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On July 3, 2012, when I started I stated, "I am finding that all of our family tree branches literally slapped each other around and I almost hold my breath to find out that one person might have known the others only to have generations part and come back together again in the United States" I never imagined the history I would uncover! I really meant I feared I would find paternal bloodlines  pitted against maternal. I read in a book where a Jacob Jones had a farm near where Andrew Jackson launched the Creek Red Stick War from in South Carolina, not to mention Cherokees fought in that war. Hence, that would draw my anti-British family together with my once British supporting families together!?

I never expected my love for Jones Road, rock hunting, the Tennessee River, Cadron Crest peaches (Greenbrier/Guy, Arkansas), baseball,  a natural understanding of history or mechanical science would be explained by the persons before me, but it all became much clearer each day since.  Alas, I was right to keenly know I hate politics, but accept I have to endure it for my children and our future generations. 

I was much surprised to learn the truth in that not a cousin, but MY GGGGGGreat-Grandfather, Jacob Jones mentioned above, was the solider/bodyguard for George Washington, while serving under Robert E. Lee in the American Revolution. Jacob's descendants through Allen K. Jones were Texas Rangers.  Not to mention the West Central, TN, farm is in what use to be The Chickasaw Nation Territory, just outside settled Jackson, TN, with a Vann Road running straight down the center of it!  How is that for a hair raising adventure when learning who you are and where you come from!?

Did I tell you Glendale, TN is just outside of Mifflin, TN.  Just makes you wonder about my family and the political turns they took to get there.  CHAPMAN  is a handed down name through my paternal Jones line and nobody knows why.  So when it was not clear where it came from I started to search for an answer. Civil War? Shiloh, TN? Since its around 70 miles away from Glendale Community, Henderson, TN, and I learned battles came through our area/farm, Union soldiers burnt a Grist Mill purchased by us/owned locally,  and the war made it into the Jones kitchen when two Union Soliders were wounded and brought there for help. They died and were buried in our Jones/Bond Cemetery out of humane respect.  

We lost four family members elsewhere fighting for the Confederate side, one was illness. David "Chap" the only one to return home surviving combat wounds but died later ill with TB! How he survived the gunshot wounds he received is crazy to me.......It is said the blasts from Shiloh were felt in your feet at the Jones Farm.  Face it, with a  Major Chapman Jones Sr., carried down to my Grandfather Jones, Major Chapman Jones Jr., to Douglas Chapman Jones and thru my now William Chapman Litton--who knew!? So I started! I  read five different books at once and when a fact surfaced I would enter it. Genealogy, was a lonely task, for a long time! What scared me the most was names in both sides of my family tree were also in Alexander Roses' George Washington's Spies book I bought while in D.C., only because of this lore of a bodyguard in my paternal family!

Grandpa Jones served in The Baltic Sea during World War II, a Navy welder, on a submarine.  Daddy? A heavily combat wounded/ decorated Army, Vietnam, Paratrooping, Pointman, Staff Sargent. He enlisted without Grandpa's permission, lied about his age, at seventeen. Dad's scars give away some of his injuries, but it wouldn't be information just handed to you.  My people are strong like the lion but appear to be a lamb. Finding my paternal first cousin, Glen (Glenndale) Peddy through a site of his on the internet filled a lot of the paternal Jones family void.  Not to exclude the kindness of his Aunt, Joyce Pruitt (born Jones), who answered many of my difficult "Why have I...?" 

Two Butler sisters married two Jones brothers. The paternal Butler women are workers, farmers, family first, they minded their own business.  They are known for their natural beauty, tall, graceful swan-like, gardners, and were known for their cotton picking but hated house work. Charlotte Butler Sanders and Great Grandma Butler (Edna Rosena Holloway) has/had unique beautiful dainty doll framed bodies. 


Grandma Butler was an only child of a painter and seamstress from further West.






Langston women from Faulkner County, Arkansas, Shady Grove and Wooster area, resembled a hen-party when gathered, but as far as family "They knew what they thought they needed to know," says Aunt Geneva (born Langston).  My mother is such a beautiful woman that she stands out in a crowd and her lineage clearly explains how this came to be and why she is a social person.


I admit I was very tired of asking at all the Langston family reunions, "What kind of Indian was she?"  I was always mad because nobody knew!  Her name was Martha Adeline Canfield (born VANN) and I rather think this started a LARGE portion of our family tree quest! Not to mention Aunt Geneva encouraging my Momma after nobody could answer me.  Amazing how far we have come with.."Why doesn't anyone know!?" Oh Mom started it--and I later pieced it together, and then some!  Mom says she feels it was [forgotten] for fear of the childrens' futures, [I also think it was PAINFUL] that our Heritage was not handed down starting seven generations back for both reasons.   It's unknown to us if we gave our rights up or our blood quantum was more white than Cherokee as that is rough to follow. It's not clear the CLAN we should claim. Yes, the men were Wolf, but the mother carries the clan, and unless the Thompsons, a Butler,  Jones, Langston, Burkett shows one?? The Vann Clan does not show who Sarah was. We do not have her last name!? Not to mention the Rowe ties married into our Vann's too. Help? Plus, there is quite a bit of hidden history in "Greenbrier", Arkansas. David Vann was precise and that is demonstrated in everything I have read about him.  He is the person Van Baptist Church in Georgia is named after.  His wife,Sarah,  I am told is a Johnson, but I am searching to confirm that.  I grew up with that surname in Concord, AR, where I went to school.  It has been a small world to this point. Ironically,I never thought I fit in, and half the names are Cherokee!



The Langston brothers need to be mentioned as pranksters and would ALWAYS do something to fire their sisters up! My brother, Shawn, had a streak of this too- with me.  He carried me over his shoulder his senior year, my, freshman year, down the hall screaming and kicking.  The brothers? I suppose, it was hilarious to watch. It was not long until I was wrapped up in it. I seriously miss the mad expressions; narrowed eyes and glares, flared noses, and pursed lips. Like the time we were trying to get Grandma to hold a beer long enough to take a picture of it!  Seventeen year old Deidre said, "Here Grandma, can you hold my drink for me?"  It belonged to one of the cousins.  I think that incident lead to the scheduling of all future events at Bethlehem.  Cousin David says, "On top of the mountain. I can feel my pulse race when I see that tiny white steeple." (Horseshoe Mountain,Wooster, Arkansas. A.k.a. Faulkner County, Greenbrier.) No, they are no longer at Toad Suck Park. [Chuckle.]  What I miss the most are the Langston siblings together and the memories of Homecoming in the old sanctuary at Bethlehem Church with eight of the nine, sitting there around me with our other members. (HUGE SIGH.)                                                                                                                                                                   M

om and I plan to look over Grandma Fellers albums and apparently I will become their keepers. Wow.  That is a large responsibility in my opinion and an honor.  Just as the honor passed to 8th maternal cousin, Brett Rowland, whom is now related to me 13 ways??   He has Langston humour I have observed.   Brett helped me bring distant Langston and Rowland branches to life with many of his pictures and people.

 A Navy man, Nuclear Submarine, Electrician.                    






always said, "I come from good people that were survivors" but not even I  imagined history wrote itself all over my branches the way it did! I never wanted to be the front and center of attention but prefer the second or third slot in charge.  I told my Grandpa Jones when I was just a child, "I wanted to assist the person in charge.  It is less chaos and you do not have to deal with all the decisions."  It really makes a lot of sense now!  This journey is no longer just mine as it is clear the theroies are truths and the words in books are my guide.  I found Carol Stahlin (born Shirley) and her sister, Ann Marie, about the time Glenn and Brett, and a man named Randy Jones entered my life.  Randy is Native tied (maternal-19 steps), but each day we search for the paternal link to surface.  I often smile when I speak of Carol because she embraced me when it seemed noone else would, and she had every right not to if she desired.  I say that with consideration how our history links us.  Not exactly  the same side of the tree branch.   The person who helps center my NATIVE spirit is Willa Duncan.  She is matched with me through the McIntosh native ties.  I value her and respect her past turtle shell native dancing stories before her health took that from her.



My name is Deidre Jones Husband informed me 19 years ago when I mentioned keeping Jones that I will be MRS LITTON longer than I was MISS JONES! Where I was born,  I would have said, "Hey you GUYS!" but my family returned to their southern roots respectively in North Central Arkansas and West Central Tennessee.




used because I WAS tired of trying to write it down on paper "real pretty and legible."  I found my FAMILY!  

Grandpa Jones taught me, "If you do not tell people your business then they will not know your business."  Grandma Jones (born Butler) says, "You need a man for some things-- not all things."  Grandma Fellers (born Langston) cannot be entered here but her wisdom involved fast baths, parsley, and maintaining a good cholestrol. She meant well and I still laugh. Mom? "Have a nice day, be a good girl, don't get into trouble, and be true to thine own self." Daddy?  Taught his girl to fish, shoot the target, bowl, play horse shoes and baseball.  He also instilled in me to be thoughtful to those I am walking near,  not to cluster, and while  I am driving not to ride my brakes! T

he other person who influenced me was Natchitoches, Louisiana, born and avid DAR member, Jane Storey Joiner Russell, but she is no where in my tree to be found.  She was a retired anestesiologist, who had never married, took care of her parents, and spoiled me so that I termed her dearly as "My Nanny". I met her through a church in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Jane helped a young 17 yr old high school graduate walk into adulthood by allowing me to go to Court Reporting School while I lived in a rented bedroom in her home.  I gained heaps of spunk and red-head wisdom and I trusted her advice in KEEPING my suitor/husband twenty-two years ago.


I am proud of my blood. If you have any comments or feedback about this site, please click here to contact me.

My husbands maternal side is just as intriguing. Joe is a decscendant of Northern Italians (Bianchi and Turi) from Florence in a small town called  Sangenese.  The town was absorbed so we learned when we visited Florence, and I fell in love with The State of David. Our driver was a Turi and almost fell out of his chair when Mother Litton told him her maiden name. He even showed us his drivers license!  

Joe's Father was Anglo Saxen descent. "Kitty" Litton passed away on a business trip suddenly in Rome, Italy, many years ago, while traveling alone. Bill Litton was about to take over Westinghouse of Europe,  he was an electrical engineer who had worked all over within the United States and abroad too.  My Husband was eight years old when his father passed.  That defines a man when he loses his father while he is young--whether he wants it to or not.  It defined my Grandfather M.C. Jones Jr. and James Vann, Rich Joe Vann and all of his descendants too. 

After our trip to Rome and Florence, Italy, and Paris, France, I told my Husband, "If his Father was allowed to pick where to die, he chose well."  Yes, that is my very dry humour and sarcasm.

My oldest child, Chrisitian, is like me.  We prefer the quiet. Europe was  intriguing to me and that was because of  the museums, marble statues, historical places, great food and wonderful private tour guides.  It is not easy to impress me but when it happens the nerd in me drives everybody around me crazy--just like my Mini-Me, Christian.  William?  He definately is his fathers child with his Kitty Litton good looks! Diabeties type 1 or not, he is like the gingerbread man--Just catch him if you can!  

To think, I thought Latin would be the next language? It looks like there is a greater reason to learn Cherokee!?  

Beware! My people are nooooooot as dull as I had imagined! They just, like me, tried to make you believe only that they were. =)  I AM JONES, but Mister Litton wants you to know that I am MRS LITTON!!!

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Other:Thomas Jones research---On the hunt for Godfrey ties
Posted by: Deidre Jones on May 11 2013 16:39

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Re: Children of Zepheniah Clements
Posted by: Don Brenda ChandlerDate: July 26, 2001 at 11:42:27
In Reply to: Children of Zepheniah Clements by Ira L. Harris III of 1735

Hello Ira and Amy,

For the record, Zeph Clement most certainly did have a first wife: She was Elizabeth Minter (the daughter of Joseph Minter and Anna Mariah Gooch) and she and Zeph had at least three children (Stephen, Isabell and Anna Mariah).

Joseph Minter’s Will (drawn 1774 in NC; letters testamentary obtained 1783 in the 96th District, SC) did not mention Elizabeth (she having predeceased), but a bill was brought to recover certain family slaves, claimed by the plaintiff, who was the last surviving child of Joseph Minter, under the will of said Joseph. This extremely lengthy suit stated (in part): “Besides the five children named in his will, the testator was reputed to have had a daughter, Elizabeth, who had become the wife of one Clement, and died in Virginia, leaving a son, Stephen Clements, and a daughter whose name was not stated at the hearing, probably Isabel.” Stephen, Isabell and Anna Mariah were all mentioned in greater detail later on in the proceedings, which were not finally settled until 1843 in Edgefield Co., SC, some 60 years after Joseph’s death!

Furthermore, when Joseph Minter’s widow Anna Mariah (by then remarried to Williams) died, her Will (1802 Edgefield Co., SC) specifically provided for her grandchildren Anna Mariah (Clement) Jones, Isabell Clement and Stephen Clement. Obediah Clement, Zeph’s brother, was one of the witnesses to this Will.

These Clement, Minter and Jones lines of Granville Co., NC and Edgefield Co., SC were exceedingly tangled by intermarriage. As much as we have learned, we’re always learning more and would be happy to exchange information with you.

As for all of Zeph’s children by both marriages and whom they married, this is what we have in our database:

1. Zephaniah CLEMENT was born about 1749 in VA. He died after 25 Jan 1822 in Bibb Co., AL.
Zephaniah married (1) Elizabeth MINTER, daughter of Joseph MINTER and Anna Maria GOOCH, before 1772 in VA. Elizabeth was born in VA. She died before 1774 in VA.
They had the following children:
2 M i. Stephen D. CLEMENT was born before 1774 in VA. He died before Feb 1836 in Copiah Co., MS.
Stephen married Leanna JONES, daughter of Thomas JONES III and Mercy (Massey/Marsey) MINTER, about 1800 in Edgefield District, SC. Leanna was born 11 Sep 1784 in SC. She died 10 Aug 1867 in Hinds Co., MS and was buried in County Line Cem., Crystal Springs, Copiah Co., MS.
3 F ii. Isabell CLEMENT was born before 1774 in VA.
4 F iii. Anna Mariah CLEMENT.
Anna married Godfrey Parkman JONES, son of Thomas JONES Jr. and Leanna JONES, before 1802. Godfrey was born about 1765. He died before Dec 1821 in SC.
Zephaniah also married (2) Dorothy JONES, daughter of Thomas JONES Jr. and Leanna JONES, about 1782 in Edgefield Dist., SC. Dorothy died before 1822.
They had the following children:
5 M iv. William T. CLEMENT was born about 1783 in Edgefield Dist., SC. He died after Jan 1858.
William married Elizabeth JONES, daughter of Godfrey Parkman JONES and Anna Mariah CLEMENT.
6 F v. Susannah CLEMENT was born about 1785 in Edgefield Co., SC. She died about 1857 in Greene Co., AL and was buried in China Grove Cem., Bibb Co., AL.
Susannah married James TERRY, son of Stephen TERRY and Anne CLEMENT, about 1807 in Edgefield Co., SC. James was born about 1784 in Granville Co., NC. He died 1833/1837 in Bibb Co., AL.
7 M vi. Thomas CLEMENT was born before 1787 in Edgefield Co., SC. He died before Jan 1858 in Research, Newton Co., MS.
Thomas married Susannah WILLIAMS on 11 Jan 1831 in Bibb Co., AL.
8 F vii. Leannah S. CLEMENT was born 29 Jan 1787 in Edgefield Co., SC. She died 11 Nov 1855 in Bibb Co., AL.
Leannah married John T. WILLIAMS on 16/17 Jun 1830 in Bibb Co., AL. John died before 1850 in Bibb Co., AL?.
9 F viii. Mary (Polly) CLEMENT was born about 1789 in Edgefield Co., SC. She died after Jan 1858 in Research, Newton Co., MS and was buried in Newton Co., MS.
Mary married Thomas Jones WASH, son of William Whitten WASH Sr. and Anne Amelia JONES, about 1810. Thomas was born about 1787 in GA/SC. He died 12 Aug 1881 in Newton Co., MS and was buried in Newton Co., MS.
10 F ix. Parsada (Parzada, Parsetta) CLEMENT was born about 1791 in GA. She died after 1870 in Hale Co., AL.
Parsada married John COLE on 10 May 1822 in Bibb Co., AL. John was born about 1796 in SC. He died after 1860 in Perry Co., AL.
11 F x. Nancy CLEMENT was born about 1792 in Edgefield Co., SC. She died after 1857 in Bibb Co., AL?.
Nancy married John HUNT before 1828. John died Bet 1840/1850 in Bibb Co., AL?.
12 M xi. Luellen (Lewellen, Luther, Lew) CLEMENT was born about 1795 in Edgefield Co., SC. He died after 1868 in Perry/Hale Co., AL and was buried in Liberty Church Cem., Hale Co., AL.
Luellen married (1) UNKNOWN.
Luellen also married (2) Frances L. COOK, daughter of Martin COOK and Harriett CROCKETT, on 12 May 1845 in Perry Co., AL. Frances was born 27 Jan 1832 in AL. She died after Jun 1900 in Hale/Perry Co., AL.
13 M xii. Alfred C./W. CLEMENT M.D. was born about 1803 in Edgefield Co., SC. He died before 8 Oct 1855 in Greene Co., AL.
Alfred married Elizabeth WATSON on 14 Jan 1833 in Greene Co., AL. Elizabeth was born about 1814 in SC.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us; we’d love to discuss these lines further.

Don and Brenda Chandler <>


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This Web site:Harrison/Jones "homework for the weekend"
Posted by: Deidre Jones on Jan 25 2013 00:40
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Posted by: Deidre Jones on Jan 25 2013 00:22 I have to laugh at that weblink now that I have typed it and not cut and pasted it.
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Obituaries:Burkett connection weblink obituary.
Posted by: Deidre Jones on Jan 7 2013 00:24

Ironically my Mom was best friends with Tammy Burketts mother, Mavareen Gambold (a second marriage surname). Tammy's father is attached in this link, also ironically a Greenbrier, AR, Burkett too. That is a connection of my families in Chicago, to Henderson, TN, to Wooster/Greenbrier, AR. Mother never knew while Tammy was alive that we were related, but Tammy babysat me when I as little in Chicago. She was a greatttttt babysitter.

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This Web site:Glen Peddy's Allied webpages of families
Posted by: Deidre Jones on Dec 25 2012 18:30
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Family memories:My Daddy's Story. David Michael Jones. M.C. Jr & Estelle's SON
Posted by: Deidre Jones on Dec 3 2012 03:07

Clipped and enclosed is a news article from a newspaper back home in Tennessee about my Daddy. I had to have the newspaper send it to me because their on-line site was having technical issues.


Z:/2009 Veterans Day/copy/David M Jones.doc

“A big camping trip!”

Vietnam vet wanted to see action, but now prays for peace

By James A. Webb

General Manager

Between Nov. 3-22, 1967 a series of major battles in the Vietnam War took place in the central highlands near Dak To which eventually became known as “the border battles.” The battle for hill 875 cost 115 American lives and wounded 253, including David M. Jones of Chester County.

Jones suffered 22 wounds and lost several teeth on Nov. 21, 1967. However, after recuperation in a hospital in Japan, Jones volunteered to return to the trenches with his unit, A Company, 2nd Platoon, 4th Battalion 503, 173rd Airborne SEP.

More than 40 years later, Jones is one of the lucky ones that got to come home from ‘Nam. A truck driver for most of the intervening years, Jones is also one of the few veterans that are comfortable sharing his memories of America’s least popular war, referred to by the government as a “police action.”

“It was a big camping trip, we were always in the jungle,” said Jones recently laughingly.

Calling himself a big kid, Jones always thought he wanted to see action in war, but changed his mind quickly. “I thought, what the hell am I doing here? They are shooting real bullets at me.”

Members of the 173rd Airborne received Presidential Unit Citations for their actions at Dak To, many posthumously. Jones remembers the situation well.

“We went in through the night, arriving at daybreak. (But) that morning all hell broke loose,” Jones recalled. He was wounded by a mortar round, and so many died “they just piled up the bodies.”

Lying on the ground suffering from his wounds, Jones remembers seeing jets coming in dropping 500-pound bombs. Eventually his buddies dragged Jones to a safer position, but doubled up in a fox hole, he felt he needed to straighten up to lessen the pain. “So they laid me on the ground above the fox hole, (and) we took a hit right where I had been lying.”

He remembers getting in the med-evac chopper with blood gushing from just below his left eye, but not much else after that due to a quickly administered heavy dose of morphine.

Jones later volunteered for two more six month tours in Vietnam, returning to the United States on Aug. 29, 1969. His homecoming was typical of the era without fanfare but rather insults.

“I came home in full uniform to Seattle, and the hippies spat at me, and made murderous comments. If they did not want to serve, then I did not want them with me. Let ‘em go to Canada,” said Jones, who remembers many others he served with having the same sentiment.

One of Jones’ friends had a different homecoming. On the way to Dak To, the fellow soldier predicted his own fate. “Smitty had only a few days left, and told me he would not make it out of this fire fight. He did not come home.”

While Jones freely talks of his experiences in Vietnam, others he knew could not cope with their memories. In 1999 at Ft. Bragg in North Carolina, Jones reunited with 13 men he had known during the war, and among them was Chris Taylor of Fayetteville, Ga.

“Chris could not put it down,” said Jones. He described his friend as having many emotional problems, and passed away two years ago.

Jones said the movie Platoon was right out of his life. “The two main characters were us, Chris Taylor and David Jones.”

The young 18-year old kid that wanted to see battle 42-years ago has obviously mellowed and changed over years. When his own son, Tyler, approached adulthood, Jones hoped his offspring would not seek a life in the military. Instead the elder Jones offers the following advice to whoever will listen.

“Pray for peace, because peace would solve all our problems.”

Submitted photo

David M. Jones prepares to enter battle at Dak To, in Vietnam, on Nov. 21, 1967. He almost lost his life that day after suffering 22 wounds from enemy fire.

Photo by James A. Webb,Independent

David M. Jones, left, hoped his son Tyler, would not enter the military due to the treatment of many U.S. soldiers upon their return from Vietnam.

>>>>>>>>>>> also have copy of the telegram informing his parents of him being wounded. <<<<<<<

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Other:Rename later
Posted by: Deidre Jones on Nov 23 2012 09:09
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Family stories:David Jones, ours, irony if not
Posted by: Deidre Jones on Nov 23 2012 09:07
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