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Birth:Dec 10 1888
Death:Feb 27 1958
Name:Annette Rosalie Udras
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Annette Rosalie Udras ...
Rosalie Wilde (born Udras) ...
Alide Rosalie Reiljan (born Udras) ...
Salme Rosalie Reinhold (born Udras) ...
Annette Rosalie Waters
U.S. Public Records Index
Birth:Day Month 1962
Also known as:Alias
Possible relatives:Greg A Waters, and name of one more relative
Residences:Full address, California, and 9 more full addresses
Phone numbers:xxx-xxxx, and 2 more phone numbers
Rosalie Audras (born Allemand) ...
Rosalie Audras (born Gerbier) ...
Marie Louise Rosalie Audras (born Bondet) ...
Miriam Annette Edris (born Miller) ...
Annette Adris
U.S. Public Records Index
Possible relative:Ahmed E Eidris
Residences:Full address, New York, and 2 more full addresses
Phone number:xxx-xxxx
Annette Eidris
U.S. Public Records Index
Possible relative:Ahmed E Eidris
Residences:Full address, New York, and one more full address
Rosalie Phyllis Adress
Texas Births, 1926 - 1995
Birth:Day Month 1966 - Place
Annette M Torres
U.S. Public Records Index
Birth:Day Month 1949
Also known as:2 aliases
Possible relatives:Alan J Ntorres, and names of 10 more relatives
Residences:Full address, Mississippi, and one more full address
Phone number:(601) xxx-xxxx
Business associations:Incorporator, Blackwelder & Torres Marine, Inc, Saint Bernard, Louisiana, USA
and one more business association
Earnestine Annette Artis
U.S. Public Records Index
Birth:Day Month 1969
Also known as:4 aliases
Possible relatives:Alexanderia N Artis, and names of 4 more relatives
Residences:Full address, Arkansas, and 7 more full addresses
Phone numbers:(501) xxx-xxxx, and 14 more phone numbers
Deloris Annette Wicker/Yancey (Etress)
Florida, Marriages, 1970 - 1999
Marriage:Day Month 1986 - Place
Husband:Name of spouse
Annette Utley Dorris
U.S. Public Records Index
Birth:Day Month 1963
Also known as:3 aliases
Possible relatives:Earl Edward Dorris, Jr, and names of 2 more relatives
Residences:Full address, Texas, and 6 more full addresses
Phone numbers:(520) xxx-xxxx, and 6 more phone numbers
Anete Otīlija Alma Ūdris ...
Anete Paulīne Elizabete Ūdris ...
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