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Name:White Cow Walking
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Newspaper Archive
Text:"... when she was initiated by The federal income taxes have Red Whjte Bear Crow already been reduced so far that Ghost Holy Horse WhiteCowWalking and various dignitaries of that tribe i There was a note..."
Date:Nov 15 1926
Publication:Piqua, Ohio, United States of America
Newspaper Archive
Text:"... was initiated by Ked Tomahawk White Bear Crow Ghost Holy Horse WhiteCowWalking and various of that tribe There was a note of pathos in these ceremonies The Indians of today must have melancholy thoughts..."
Date:Nov 12 1926
Publication:Riverdale, Illinois, United States of America
Newspaper Archive
Text:"... industries leads us to hope that American Horsa will not bo beaten by Plenty or Wai confess to a doubt as to whether Big Belly Sorrel Horse or WhiteCowWalking will be the Last Horse in the The Bull and Dog..."
Date:Mar 25 1887
Publication:Perry, Iowa, United States of America
Newspaper Archive
Text:"... for their brave dead enemies and for their equally brave com- two were themselves at the bottle of the Little Big Chief WhiteCowWalking was one of the length of the program and the fact that they had another..."
Date:June 28 1926
Publication:Bismarck, North Dakota, United States of America
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