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Text:"...^n Anhar. Canada. Anton Mai-j Extensive road relocation projects, ThomasBasset lromvood township:! Mr. Bolli was born in Vanseíix. oí Asíít.\ former Bessemer res- are Pjannei *'' department m j ninth—\V. J..."
Date:Oct 25 1935
Publication:Bessemer, Michigan, United States of America
Text:"..., wife of said C. J. Beauvais on June 5, 1912; Thomas N. Bassett; ihe unknown heirs of Thomas N. Bassett, deceased; Jane Doe Bas- sett, wife of Thomas N. Bassett on May 31, 1918; the unknown leirs of Jane..."
Date:Aug 13 1943
Publication:Yuma, Arizona, United States of America
Text:"..., deceased was sold last Tuesday. ! J. C Reeder, B B. Crary, and E. O. i Stone were in Defiance Tuesday. | G. S. Ferguson, of Fountain, Ind., I was called here by the death of ! ThomasBassett, who was his..."
Date:Dec 17 1891
Publication:Defiance, Ohio, United States of America