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Lambertus ( Lammert ) Van Lauta ...
Lambertus (Lammert) Van Lauta ...
Schelte Lammerts Van Lauta ...
Schelte Lammerts Van Lauta ...
Thomas Leroy Harris
U.S. Public Records Index
Birth:Day Month 1958
Also known as:2 aliases
Possible relatives:Pamela A Gallagher, and names of 10 more relatives
Residences:Full address, Illinois, and 10 more full addresses
Phone numbers:xxx-xxxx, and 6 more phone numbers
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Lammert Bimolt ...
Lammert Bimolt ...
Lammert Bimolt ...
Lammert Bimolt ...
J R Von L Auty
U.S. Public Records Index
Birth:Day Month 1924
Also known as:Alias
Residence:Full address, Massachusetts
L Vanlydia
U.S. Public Records Index
Possible relatives:Boening Michaele Van Boening, and name of one more relative
Residences:Full address, California, and one more full address
Wilhelmus L. Van Lith
Online Familieberichten - Dutch Death Notices
Birth:Nov 7 1880 - 's-Hertogenbosch
Death:Feb 16 1956 - 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands