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Birth:Aug 30 1893
Death:Apr 17 1959
Name:Eben Sumner Draper
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Newspaper Archive
Text:"... placed it on the inside of his arm from the shoulder to the wrist affd in a few moments he exclaimed tri to the surprised an Twenty inches please The case of EbenSumnerDraper Republican candidate..."
Date:Nov 29 1905
Publication:Logansport, Indiana, United States of America
Newspaper Archive
Text:"... SumnerDraper and Mrs. just back from their to an- the engagement of their Miss Dorothy to Mr. Thomas B. of Boston and Miss who accompanied her ents on this is a member of the cent Club and Sewing Circle..."
Date:Aug 21 1911
Publication:Washington, District of Columbia, United States of America
Newspaper Archive
Text:"...Tht Daily Sentinel Enterprise Thursday March 27 1975 tB Official Portrait Snared In Budget Trap Francis W soon will take his place In with Eugene Noble Fou EbenSumnerDraper Pownall William Eu..."
Date:Mar 27 1975
Publication:Fitchburg, Massachusetts, United States of America
Eben Sumner Draper ...
Eben Sumner Draper ...
Eben Sumner Draper ...
Smith's Barn: A Child's History of the West Side, Worcester, 1880 - 1928
Text:"... in their pockets they content to money own are have it in his. He declined appointment to the an Superior Bench by EbenSumnerDraper in 1909. The Woodward house stands it did. The Gage as house and stable..."
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