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Jacobus Herculaas (Koos) "Koos" de la Rey
Birth: Oct 22 1847 - Doornfontein
Death: Sep 15 1914 - Langlaagte
Parents: Adrianus Johannes Gysbertus DE LA REY and Adriana Wilhelmina de la Rey, b8c10d13 (born van Rooyen)
Siblings: Pieter, Adrianus Johannes Gysbertus, Adam Johannes, Adriana Wilhelmina Margaretha, Jan Hendrik, Maria Marthina, Ignatius Marthinus, Cornelia Elizabeth Aletta Petronella, Hesther Maria and Johanna Elizabeth
Partner: Jacoba Elizabeth (Nonnie) Greeff, b2c1d4e1f6g1h1
Children: Adriana Wilhelmina (Ada), Adriaan Johannes Gysbertus, Hendrik Adriaan Greeff (Hennie), Jacoba Elizabeth Aletta (Polly) and Johanna Elizabeth (Hannie)
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Gen Jacobus Herculaas De La Rey
Birth:Oct 22 1847
Death:Sep 15 1914
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