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Wanda Domachowski ...
Text:".... Margaret Moon, Mrs. WandaJeske, Mrs. Louise Dimpfl, Mrs. Ruby Ginke and Mrs. Agnes Dodge; musician, Mrs. Barbara. Smick, publicity officer, Mrs. Blanche Tyriver. There were several short talks given by Jack..."
Date:May 2 1938
Publication:Oshkosh, Wisconsin, United States of America
Text:"...- peared for the defendant. Judge Hughes granted divorces to Mrs. WandaJeske, Oakwood Beach, against Harry Jeskc, local railroad man; and to Mrs. belle Westburg, Oshkosh, against Charles Westburg. Low .92..."
Date:Dec 2 1939
Publication:Oshkosh, Wisconsin, United States of America
Text:"... and Henry of Winnipeg; eight daughters, Mrs. Ed Zielke Mrs. H. Hastman Mrs. H. Steinke (Wal- darine) all of Beausejour, Mrs. P. Hastman (Velma) of Tyndall, Mrs. August Kletke (Edith) and Mrs. WandaJeske both..."
Date:Feb 28 1977
Publication:Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Text:"... of state comcrm- r New rituals were received bv Mrs. L. H. Noordhoff is thr i tilc and a a Cft a special feature of the entertam- Earl Mrs. Josephine Gau-1 Mrs. WandaJeske and Mabel Novitsfce members were..."
Date:Oct 11 1933
Publication:Oshkosh, Wisconsin, United States of America
Wanda Tukałłowa Domochowska (born Ponikwiccka) ...
Text:"... by the women in Bur Lunch will be served after the Those planning to attend the Regional Senior conference in Teulon March please call im mediately either Frances Moore 8862475 or WandaJeske 886 2539 so..."
Date:Mar 1 1989
Publication:Stonewall, Manitoba, Canada
Text:"... worship Gettis was former pastor at the Lutheran Baptism service was held recently in the Lutheran daughter of and Merlin was received in Helen WandaJeske and Veronica Kiesmen travelled by bus to Saskatoon..."
Date:July 20 1977
Publication:Stonewall, Manitoba, Canada
Text:"... Thursday of each month from 24 A membership committee was chosen comprised of WandaJeske and Linda It was also discussed and decided that the various organizations in the commu nity would act as esses..."
Date:Oct 10 1994
Publication:Stonewall, Manitoba, Canada
Text:"... Irene Ledarney in February and WandaJeske February All members are asked to at tend the regular meeting of the Teulon Senior Citizens Club on February 10 at 2 at the Centennial A new president..."
Date:Feb 9 1983
Publication:Stonewall, Manitoba, Canada
Text:"... homeowners want a daily handson or one that is basically there is real both in emo tional and dollar to land scaping or renewing your Interlake seniors fully alive BY WANDAJESKE What is it like to be fully..."
Date:June 7 1989
Publication:Stonewall, Manitoba, Canada
Text:"... of Recent visitor at the home of Barry and Shirley Jeske was Shirleys Alvinia Mayner of We are glad to see WandaJeske back home after having eye surgery last week at the Misericor dia We wish her a speedy..."
Date:Jan 23 1985
Publication:Stonewall, Manitoba, Canada
Text:"... to the Congratulations to and Walter Furness who are celebrating their wedding anniver sary on February Birthday greetings go out to Lou Olson for February 4 and WandaJeske February Get well wishes to Anne Blakey who has..."
Date:Feb 3 1982
Publication:Stonewall, Manitoba, Canada
Text:"... luck is wished for Barry Jeske in his new position at the local Credit Winner of Kinette Club of Teulon Dress of the Month for January was WandaJeske of The birthday greetings on February 9 should have..."
Date:Feb 13 1974
Publication:Stonewall, Manitoba, Canada
Text:"... at Playhouse October For more information con tact WandaJeske at 8862539 or leave your name on the sheet of paper posted on the bulletin board at Family They Grow Em Big AtKomarnoToo Teulon gardens were..."
Date:Sep 29 1982
Publication:Stonewall, Manitoba, Canada
Text:"... Dora Wood and Lillian president of the Sturgeon Creek Club gave a speech of appreciation to the Teulon WandaJeske thanked the visitors for coming and also the members of the Anglican auxiliary..."
Date:Oct 26 1983
Publication:Stonewall, Manitoba, Canada
Text:"... is the King and John 18 vs Hostesses WandaJeske and Margaret Capu Congratulations are extended to the new Mayor of Rens Renooy and the two new Cheyne and Bob and Les Holland left for Saturday October 28th..."
Date:Nov 1 1967
Publication:Stonewall, Manitoba, Canada
Text:"... and friends came out to see The teachers included Veronica Rose Margaret Debbie Shirley Jean Enns and Shirley Kletke was in charge of supervising the Edith Kletke and WandaJeske enjoyed having their Julia age..."
Date:July 25 1973
Publication:Stonewall, Manitoba, Canada