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Text:"... EdwinJohnLewis Barry Ellen Penny Michael Ruth Norman Frances Susan Ann Dee Patricia Mary Douglas Gary Kathleen Gary John Steven Ruth Crystal Cynthia Helen Linda Heidi Stephen Mary Roger John Nancy David..."
Date:Feb 20 1970
Publication:Janesville, Wisconsin, United States of America
Text:"..., Edwin. John, Lewis and Benjamin Gildhouse, all of Washington. shoj; stkXnd, retary; M. K. Berry and M. D. i Ginger flogers in ‘ FI.Ih Avenue Wolverton, finance; Rev. J. A. Girl.” “One Day -ilJrtd,” circus..."
Date:Dec 20 1939
Publication:Wichita Falls, Texas, United States of America
Text:"... and Hattie Bpggs and would ;be hekl with Messrs. Fletcher Jones John Robin- 3Mt( Septeiftber. A; son, EdwinJohnLewis, .ppiHUJSId, to arrange'Charlie Hudson, George O'DeJl, Janios in "-August. Luke Beury..."
Date:July 7 1920
Publication:Charleston, West Virginia, United States of America
Text:"... Hoff The surplus realized above Paul Esplin PrW Ralph jFred John MerJman Ralph Neil Robert Portl Harold Gerald J6sepli rill Cupp Howard Elmer Kroft Joseph Wilson William EdwinJohnLewis Harry Richard..."
Date:Nov 30 1911
Publication:Tyrone, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Text:"... Satterfiek Jefferson The women speakers include Mrs Sarah Lee Bow Mrs EdwinJohnLewis Eudora Ramsey Richardso and MissAddie Pollard spokeia Hampton while James Price nominee for lieutenant governor and John..."
Date:Sep 27 1929
Publication:Pulaski, Virginia, United States of America
Text:"... for the wlance of tho school On motion Mans and Womans The following is a list of the marri age licenses issued by the clerk of the district court during the month of De cember Arthur Benjamin EdwinJohnLewis..."
Date:Jan 9 1902
Publication:Monticello, Iowa, United States of America
Text:"... Owen Isaac Charles Oral EdwinJohnLewis Housewives and business girls will work oh English farms on week ends to help handle They will sleep in tents and Baby Kenneth of has four greatgrandmothers..."
Date:June 19 1941
Publication:Greensburg, Indiana, United States of America
Compilation of Published Sources
Text:"... Eugene Lerch, Edward Leriche, Willis Leverenz, Arthur Charles Gustav Levis. Walter Rhodes Lewis, Clara Vesta Lewis, Hiram Calvin Lewis, JohnEdwinLewis, John Taylor Lewis, Katherine, A.B., 1912 Lewis..."
Date:Between 1913 and 1914
Publication place:Illinois, USA
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Compilation of Published Sources
Text:".... EdwinJohnLewis, Middlesex, for improvements in the driving mechanism of tricycles, bicycles, and other velocipedes. 8,087. June 4. Edward Hyman, Glasgow, for improvements in velocipedes. 8,126. June 4..."
Publication place:Springfield, Massachusetts, USA
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Compilation of Published Sources
Text:"...LIST OF SHAKEHOLDERS. 95 Lewis, Captain David Lewis, David Phillips Lewis, EdwinLewis, John Lewis, Rowland Watkin Lewis, Revd, George Lewia, Joliu Lewis, Stephen Lewis, William Rowe, and ... Sqnire..."
Publication date:1875
Publication place:London, England
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