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My name is Maria Theodora Wilhelmina McKenna Zonneveld and I started this site which is a collection of data from many different sources.

My 6th cousin Jan Lamboo got me started by giving me a copy of his tree which already had nearly 4000 people listed. This was a most precious gift and was the start of my tree. I also have to thank my brother Joseph Zonneveld and my daughter Andrea Kahle McKenna for all their work on the tree.

Among others who have contributed are, Kizita Shiferaw Zonneveld , Leo W Zonneveld, Jan Joost Zonneveld, Martha Sonneveld, Gerald Schrama and many others who have all given pieces of information. Thank you all.

There are many early versions of the name Zonneveld   -  Sollevelt, Solleveld, van Sollevelt, Sonneveld, Sonneveldt, Sonnevelt, van Sonneveld, van Zonneveld, Zonnevelt, Zonneveldt, and Zonneveld. In some cases the surname is used loosely, and one person can have various documents with differing versions of the name.One must remember that most people were illiterate in those days.

To keep it simple, I have used only the names Sollevelt, Sonneveld and Zonneveld  -  but they are all related.

This site was created using  If you have any comments or feedback about this site, please click here to contact me.
Our family tree is posted online on this site! There are over 10,000 names in our family tree. The earliest event is the birth of Floris Lourisz 's Gravemade, van  Direct ancestor (14 generations) (1460). The most recent event is the death of Theodorus Petrus Felix Zonneveld  Father  (17 July 2011)  and the birth of Carly Castermans 27 August, 2011, Dune v d Heijden on 30 Sept, 2011 and Vienna Rose Massey on 20 November 2011.
The site was last updated on 16/09/12   Enjoy!  

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News articles
Family stories:Lefeber Knighthood
Posted by: Maria Theodora McKenna Zonneveld on Mar 7 2011 03:08

Josephus Johannes Lefeber (1805 – 1873) is a 1st cousin 4 times removed.

He was President of the “Reken kamer’ in Netherlands Indonesia.

He was awarded a Knighthood – “Order of the Nederlandse Lion”

His father, Johannes Jacobus Lefeber (1774 – 1831) brother of my G G great Grandfather, was also awarded the – “Order of the Nederlandse Lion” for his work in Indonesia. He was a goldsmith.

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Genealogy:Willem Dircksz van Sonnevelt - the Inventor
Posted by: Maria Theodora McKenna Zonneveld on June 9 2010 09:15

Relationship is 12 steps. His brother, Cornelis, is my 9 times great grandfather.

The Multiple Ribbon Loom
In the last few years of the 16th C the German artisan Anton Müller invented a loom for weaving more than one ribbon at a time –between four and six-. It allowed to multiply the weaver’s productivity and has been considered to be one of the main textile innovations before the Industrial Revolution.
Soon after, in1604, the Flemish technician Willem D. van Sonnevelt succeeded in the Müller’s loom automation, that is to say, the first mechanic loom in history, 200 years beforehand respect the wide fabric loom. With a simple rotative movement of a long bar or oar, the machinist had to only worry about knotting and changing the yarns. It improved ribbon productivity and quality.
The first bar looms could weave twelve ribbons and soon they improved that initial number up to twenty-four. They spread through Flanders, where they were ex...

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Genealogy:Famous Dutch Cabaret Artist
Posted by: Maria Theodora McKenna Zonneveld on June 9 2010 08:59

Willem 'Wim' Sonneveld (Utrecht, 28 June 1917 - Amsterdam, 8 March 1974) was a Dutch cabaret artist and singer. He is a 9th cousin of our paternal grandfather. (Leonardus Zonneveld) See Wikipedia article

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