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Text:"... was swimming. He was taken to the St. Anthony hospital. JamesFranklinWade, 4, 537 Greenwood, was seriously injured when he is said to have rolled down a hill at Preston and Layher avenue into the path..."
Date:July 16 1955
Publication:Terre Haute, Indiana, United States of America
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Text:"..., over 50 early plank and cane bottom chairs, spinning wheels, yarn winders, a Civil War campaign chest from the JamesFranklinWade division of black cavalry soldiers, two Empire chairs belonging..."
Date:Sep 20 2000
Publication:Ashtabula, Ohio, United States of America
Compilation of Published Sources
Text:"... Franklin Ladd, Charles Albert Goss, Charles W. Hamilton, William Farnam Smith, William Irving Hawks. Minnesota Society. Delegates. Henry Pratt Upham, JamesFranklinWade, Brig. Gen., U.S.A., Charles Phelps..."
Date:Between 1899 and 1902
Publication place:New York, USA
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James Franklin Wade ...
James Franklin Wade ...
The Wade Genealogy, Being Some Account of the Origin of the Name, and Genealogies of the Families of Wade of Massachusetts and New Jersey. Comp
Text:"... and confidant of Washington and Lafayette; scores of Revo- lutionary soldiers; United States Senator Benjamin Franklin Wade and his patriot sons, Major-General JamesFranklinWade and Major Henry P. Wade..."