Jacques Beauvais dit St-Gemme

Born:Nov 22 1623 In:  St Martin, Mortagne-Au-Perche, France
Died:Mar 20 1691 (at age 67)In:  Montreal, Canada


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Immediate family

Jeanne Solde (Beauvais dit St-Gemme)
His wife
Raphael Beauvais dit St-Gemme
His son
Barbe Beauvais dit St-Gemme
His daughter
Marie Marguerite Beauvais dit St-Gemme
His daughter
Jean Beauvais dit St-Gemme
His son
Jacques Beauvais dit St-Gemme
His son
Marie Charlotte Beauvais dit St-Gemme
His daughter
Etienne Beauvais dit St-Gemme
His daughter
Marie Jeanne Beauvais dit St-Gemme
His daughter
Gabriel Beauvais dit St-Gemme
His father
Marie Cronier (Beauvais dit St-Gemme)
His mother


Limestone burner and merchant


One of Montréal's leading chalk producers; was also a stone and sand merchant and dabbled in construction.

He became a soldier with the 12th squadron of Montréal's Sainte-Famille militia in 1663.


Jacques Beauvais dit St Gemme received a land grant from Governor Maisonneuve on 17 Jan 1654.

In the 1681 census Jacques and Jeanne owned seven horned animals and had 28 arpents under cultivation on their land at the Côte Saint-Joseph.



Notes for Jacques Beauvais: Godfather WAS Jacob Blain, rector of St-Martin

Ige and godmother of Anna Prebourg WAS.

Marcel Trudel writes: "Jacques Beauvais said St. James, 29, will sig


Pole, first appearance: marriage contract 11 December 1653; obtains

land 17 Jan 1654 7 Jan 1654 wife Jeanne balance; confirmed Aug. 24

1660 buried March 20, 1691. "


Came to Quebec September 16, 1653. "Beauvais appears to have been ...

lime burner because it was the great founisseur of chuax .... he has Villemarie

also procured the stone and s

and and knew the building. "He

WAS In The 12th battalion of militia Of The Holy Family in 1663. In 1667 he

IS HAVING five animals listed as 30 acres worth. By 1681 He Had seven horned

beasts worth 28 acres. In 1702 The Plan for the City of Montreal lists HIM

HAVING got 40 acres land worth at Cote St. Pierre Hurtubise Between and

Jean Leduc. He sold to his history

, Raphael, historical piece of land worth 80 acres

in Pointe-Claireupon history wedding, where, he built a house. Delivered Faphael

a quit claim On the House August 4, 1685 and Jacques F

armed There For 5



7 Jan 1654 - Jacques Beauvais said St. James, 30, lime burner; come

Perch; knows sign and Jeanne Sale, 25, came from Anjou. Contract


dding, December 11, 1653 (Closse) beneficts in Montreal. First child 15

October 1654.


The 1663 census lists Montreal HIM as 39 years old, from a chuafournier

With 30 a

cres in pole censive


Origins quotes:

"Vigesima secunda mensis ejusdem (Nov.) and 1623 anni Jacobus filius

Garbiellis beauvais and mariae Croniere ejus uxoris leaking b

aptizatus Jacobus

blaine ejd rector. who flees Nominavant Infantem patrinus Domicella of anna

prebourg matrine flees. "


Jeanne Balance Was The daughter of Martin Balan

ce (Sauldé) and Giulia The



Read phonetically

Scott Bovay Latin translation of the Origins Quote:

"Of the same twenty-second day of the month (Nov.) and the son of James, by the year 1623 Leaking and Mary his wife was baptized James Croniere Garbiellis Beauvais
Blaine ejd guide. Fleet Nominavant who sponsor the child of Anna Domicella Fleet had defended an insignificant prebourg."
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