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Birth:June 26 1877
Death:Apr 15 1912
Name:Albert Briant
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Newspaper Archive
Text:"... Thomas Sims James Cook C B Wm Evens Thomas BriantAlbertBriant Wade Briant Tat Barnet I T Hillburn Franklin Baxter B Murry Lewis Baley James Spanks Wm McKinger James McRight Green Austin J Monroe Bryant..."
Date:Jan 23 1975
Publication:Ruston, Louisiana, United States of America
Newspaper Archive
Text:".... RESOUBCEFüL CONSTABLEa THE LOKDON UKIIED TRAHWATS. MAN SATED BY A DOSE OF WBITIKO. Tlie resourcefulness of two police officers, Charles Reeves and AlbertBriant, who were Avarinly :.commended ’ by.' Mr. Wallace..."
Date:Dec 20 1912
Publication:London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Newspaper Archive
Text:"... will begin and end July 1st, 1945, to July 1st, 1955 In witness we hereby affix our hands and seals on this 25th day of 1945 MATT LASICK FLOYD B WALTER j. MCMANUS BYRON A. SMITH GRANT K SMITH ALBERT R. BRIANT..."
Date:Sep 21 1945
Publication:Helena, Montana, United States of America
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Albert Briant ...
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