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Text:"... Afiattoa ond Stephen heard this they threw up their hands and Adela a wife for you why my won you be mart to tMnk of wch a thing But Pater his and I do not she would look l W Age be mads tbe jwrlod..."
Date:Dec 4 1914
Publication:Waterloo, Iowa, United States of America
Text:".... FRED B. CRAMER, Acting Probate Judge. PATERPATER, Attys. Oct. 15 - 3t Sat. LEGAL NOTICE Lee Oma Cook, who is also known as Luoma Cook, whose place of residence Is unknown, will take notice..."
Date:Oct 22 1955
Publication:Hamilton, Ohio, United States of America
Text:"... Schneider, 1217 Beacon, Cincinnati; Glenna Forrester, R. R. 5; Mrs. Homer Mays, 1122 Shuler Ave.; Mrs. Donald Spurlock, 820 Dayton; Mrs. Clem Pater Jr., 929 Virginia; Mrs. Jacob Flannery, 1907 Cadl..."
Date:Feb 25 1953
Publication:Hamilton, Ohio, United States of America
Text:"... ward, wUjlam 6 --Blxth wardr-Peter M-- Tlartnnifi'; ■ Seventh ward, Howard Heath] ?'BlghÜi wttid, Juhn. Atjlii; Ninth ward» .Pater G. P«hi wianri;‘Tenth ward. James ÿDpno-• van; Eleventh ward, VvUHam O..."
Date:Oct 27 1905
Publication:Trenton, New Jersey, United States of America
Text:"... leather, $12.50. Billfolds $3.50. New order just arrived. Call TW 3-7466. COAL STOVES - Warm Morning, also Sumter heaters. H. Pater Coal Co. TW 2-3390. . 1954 KOZY - Housetrailer 30 ft Excellent condition..."
Date:Dec 20 1956
Publication:Hamilton, Ohio, United States of America
Text:"... Logsdon Rd.; Mrs. Richard Jacobs, 1445 Kahn; Mrs. Rufford Lainhart, 1310 Pater; Joseph Lambert, R. R. 2, Brookville, Ind.; Mrs. Laura Leap, 2415 Auburn, Cincinnati; Tommie Lewis, 2019 Gardner Rd.; Mrs..."
Date:Jan 17 1957
Publication:Hamilton, Ohio, United States of America
Text:"... available. Private. Inquire 639 Ludlow. 34. Antiques and Gifts ANTIQUE GAS LIGHTS-Pochard-Pater Furnace Co. TW 2-4411. 357~Articles For Sale WATER SOFTENER - FMters, "purifiers new, used,*rebuilt. Ph tWi..."
Date:Mar 28 1959
Publication:Hamilton, Ohio, United States of America
Text:"... this afternoon at 2:3*f‘. In- ations were tlready und* r \\h terment wa.4 made in the Hick »ry- Lawrence, Mass., and Pater-^on — nel cemetery. ; SERVICES FOR (»KORiiK A. YE J £LLWOOD CITY, Pa., Mar. 6.—-Funeral..."
Date:Mar 5 1926
Publication:New Castle, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Text:"... by the rocks.. He said nothing. Pater felt, something warm trickle' over his frtoe, but he was too evcited to notice it. They reached the top, The men who. pulled them up gasped when they saw Svvif te's face..."
Date:June 10 1939
Publication:Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Text:"...- vincing. Walter Pater, dealing with this very thing, puts it in. this way: "It is the mistake of much popular criticism to regard; poetry inusic and art as but translation; .nto .different languages of one..."
Date:Dec 11 1937
Publication:Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Text:"... in was 1 Who Adonis 2 What was Rin Tin Tin 3 What is the literal meaning of the term Pater Noster 4 What is a Borzoi 5 Of what European country is Bucharest the capital YOUR FUTURE Many beneficial changes..."
Date:Mar 6 1954
Publication:Titusville, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Text:"... Strezlshar. Lake In the Hills. Sister ol Patrick and Jennifer. Area Elaine DeBackor. Prairie Jack Strozlshar. Des Plalnes. Pater Allen Jan. 10 to Jell and Mary Lynn Bernacchl. Barrlngton. Grand- Nancy Des..."
Date:Feb 26 1989
Publication:Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
Text:"...^efty.' This Morning died, after t,hre)! Days Illaeis, Mr. Aitbur Bettjefwoxih, an eminent Bookfelkr in Pater-noiler-Row: He bas left four Daughters, all married, (and a Son* among^ whom he has left a very plentiful..."
Date:June 2 1739
Publication:London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Text:"... there wao no letter for poor Peter; bat poor Peter had becom© rich Pst©r-=-h© had become Pater th© Great in hio own oye3 = h© had beea promoted to b© station-master. (Laughter.) The reason the action had aot..."
Date:Aug 25 1861
Publication:London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Text:"...ifea�in�t Vko. and tWiBftTc^clM fw nr�ccat aid iintiiim - ibi^ iar JKSfo^ in Pater (mQw.Row. Praif4 fct M. Owfar. at the Cl ' This Ddy are p9ilifi>*d^ (Prk$ bound %s.) tfitb tbi Amtitr'i PtSm..."
Date:Dec 16 1746
Publication:London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Text:"... Miller to head Mental Health Assn Daniel W Miller 416 S Pater son St has been elected execu tive director of the Mental Health Association of Dane County it was announcedFriday by As sociation President..."
Date:Mar 9 1974
Publication:Madison, Wisconsin, United States of America
Text:"... at 750 900 Did Chmb Foier ever play a tame when they had to take the from game doe to tear foob it looked bad as Pater wai playtac the moit brtObiit game of ca reer he had that eye working and hk afl..."
Date:Dec 17 1933
Publication:Madison, Wisconsin, United States of America
Text:"....a'm ra. 800 Caily, excopt Sundays Oranire Couuljr luniiesa btopplug nt all pt8tu.ii? to Turnura, and at Steiling ManiitlOT, buffcrn Mnh- wah, I turaait'irs jUleudale itlohnkua, Rulgi (vood, Pater ion..."
Date:Mar 15 1877
Publication:Port Jervis, New York, United States of America
Text:"... and to be freezing out the lifihtera^e and barge concerns. James Cave, a printer living at Pater-son, N. J., has been notified that he has fallen heir to a fortuue of 130,000 by the death of his grandfather, James D..."
Date:Dec 23 1897
Publication:Silver Lake, Indiana, United States of America