Yates Family Birth Register 001 – 1847, Aston Manor, Warickshire

Daniel Eugene Schuetz
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This document was created by Edna Garners Great Grandparents Jabez(James) and Jane Yates(Goose) then passed down to her through her Grandmother Jane Garner(Yates) and her father Bertie Garner. This document is the main document for the family story/myth passed down through Edna Garner and her brothers of Jane Yates being descended from a rich silver plate manufacturing family based in Aston by the name of Yates and that Jane had married outside the money by marrying John Garner from Fleckney. An Uncle Yates of Jane Yates was Lord mayor of Birmingham and a Yates Cousin of Edna and her brothers was Lord Mayor of Birmingham Circa 1951. Supporting dovuments will be supplied in this tree and hopefully we can grow the Yates branches.
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