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Birth:Oct 4 1840
Death:Oct 4 1935
Name:John Cornelius Ross
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John Cornelius Ross ...
John Cornelius Ross ...
John Cornelius Ross (born Ross) ...
John Cornelius Ross ...
John Cornelius Ross ...
John Cornelius Ross ...
John Cornelius Ross (1840) ...
John Cornelius Ross ...
John Cornelius Ross ...
John Cornelius Ross
U.S. Public Records Index
Possible relative:Cora Ross
Residence:Full address, Mississippi
Arthur Cornelius John Ross
India, Births and Baptisms, 1786-1947
Birth:Day Month 1884
Christening:Day Month 1884 - Place
Parents:Names of both parents
Newspaper Archive
Text:"... and Mrs Cornelius A RossJohn Gallery Jr Mrs John Gallery William V O'Brien Jr Mr and Mrs J Donald Scott signor Jos A Casey The American Association of University Women will have an open meeting..."
Date:Nov 3 1931
Publication:Sheboygan, Wisconsin, United States of America
Newspaper Archive
Text:"...THE LOWELL SUN SATURDAY JUNE 20 1914 THE LIST OF GRADUATES Continued George Joseph McHugh McGuire Jo fin Andruw Nel on Pink sharks Henry 1 rands O'Connor JohnCornelius Thomas Ross Walter Edward..."
Date:June 20 1914
Publication:Lowell, Massachusetts, United States of America
John Cornelius Roos
Texas Births, 1926 - 1995
Birth:Day Month 1947 - Place
Parents:Names of both parents
John Cornelius Russ
U.S. Public Records Index
Birth:Day Month 1975
Possible relative:Tamika Raynette Russ
Residences:Full address, North Carolina, and one more full address
Phone number:(910) xxx-xxxx
Business association:Owner, Dj Smooth Entertainment, Wilmington, North Carolina, USA
John Cornelius Roos
U.S. Public Records Index
Birth:Day Month 1947
Possible relatives:Dana Wernli Jones, and names of 2 more relatives
Residences:Full address, Texas, and 6 more full addresses
Phone numbers:(361) xxx-xxxx, and 4 more phone numbers
Business association:Registered Agent, Roos Partners, Ltd, Corpus Christi, Texas, USA
John C. Ross ...
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