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     My name is Cindy McCabe (IL, TX, NC), and the most current tree is McCabe 2015. Focus is on building a well-documented tree of direct ancestors to immigration to America. We have had our DNA tested through 23 and Me, and as a nod to stemming identity theft, have marked all living people as private.

     This site is growing from DAR research from my aunt Bobbie Hollingsworth nee Clark (TX), as well as genealogy records from my grandparents Owen McCabe and Julia Kappus (MI, IL, FL) and various cousins. 

     The paternal McCabe DNA Haplogroup is  R1b1b2a1a2f* originates in northern Ireland and Scotland. Our McCabe line immigrated circa 1850 from Ireland to Philadelphia, PA. Ancestors then passed through Ohio and settled in Charlevoix, MI before moving to the Chicago, IL area c. 1920s.  The Kappus/Bechel family line immigrated c.1825 from Germany (French occupied-Alsace area) and settled in Crawford Co., OH before moving to MI (1879), then Chicago (1881). Many McCabe relatives remain in the Chicago area.  I just found the wedding announcement for my grandparents in the Elmhurst Press, front page news in June 1929!

     Our maternal line dates back to colonial times. The Maternal DNA Haplogroup is U5b2c and includes last names  McCabe (m. 1954 TX), Clark (m. 1923 TX) , Shockley (m. 1904 TX) , Taylor (m. 1872 TX) , Schooling (m. 1856 MO), Wormington (m. 1821 TN),  Hawley ( m. 1799 NY),  Steele (m. 1763 CT), Strong (m. 1739 CT), Brace (m.  1706 CT), Collyer (m. 1667 CT), and Sanford/Adams (m. 1643 CT).

     Other colonial  family names through the maternal line include: Albrighton, Alford, Arden, Ashbrooke, Backus, Baldwin, Baldridge, Ball,  Benjamin, Bigge, Byrd, Cheney, Coleman, Cooke, Croshaw, Culver, Dixon, Ellice, Evans, Fowler, Gifford,  Gray, Grendon, Hanmer, Hampton, Hart, Hassell, Hawkins, Hawley, Holliday,  Howland, Judd, Judson,  Lord, Lupton,  Mann,  Marsh, Massie, Matthews, Micheau, Minter, Moore, Morris,  Mouring, Newell, Nichols, Norman, Olmstead Parlin, Pettus, Phillips, Pope, Porter,  Potter, Powell,  Pindar,  Presley, Price, Rackley, Rountree, Rollins, Rowell, Rozier, Sayer, Sherwood, Shipley, Shockley, Stiles, Sturman, Talcott, Temple, Thomas, Twinning, Tomlinson,  Violett, Warner, Willis, Welles, Wheeler, Wolcott, Woodford, Wooten, Youle/Ewell and Young.  

     The majority of ancestors were farmers or ministers. They came from MA, CT, MD, VA and NC and followed the western expansion, acquiring land in exchange for military service.  

     Gem- In the 1860 Census entry for Wm. B. Shockley, Sr. in Fleming Co., KY, the 99 year old must have given the census taker an earful. . .there is a handwritten note that he voted for Geo. Washington, twice! and voted in every presidential election since. The Violet ancestors were neighbors of Geo. Washington, and helped manage some of his properties.


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