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My name is Elsebeth Paikin and I started this site.
This site was created using This is a great system that allows anyone like you and me to create a private site for their family, build their family tree and share family photos. If you have any comments or feedback about this site, please click here to contact me.
Our family tree is posted online on this site! There are 617 names in our family site. The earliest event is the birth of Herson Paikin (1768). The most recent event is the birth of <Private> (Oct 14 2013).
The site was last updated on Aug 15 2014, and it currently has 82 registered member(s). If you wish to become a member too, please click here.   Enjoy!

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Aug 15, 2014
Betsy Karpenkopf commented on event 62nd birthday of Betsy Woodland:
 Thanks, cuz! You are so sweet. Ella went all out: an amazing cake and far too many great gifts. Love,
July 04, 2014
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July 01, 2014
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June 21, 2014
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June 12, 2014
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June 07, 2014
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May 29, 2014
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May 18, 2014
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May 02, 2014
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Apr 28, 2014
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Apr 06, 2014
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Mar 25, 2014
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Mar 12, 2014
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Mar 04, 2014
Laura Tarr commented on event 88th birthday of Jacqueline Blumberg:
 HaPpY BiRthDaY Aunt Jackie! Better late than never I always say. As Dr. Seuss says, "Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!" He wrote that in 1959.
I hope you thouroughly enjoyed your day.

Love, Laury Woodland Tarr 
Mar 03, 2014
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Mar 02, 2014
Mitzi & Torbjørn Adelsson commented on event 43rd birthday of Nicholas Bloch:
 Kære Nicholas,
Tillykke med fødselsdagen, håber du får en dejlig dag.
Kærlige hilsener fra
Mizzie Annie Torbjørn 
Feb 26, 2014
David Woodland updated the details of <Private> Woodland in family tree HP ANCESTORS
Feb 23, 2014
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Elsebeth Paikin added source U.S. Public Records Index to family tree HP ANCESTORS
Feb 16, 2014
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Jan 22, 2014
Laura Tarr commented on event 18th birthday of Ella Karpenkopf:
 HaPpY BiRthDaY Ella! 
Jan 15, 2014
Elsebeth Paikin said: P.S. Andrey please write to me - my e-mail address is
Elsebeth Paikin commented on the photo Akiba and Olga ?:
 Hello Andrey, I am so glad to hear from you.
The photo was sent me from a lady in Dakota, USA, for publishing because she wanted to find out if her grandfather's mother Olga's maiden name was Paikin. I am trying to get in touch with her, but as my last contact with her was in 2001 and her e-mail address does not work anymore, I am not sure if I'll succeed.
However, I think I found her on Facebook so I will try to contact some of her (presumably) children.
She wrote the following:
"Are there any Olga Paikin's on your family trees? I ask
because on my grandfather's Social Security application he lists his mother's name as Olga Pa?kin. That ? could be either an 'l', making the name Palkin, or 'i', Paikin. It is the only letter which is not clear.
My grandfather Jacob Alexander Maizel (Massel in the U.S.) was born in Grodno to Akiba (Akim) Maizel and Olga Pa?kin in 1882. He was their third child. I believe all their children were born in Grodno, but I do not know where they originally came from. I know that there were Maizel cousins in Warsaw, Bielsk, and S.Petersburg. My gf's older brother lived in S.Petersburg, and was married to a cousin. I believe my ggp's both died in S.Petersburg before 1922, and were perhaps in their 60s. Unfortunately, I know nothing more about my ggm."
in another e-mail she wrote:
"I looked at the Social Security application of my grandfather again, and my husband looked at it, and he thinks the questionable letter could be possibly a 't'--I notice that the SS form shows that my grandfather had a governmental job at the time he applied for Social Security, so I will write to the office in St. Louis which has old records for government employees and see if his application form for employment gives me any more information.
I unfortunately have only this one scrap of information about my great grandmother, for whom I was named, and one picture of her, with Akiba (my great grandfather). My grandfather's siblings were Eva, Rosa, Moisei, Jakob (my g'father), Anuta, Rebekka, Isaac, and David. Those are all pretty common names. My mother commented that her grandmother was much
loved by all the family, and nearly all her children had a child or grandchild named Olga.
I can't trace my g'father's sister's children because I am not sure of their mother's married name, and they are sure to be married themselves. They lived in Moscow in the 1930s, and I have a picture of one of the
daughters in this branch, from 1947, so I know at least one of them survived the war years in Russia. All the older generation in this country are gone, and the younger ones have no information for me (except on their immediate families). "

As for the photo she wrote:
" I am attaching a picture of Akiba and Olga P. Maizel [the only one I have of her]--the picture is not in good condition, so I apologize for the quality. I did try to "clean it up" some when I scanned it. I cannot make out any of the folks on the picture in the background. I tried to look at them with a magnifying glass to no avail. "

And another e-mail:
"Jacob was 4th child of Akiba and Olga. Also, the cousins married were on the father's side of the family (guess I didn't make that clear).
I think that not only was the father's family educated (lawyers, doctors, pharmacists), but I think Olga's family also was educated and she may have had a sister who was a chemist (or in some scientific field). One of my
gf's sisters was a chemist. "

and another e-mail:
"Thanks so much for making those changes so quickly. It would be lovely if someone recognizes the couple.
Strange that so little seemed to be known about the woman everyone loved so much that they named children after her. My mother never met her
grandmother, but named me after her.
Best wishes,
Olga Parker (in the heart of the Black Hills of South Dakota, near Hill City--not far from Mt. Rushmore. Southwestern part of the state--if you want to look on
the map. Just to pinpoint my location for you.) "

So you see, I guess that you are part of her family in Moscow, that she mentions, and I would be thankful if you would share information with me about your family.

What a shame if I cannot get in touch with her, I am sure that she would be so happy to know that now after so many years, someone recognized Akiba and Olga.

I can inform you that in my genealogy database I have two persons named Maisel: Leiser Maisel and his daughter Tscherna Lea Maisel, who married a Treskunov, they had 3 daughters and 1 son, she died in Riga in 1941. I don't know if you know anything about them ... I got the information from the Riga Archives whom I had asked to do research for me.

Enough for now - but I am hoping to hear from you - and from Olga Parker.

P.S: I have a website for the Paikin Genealogy Project:

Best wishes
Elsebeth Paikin 
Jan 13, 2014
Андрей Пластинин commented on the photo Akiba and Olga ?:
 Hi, Elizabeth! This is the photo of Akiba Maisel and his wife Olga from Grodno (appr.1915). They are my gggp. I'm interesting in where did You get this foto? From the internet or from the private album of Paikin family? I've thought that her birth family name was Palkin. My name is Plastinin Andrey. I'm living in Moscow RF. It will be very interesting to read Your comments. With best regards. 
Jan 05, 2014
David Szmuk-Framowitz joined another family site: Zullo/Pizzichillo/Millington/Billman Families' Website
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