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Text:"... to another Boston Royalist family, being a •daughter of JohnCoffin and sister of Lieutenant-GeneralJohnCoffin of the British army and of Sir Isaac Coffin, admiral In the British navy. HARD NUT FOR GOLFERS..."
Date:Apr 20 1902
Publication:Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America
Text:"... left their homes liv North Carolina and took up their residence in New Brunswick. He was th« great-grandson of GeneralJohnCoffin and the great-grand-nephew of Admiral Sir Isaac Coffin, Bart. Charles..."
Date:Oct 26 1899
Publication:Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America
Text:"... was the second son of GeneralJohnCoffin, who did good service dnring the American War of Independence. Admiral Coffin was taken to sea by his uncle, Admiral Sir Isaac Coffin, G.C.H., in 1799, and entered..."
Date:May 15 1882
Publication:London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Text:"... District.—At Bath. ag;d 76, Anne, relict of GeneralJohnCoffin, Governor of Sr. John's. N.B.—At Alnwick, in her 71st year, Mary Ann, wife of Robert Thorp, Esq . Clerk if the Peace f-'r Northumberland..."
Date:Apr 6 1839
Publication:London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Text:"... of the late Lieut.-Col. H. Young, of Bedford, aged 22. On tlie 2nd inst., at Alwington House, Kingston, Ontario, Canadian Dominion, the Dowager Baroness de longuieul, daughter of the late GeneralJohnCoffin..."
Date:June 26 1868
Publication:London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Historical Magazine and Notes and Queries Concerning the Antiquities, History and Biography of America, Series 2, Volume 4
Text:".... Remarks on the Memoir op GeneralJohnCoffin. A Memoir of GeneralJohnCoffin, compiled by his third son, Captain Henry E. Coffin, R. iV., purporting to be written by him, for the purpose of distribution..."