1940 United States Federal Census (Images)

156,396 records
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The images of the 1940 Census are already available on our site. Searching for people by name will be possible a few days after April 2, 2012, as we build a search index for the 1940 Census. This will be completed gradually within 2012, with many states available on MyHeritage before anywhere else.

Until searching by name is available for the US state you're interested in, you can peruse the census images by selecting the state. If you know the specific location you're looking for, enter also the county and town, or the enumeration district. The results will include census images in each enumeration district, covering all people who lived in that district. You'll be able to browse them systematically using our viewer and look for the people you're interested in.

The 1940 Census included all 132,164,569 residents of the United States at that time, and the armed forces serving overseas, born on or before April 1, 1940. It is the largest, most comprehensive, and most recent US census record set available. It includes information on names, ages, locations, households, relations, gender, race, education, places of birth, and other facts unique to the 1940 Census including residence in 1935, detailed income and occupation and supplemental questions for 2 people on each form.




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