal MM
FITZGERALD Ralph 24/1657 Sergeant DCM
FITZPATRICK Charles Augustus 8/1979 Private DCM
FLETCHER George Edward 12996 L/Sergeant MM
FLINT Archibald 8/3898 Private MSM
FLOYD Percy 8/1468 L/Corporal Belgian Croix de Guerre
FLUGGE August Frederick 22004 Corporal MID
FOLEY John 27871 Private MM
FOOTE Robert Benjamin 9/1549 Sergeant MM and Bar
FORD Maurice 24401 Private MM
FORTUNE Raymond Everil 8/2913 Sergeant DCM
FOTHERGILL John Charles 13286 CSM DCM
FOTHERINGHAM George Bryce 9/2068 L/Corporal MM
FRANCIS Adam 9/1837 Sergeant MSM
FRASER Henry Scott 36591 Private MM
FREED Edward Victor 24308 Lieutenant MC
FREW John 8/2918 L/Corporal MM
FRIEND William 13901 Corporal DCM
FROST Robert Walter Alfred 36593 L/Corporal MM
FYFE Robert Edgar 8/867 2/Lieutenant MC
GABITES Ernest Mitchell 8/381 2/Lieutenant MID
GALBRAITH John Alexander 54129 Private MM
GERKEN Gordon Leslie 35012 Private MM
GIBBS Leonard 11184 Private MM
GILBERT George 23534 Private MM and Bar
GORDON Arthur William 25232 Private MM
GORDON Leslie Graham 23538 Corporal MM
GORDON William Elliot 23/1646 Corporal MM
GOW Reginald Ronald 10/3569 Captain OBE
GRANT Alexander 27497 L/Corporal MM
GREER Samuel Cunningham 33101 Captain MID
GRIEVE Edwin 24/435 Private MM
GUNN Alexander 11275 Corporal MM
GUTHRIE Alexander Watt 27494 Private MM
GUY Ian Douglas 4/741 Sergeant DCM
HADLEE Walter 9/1430 CSM MID
HALL Gavin 9/1179 Sergeant MM
HALL Andrew 8/3613 L/Corporal MM
HALLIWELL Richard Selwyn 1/130 2/Lieutenant MC
HALPIN Lorenzo James 8/3912 L/Corporal MM
HAMILL Francis Wilson 8/221 L/Corporal MM
HAMILTON John 8/586 Private MM
HAMILTON Claude St Clair 8/145 2/Lieutenant MID
HARGEST James 9/286 Lt-Colonel Legion of Honour (Croix de Chevalier), DSO, MC, MID x 2
HAWKES Charles James 53585 Private MM
HAWKES Robert Wilson 8/2941 Corporal MM
HAYTON Gilbert 8/2614 L/Corporal DCM, MM
HELM Angus McKay 8/3292 Private MM
HENDERSON Archibald Gordon 8/872 Sergeant DCM, MID
HENNESSEY William George 18665 Private MM
HENRY Carlton Charles 32667 CSM MM
HENRY Philip 13595 Corporal MM
HERBERT James Laidlaw 9/2350 Lieutenant MID
HERRON David Craig 37960 Reverend MC
HEY Joseph Bertrum 29921 Private MID
HIBBS Albert Leonard 9/1861 CSM DCM
HILL John 54247 Corporal Belgian Croix de Guerre
HILL Roland Justice 8/1506 Captain MC, MID
HILL Robert Steel 13919 Corporal MM
HILLIARD John 8/3626 Private MM
HILLS Henry Seddon 46907 Captain MC
HINES John Melmes 23749 Lieutenant MC
HOFF Herbert Lloyd 8/875 Sergeant MID
HOLGATE Henry Cecil 35022 Private MM
HOLMAN Edward 34074 Private MM
HOWDEN William 8/1263 2/Lieutenant MID
HUDSON Albert 11285 Private MM
HUMPHRIES Charles Wesley 8/4144 Corporal MM
HUNTER John 8/3632 Corporal MM
HUNTER John Reginald 13014 Private MM
HUNTER William Gray 39241 Private MM, MID
HUTCHINS George Thomas 51168 Private MM
HUTTON George Frederick 7/530 Lt-Colonel DSO, MID
INGRAM Henry 13928 L/Corporal MM
INKSTER August Ernest 8/54 2/Lieutenant MID
IRVING Robert Ford Burgess 9/992 Private MM
JACKSON Albert Donald 13597 Private MM
JACKSON Claude William 8/2109 Corporal MM
JACKSON Joseph Bertrum 8/2772 Sergeant MM
JACOBS Edwin Charles Haddon 8/1518 Sergeant DCM
JAMES John Edward 34866 Private MM
JEFFERIS Ralph Stanley Culling 8/2956 Corporal MM
JEFFERY Robert 8/1520 Private MM
JENKINS Herbert 8/2629 L/Corporal MM
JENKINS William George 9/297 Sergeant MID
JENNINGS Lancelot Shadwell 8/2502 Captain MID
JOHNSTON William Alexander 8/4436 Sergeant MM
JOLLY William David 8/2798 Captain MID
JONES Henry William Thomas 8/3644 CSM MSM
KEEN Thomas Alex 29791 Private MM
KEENAN Christopher 8/3653 Sergeant MSM
KELLY William Roy 59661 Private MM
KENNEDY Alexander 8/3657 Private Russian Medal of St George 3rd Class, MM
KENNEDY Thomas Owen 8/3935 Private MM
KENNETT John Penny 25264 Sergeant DCM
KERSE Arthur James 8/2030 RSM Valuable Services at Home
KERSE Charles Allanton 8/240 2/Lieutenant MID
KILROY Reginald James 29690 Sergeant MM
KING Allen Henry 8/1273 2/Lieutenant MC
KING Oliver 8/2438 Corporal Belgian Croix de Guerre
KIRK Henry Francis 27305 Private MM
KIRKWOOD James 59016 Private MM
KNIGHT Thomas Watson 34092 Private MM
KNOX Robert John 8/2816 S/Major MC
LACEY William Thomas 13946 Private MM
LAINCHBURY Thomas 22044 Private MM
LAMB James McGibbon 8/2641 Sergeant French Croix de Guerre, DCM
LAMPEN Francis Henry 5/250a Major DSO, MID
LANG Harry Lomas 23572 Private MM
LAURISTON David 8/3667 Private MM
LAW Albert 51174 Private MM
LAY Joseph Gustave 8/1771 Corporal MM
LEYS James Robert Ruxton 15/557A Lieutenant MC
LOUDEN Robert Harry 8/3322 Private MM
LUMSDEN Frederick William 3/2523 Captain MC
LYALL John Robert 8/933 Private MM
LYNN William 8/2974 L/Corporal MSM
LYTTLE Herbert Gardiner Gladstone 32453 Sergeant Valuable Services at Home
MACDONALD Alasdair 23/491 2/Lieutenant MC
MACDONALD Alexander 8/596 Private DCM
MACKAY D L/Sergeant MM
MACKENZIE John Alexander 8/1012a Lt-Colonel Valuable Services at Home, CMG
MacKENZIE Kenneth John 7/1119 Lieutenant MC
MACLEAN Alexander 8/4458 L/Sergeant MM
MacPHERSON John 8/3961 L/Corporal DCM
MARSHALL Robert Alfred 8/2652 L/Sergeant MM
MARTIN Allan Elvine 13/500 2/Lieutenant Valuable Services at Home
MARTIN Francis Roy 9/310 L/Sergeant MM
MAYN Ernest Sydney 8/2656 2/Lieutenant MC
McAULEY David 9/54 Lieutenant MC
McCAULEY George 13947 Corporal MM
McCAW William Theodore 8/2296 Corporal MM
McCLURE Cecil Bertram Travice 3/796 Lieutenant MC and Bar
McCORMACK Augustus Philip 8/626 Lieutenant MID
McCRAE John 8/2068 Major DSO, MID
McDONALD Hector 8/3850 Private MM
McDONALD Stuart Gordon 8/606 Captain MC, MID
McDOUGALL Arthur Stewart 27555 Corporal MM
McEWEN Irvine 8/430 Sergeant Valuable Services at Home
McFADYEN Alfred 8/3684 CSM DCM
McGREGOR Peter 8/2675 Sergeant DCM
McINTOSH Fraser 44915 Lieutenant MC
McINTYRE Charles Edward 24/1732 L/Sergeant MM
McINTYRE Donald Rupert 9/1326 Private MM
McINTYRE Hugh Pearson 9/1626 Sergeant MM
McKAY George Alexander 9/1926 Private MM
McKAY Robert 46768 Private MM
McKENDRY John 8/3334 Private MM
McKENZIE Dudley 32879 Private MM
McKEOWN Albert Edward 22547 Lieutenant MID
McLEAN Duncan 9/383 2/Lieutenant MM, MID x 2
McLEAN John Clark 9/663 Lieutenant MC and Bar
McLEAN Walter 18/17 Reverend MC
McLELLAND James Frederick 22354 Private MM
McLEOD Robert Clarence 8/1302 Private DCM
McMILLAN Walter Anderson 8/1793 Sergeant MM
McPHERSON John 8/393 Captain Valuable Services at Home, OBE
MELVILLE Hamilton 8/3006 Private DCM, MM
MENZIES George Baker 8/595 Sergeant MSM
MILLER George 9/515 CQMS MSM
MILLER Herbert Clarence 23204 L/Corporal MM
MILLER James 11/1345 Corporal MM
MILLER James Alexander 53838 Lieutenant MC
MILLER Samuel Augustus 8/3010 Private MM
MILLIS Earnest Andrew 9/1207 Private MM
MILLS Arthur Charles 8/616 Sergeant DCM
MITCHELL Andrew 8/2058 Private MSM
MITCHELL Frank Cook 8/33 Sergeant DCM, MID
MITCHELL George 8/1173 Lt-Colonel Serbian Order of Karageorge 4th Class (with swords), DSO, MM, MID
MITCHELL Leonard D'Arcy 8/3012 Sergeant MID
MOIR Peter Thomas 8/2666 Sergeant DCM, MM
MOLLOY Cyril Henry 24318 Captain MC
MOONEY Thomas Aloysius 8/2822 Private MM
MOORE Athelstan 8/1155 Lt-Colonel DSO, MID
MOORE Norman Reuben 34104 Corporal MM
MOORHOUSE William Charles Sefton 29833 Corporal DCM
MORELAND Robert 46056 Private MM
MORRIN William Patrick 8/438 Sergeant DCM, MM
MORRIS George Edmond 8/976a Sergeant MID x 2
MORRIS Herbert William Elwin 40033 Private MM
MORRISON Kenneth 8/3366 Private MM
MORROW William John Taylor 15212 Sergeant MM
MUNRO Charles Thomas 13852 Corporal MM
MURPHY Patrick 8/3268 Private MM
MURPHY William 8/921 2/Lieutenant MC
MURRAY James 13960 L/Corporal MM
MURRAY James William 8/259 Corporal MM
MURRELL Norman Stanley 27549 L/Corporal MM
NAPIER George Stanley 32218 Corporal MM
NAYLOR Eric Joseph 49510 Sergeant MID
NEEDS Robert Alexander 8/794 Private MM
NESBIT George James 8/2790 Private DCM
NEWRICK Frank 30273 Private MM
NICHOLSON Harold Kenneth 12696 S/Sergeant MSM
NISBET Thomas Holmes 8/767 Lieutenant MID
NOBLE Sydney Alexander 8/4464 Private MM
NOLAN Edmond William Patrick 47756 S/Sergeant MSM
O'BRIEN John 29845 Private MM
O'BRIEN James William 8/3992 Private MM
O'CONNOR James 8/980a Sergeant MSM
O'DONNELL John 49255 Corporal MM
OLSEN Othenius Rudolf 20220 Lieutenant MC
OSBORNE Sidney 17045 Private MM
OXENBURY Edwin 9/1941 Corporal MM
PAISLEY Albert Durward 1/230 2/Lieutenant MC
PALMER John 25303 Private MSM, MM
PALMER Reginald Albert 8/3994 Corporal MM
PARKER Harry Reuben 10382 Corporal MM
PARKER Lewis James Kenyon 28405 Private MM
PASCOE Frederick Coates 8/2096 Lieutenant MC
PAULING Walter James 8/1594 Sergeant DCM
PAULSON Bertie 24/1776 Corporal MM
PAYNE Guildford Darrell 8/2459 Private MM
PERRY Thomas Frederick 25307 Private MSM
PETHERICK Benedict Lender 71162 Private MM
PHILLIPS Robert 8/4205 Corporal MM
PINCHING Edward Lawley 14675 Private MM
PORTEOUS Alexander William 8/1048a S/Major MC, MID
PRIOR Norman Henry 3/1243 Captain MC
PULLAR Edward William 32724 Private MM
PULSFORD Gilbert Finlay 8/2304 S/Sergeant MSM
QUIN Richard 8/3044 L/Corporal MM
RAE Duncan McFadgen 8/3841 Captain MID
RAE Ernest Robert 44414 Private MM
RAINES Harold Sedgley 29860 Private MM
RAMSAY William James 12/1777 Sergeant MM
RATCLIFFE Frank 9/1606 Private MM
REEVE Walter Fifeld 46076 Private MM
REILLY Thomas 12/2827 Sergeant DCM
RESTON Roland Augustus 23/1788 Private MM
REYNARD John 28920 Private MM
RICE Stanley 16/1023 Major MID
RICHARDSON Earl Andrew 23611 Private MM
ROBB Charles Christie 8/1826 S/Sergeant MSM
ROBERTSON William 16585 Private MM
RODGERS Jesse 9/77 2/Lieutenant MC, MM
ROSS John 8/2468 Private Belgian Croix de Guerre
RUTHERFORD Stewart Edward 17/402 Private MM
RUTHERFORD William Dickson 8/3061 2/Lieutenant MID
RYAN John Andrew 8/2722 Private MM
SAUNDERS John Llewellyn 8/1005 Major DSO, MID
SCHAUMANN William Anderson 8/3064 Sergeant MID
SCOTT Joseph 22114 Corporal MM
SCOTT Kenneth 9/393 Lieutenant MC and Bar
SCOTT Lindsey Mackie 8/3129 Captain MC, MID
SCOTT Samuel 8/4015 Corporal MM
SCOTT Walter Aitchison 8/709 S/Sergeant MSM
SEDDON George Hume 8/2369 2/Lieutenant MC
SELBY Ernest Frank 8/483 Captain MC, MID
SHARP Edward Harold 25385 Lieutenant MC
SHIRLEY Gordon Victor 11162 L/Corporal MM
SHIRLEY Vernard Willis 9/1109 Corporal MM
SIM John William 9/81 L/Corporal MM
SIM Thomas Melville 22668 Lieutenant MC
SIMMS Charles 54161 Private MM
SIMON James Herbert 8/620 Corporal MM
SINCLAIR Frank Sutherland 35048 Private MM
SINCLAIR Walter Graham 8/2134 Sergeant MM
SKINNER Henry Devenish 8/1837 Corporal DCM, MID
SMITH Charles Leonard 27607 Private MM
SMITH Geoffrey Samuel 8/1034 Lt-Colonel CMG, DSO, MID x 3
SMITH John 34932 Private MM
SMITH Kenneth Bland 11/2491 Private MM
SMITH Sydney Henry 23/1816 L/Sergeant MM
SMYTH Thomas Johnston 59951 L/Corporal MM
SNOWDEN Albert Sydney Charles 64591 Private MM
SPIERS Peter William Gordon 8/3131 Captain MC
SPRAGG Arthur William 15/145 S/Major MSM
STATHAM Frank Hadfield 8/977 Major MID
STERRITT David 22216 Sergeant DCM
STEVENSON Henry Chalmers 8/1058 S/Sergeant MSM
STEWART Archibald Thompson 34934 Corporal MM
STEWART Nelson 53281 Private MM
STRODE Arthur 8/3771 Private MM
STUART Andrew 69144 Private MM
STUART John Bannerman 39348 Corporal MM
STUART Robert 8/4492 Corporal MM
SULLIVAN Joseph 26/692 Private MM
SULLIVAN William 8/2483 L/Corporal MM
SULLIVAN William Henry 8/3147 CSM MID
SUMMERS Robert James 27610 Private MID
SUTHERLAND James Sinclair 27608 Private MM
SWAINSON Alexander 23/1833 Sergeant MM and Bar
SWAN George 8/3170 Lieutenant MC
SWAN Victor 41661 L/Corporal MM
TALLKE Louis Leslie 8/1648 L/Corporal MM
TEMPERO Frank Justin 41149 Corporal Belgian Chevalier De L'Ordre de Leopold II
TEPENE Charles William 36696 Sergeant MM
THOMSON Ngamo 51199 Private MM
TILSON Henry 59076 L/Corporal MM
TIMPANY Thomas Archibald 8/494 Corporal MID
TOD George Dougal 30320 L/Corporal MM
TORRANCE John 27619 Private MM
TRACY William Francis 8/496 Captain MC, MID
TRAVIS Richard Charles Sergeant VC, DCM, MM, Belgian Croix de Guerre
TREMBATH John 8/3102 L/Corporal MM
TRIPP John 32753 Private MM
TURNBULL John Henry 27123 Sergeant MM
TURNBULL William McGregor 8/1046 Major DSO, MID
TURNER Henry James 8/3778 Sergeant MSM
TURNER William Wilson 23469 Major MID
TUTTY Stanley Roberts 45156 Private MM
VINCENT George Augustus 8/956 Sergeant MM
WADDEL George Roxby 8/2166 Sergeant MM
WALDERS William Henry 35052 Corporal MM
WALLACE John 39365 Private MM
WARD Richard James 30007 Private MM
WATSON Ronald Sinclair 36276 Reverend MC
WATT Malcolm McPherson 8/2505 Captain MC
WEBLEY Kasper Gray 8/2494 Private MM
WHITE David 8/1672 Major MID
WHITMORE Frank Norman 9/1996 Captain MC
WIDDOWSON Stanley Hugh William 8/2804 Lieutenant MC
WILKIE Charles Frederick 8/2181 2/Lieutenant MID
WILLIAMS Lawrence Thomas 13496 Private MM
WILLIAMSON Alexander George 14015 Private MM
WILLS Earl Clifford 8/2327 S/Sergeant MSM
WILSON Charles George 8/717 Sergeant MM
WILSON John Hugh 8/2184 Sergeant MC, MM and Bar
WILSON Louis Geldart 8/992 Captain MID x 2
WINTER George Ernest 24/2307 Private MM
WITTERS Richard 30331 Private MM
WORLEY Rupert 14544 2/Lieutenant MC
WRAY William George 7/1315 Captain MC
WRIGHT Norman 16029 L/Corporal MM
YOUNG John William 30011 Private MM

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Genealogy:Biggar, McMillan, Wilson ,Caldwell.
Posted by: Sharn Wilson Lawrence Sutherland on Nov 28 2011 07:22

Hello again Lesley

Here goes with a somewhat mammoth email to you!
I've spent quite a bit of time over the last few days re-reading through the information you have sent me re the
Biggar/McMillan/Wilson/Caldwell names in the family tree, and comparing your information with what I already had found.
You have certainly helped a great deal in filling some of the gaps I had,
but there are still some outstanding bits of the jigsaw puzzle which is 'our family tree'.

This email will add to and amplify our various pieces of knowledge - hopefully!

Firstly, in answer to your email about your scrap-booking and asking if I have any photographs -
the answer from me is simple - No, I don't. It would be great if I did, and I'm delighted to know that you do have some,
even if not very many.

I was really interested to read the comments you forwarded on from your contact
Jane Bloor...

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Genealogy:Clan Sutherland - a personal view by Gordon Douglas Duffus
Posted by: Sharn Wilson Lawrence Sutherland on Nov 27 2011 03:43

The origins of the people of the Great Clan Sutherland are obscured by time and legend. It has been said that the first inhabitants of what would later become known as Sutherlandshire were "The Catti", a fierce tribe from the deep dark forests of Germany. They supposedly shared the area with bands of ferocious Mountain Cats who kept the bens and glens free of rodents and other pests. The Clan fosters these legends today by the use of a Wildcat as the Clansmen’s capbadge and the Chief’s Gaelic desig- nation as "The Great One of the Cat". The Catti not-with-stand- ing, it is more probable that the original occupants of Suther- landshire were roving bands of hunters from the continent who may have built temporary shelters during their visits. The Picts, that race without a written history, settled the land and built their stonetombs, hill-forts, and brochs throughout their territory. Intermarriage with invading Norsemen and Celts eventually made up the...

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