Hon. Andrew Buchanan, Jr.

Born:Apr 8 1780 In:  Sadsbury Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania
Died:Dec 2 1848 (at age 68)In:  Waynesburg, Greene County, Pennsylvania


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Immediate family

Rhoda Stevenson (Buchanan)
His wife
Rachel Buchanan (Brown)
His daughter
Elizabeth Buchanan (Mcclelland)
His daughter
James Buchanan
His son
Andrew Buchanan III
His son
Martha Buchanan (Ragan)
His daughter
Jane Buchanan (Adams)
His daughter
John Buchanan
His son
Harriet Buchanan (Adams)
His daughter
James Andrew Jackson Buchanan
His son
David Buchanan
His son
Andrew Buchanan, Sr.
His father
Rachel Gilleylen (Buchanan / Clingan)
His mother


Dickinson College
To 1798
 Carlisle, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania


Between June 1802 and Dec 2 1848
 Waynesburg, Greene County, Pennsylvania


Family data, J. A. J. Buchanan Family Bible, Holy Bible, (Troy, NY: Merriam, Moore & Co., 1848). The Buchanan Family Bible record was started by Andrew Buchanan [1780-1848] in his Bible, the whereabouts of which are now unknown. The original Bible was Willed by Andrew Buchanan to his son, J. A. J. Buchanan [1824-1910]. On 13 December 1853, J. A. J. Buchanan, transcribed the information from his father’s Bible to his own Bible, after which he continued the family record. The current owner of J. A. J. Buchanan’s Bible is also unknown, but a transcribed copy of the family data is in a collection of local Family Bible information at the Cornerstone Genealogical Society (144 E. Greene Street, PO Box 547; Waynesburg, Pennsylvania 15370). J. A. J. Buchanan noted each set of entries (births, marriages and deaths) that he copied from his father’s Bible so that it is easy to identify his father’s data from his own additions and it is reasonable to believe that the information J. A. J. Buchanan copied was originally written at the time the events occurred and can be considered reliable. In a tribute titled “One Pioneer,” Waynesburg Independent, Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, 27 August 1896, page 8, column 1-2, Jane (Ragan) (Shane) Zink, Andrew Buchanan’s granddaughter, states that “a Bible from his loving mother’s hand” was among his possessions when he traveled west in 1802. If this is the same Bible then Andrew owned it prior to his marriage and would have been able to record the births, marriages and deaths of his children as they occurred. His own birth date, of course, would have had to come from the date his parents had told to him, but it is very likely that he recorded it himself in his Bible.


Page 1


J. A. J. Buchanan Born Sunday February 8th 1824

Mary Ann Boner Born Friday August 22d 1823

According to Miss Lizzie Porter of Pittsburgh head of the Childrens Aid Society of Western Pa. / Mary Billings was born - so says Miss Porter - September 30, 1881 / Monday Came to live with us Septr 14, 1893 / Miss Porter was living in the City of Pittsburgh & the head of / the Childrens Aid Society when her mother died / and her mother requested her to see Mary got a / good place

Mary Billings was married to Ernest Locy March 20th A.D. 1900

Heller Locy Born Decr 28, 1900

My Fathers Family Record Transcribed from the original by me / J. A. J. Buchanan this 13 day of December 1853

Andrew Buchanan April 8, 1780

Rhoda Stephenson Born in the Jersies July 11, 1784

Rachel Jany 28, 1805

Elizabeth Octr 17, 1806

James Jany 1, 1810

Andrew Sept. 16, 1812

Martha Septr. 15, 1814

Jane Octr. 14, 1817

John Decr 3, 1819

Harriett Feby 15, 1822

James A. Jackson Feby 8, 1824

David May 2, 1826

Page 2


Sarah Boner Buchanan Born Monday March 31st 1845 at 10 Ock A.M.

Harriet A. Buchanan Born on Thursday April 13th 1847 at 4 Ock A.M.

Sarah Boner Buchanan Born Monday January 14th A.D. 1850 at 5 Ock and 55M A.M.

Mary Ann Buchanan Born Sunday Jany 15th AD 1854 at 1 Ock & 20 Min A.M.

Daniel Boner Buchanan Born Sunday September 19 A.D. 1853 at 2 Oclock A.M.

James Buchanan Born on Sunday January 20th A.D. 1861 at 11 Oclock and 15 Minates P.M.

James Buchanan Lantz Born on Monday March 14th 1870 at 6 O'clock P.M.

James Buchanan Walton Born on Friday March 27, A.D. 1874

Daniel Boner born July 31 or August 1, 1797 A.D.

Sarah Ankrom born June 10 A D. 1807

Mary Buchanan Walton born May 30th A.D. 1891

Jas J. B. Walton born Aug. 30, A.D. 1894


J. A. J. Buchanan to Mary Ann Boner May 28th 1844 Tuesday

William T. Lantz to Harriett A. Buchanan June 10th A.D. 1869 at 6 O'clock A.M.

William B. McConnell to Sarah B. Buchanan Wednesday September 9th A.D. 1869 at 6 O'clock A. M.

Daniel S. Walton to Mary Ann Buchanan Jr. Thursday March 13, 1873 at 10 O'clock P.M.

Ernest Locy married to Mary Billings March 20 A.D. 1900

My Fathers Family Record Transcribed from the original Record by Me J. A. J. Buchanan this 13 of December 1853

Andrew Buchanan to Rhoda Stephenson April 22d A.D. 1804

John Buchanan to Rebecca L. Browning April 15th 1845

David Buchanan to Rachel Browning August 13th 1846

Daniel Boner to Sarah Ankrom Septr 8, 1822

Page 3


Sarah Boner Buchanan Died Nov 3d 1847 at about 11 Ock A.M. / disease congestive or inflamatory croup

Daniel Boner Buchanan Died Nov. 17, 1862 at 9 Ock P.M. / On Friday night previous was taken about midnight / with coarsely cough - played as usual a day Saturday / at about 8 Oclock Saturday evening was taken bad / after he had went to bed and slept easily for an / hour, and continued growing worse till he died / disease congestive or inflamatory croup

James Buchanan Died Nov. 25, A.D. 1862 at 20 minutes to 1 / Oclock A.M. - for 3 or 4 days he laid in a stupor, / coarse cough; Thirsty but would strangle in / drinking & water would run out of his nose when / attempting to drink - From the time he was 6 months / old he was affected With Scrofula it always after / broke out around the throat - He took severe cold / and this caused the disease (Scrofula) to return / from the surface & I think killed him - But he .... of Nov. winds

Record from my Fathers Bible

James Nov. 27, 1810

Rachel July 2d 1833

Andrew Buchanan Sr. Decr 2, 1848 at 12 A.M.

Rhoda Buchanan July 6th A.D. 1869 at 2 ½ Oclock A.M.

Daniel Boner died November 6th 1869 A.D. at 11 ½ Oclock P.M. / aged 72 years 4 months 6 days – palsy

Sarah B. Buchanan McConnell September 21, 1871 of dumb agua, / contracted at her home in Angola, Indiana died at 10 Oclock A.M.

Martha Ragan died July 27th A.D. 1886 at 2 ½ P.M.

James Buchanan Walton died Tuesday April 17, 1885 at 10:30 / P.M. of Typhoid Fever age 14 yrs 21 days 5 ft 3 in / in height

Sarah Boner Decr. 23, 1892 at 4.15 P.M. aged 85yrs 6mos / 13dys Erysipelas - Burried 25 Dec Sunday

Mary A. Buchanan, wife of J. A. J. Buchanan died Decr 7, 1899 / at 9 Oclock Stricken senseless with / paralysis at 7 ½ Oclock on evening of 6 Decr.


"Sudden Death," article, Daily Morning Post, 9 December 1848, page 2; digital images, Penn State University Libraries (http://digitalnewspapers.libraries.psu.edu : viewed 15 August 2013), Pennsylvania Civil War Era Newspaper Collection; the article references the Waynesburg Messenger, 5 December 1848.

"Sudden Death.

We learn from the Waynesburgh Messenger of the 5th inst., that Col. Andrew Buchanan, a distinguished member of the bar of that place, was struck down by apoplexy, a few days since, and expired in a few moments. He was 70 years of age, and was amongst the earliest settlers of that town. The members of the bar and officers of the court met, and passed a number of resolutions, evincing their deep sorrow for the sudden death of their fellow citizen."

Greene County, Pennsylvania, Will Book, 3: 43, estate file no. 1327, Andrew Buchanan Will and Estate; Office of the Register & Recorder, Courthouse, Waynesburg. Andrew Buchanan's Will was proven 5 December 1848.


"The following is the last will and testament of Andrew Buchanan Esquire Attorney at Law of Waynesburg Greene County Pennsylvania made this ___day of ___Anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and forty eight.

Impriuris. My will is that I be buried in a decent manner at the discretion of my Executors hereinafter named.

Item--I give and bequeath unto my wife Rhoda my house and lot where I now reside together with all the household and kitchen furniture, the cows, the small farm adjoining the Commons of Waynesburg on the South lands of Asa McClelland on the West and Isaac Slater's heirs and Benjamin Jennings on the East, also my Wood-lot near Samuel Jewell's, and my lot on the hill opposite A. G. Allison's Stable adjoining Robert Adams's Lot on West, also sixty dollars annually in money, my family bible, also a small purse of gold (she is to keep without spending any part thereof unless absolute necessity requires it) which contains about fifty five dollars, all of which she is to enjoy during her natural life, without giving security for the return of the same. (Except in case she should again get married, and in that event it is my will that she shall give security for the return of the same.]

Item--I give and bequeath to my son J. A. J. Buchanan in trust for the use and benefit of my son Andrew Buchanan and his children all that land now in the occupancy of the said Andrew, it being the same land I bought from Wm. McClelland at two different, also the lot conveyed to me by John Kigley adjoining the same, containing about one hundred and fifty acres, and the horses, hogs, cows, sheep, wagon, and farming utensils that are on the farm, all which the said trustee is to have perfect control over and dispose of as he may think most advantageous to said Andrew and his children, if the said trustee should at any time think proper to dispose of said land and vest the proceeds in other real estate(for the uses aforesaid) he is hereby authorized to do so.

Item--I give and bequeath to my son John one share of my bank stock.

Item--I give and bequeath unto my son James A. Jackson my lot on which my brick office stands as a compensation for setting my estate and he is to make no other charge, his education and library making him equal with the other boys. The library embraces all my books except those before bequeathed to my wife (which he is also to keep after the expiration of her interest therein) for the inspection of any member of my family desiring to see the family record.

Item--I give and bequeath to my son David five hundred dollars to be paid as soon as convenient after my decease, which sum together with what I have already advanced him will make one thousand dollars.

Item--I give and bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth McClelland a note I hold against her husband for three hundred and fifty dollars, and thirteen shares of my bank stock.

Item--I give and bequeath to my daughter Martha Ragan a note I hold on her husband for five hundred and fifty dollars, and seven shares of my bank stock.

Item--I give and bequeath to my daughter Jane Adams twelve and one half shares of my bank stock, and a note I hold on her husband for three hundred and seventy four dollars and fifty cents.

Item--I give and bequeath to my daughter Harriet Adams a note I hold on her husband for one hundred dollars, fourteen shares of my bank stock, together with a lot of ground to be taken off my farm where Elijah, her husband, is building commencing at said corner thence sixty feet along the Washington Road (or far enough to embrace the house which Elijah Adams is building), thence due West one hundred and eighty feet, thence sixty feet to the Commons, thence along said Commons one hundred and eighty feet to beginning.

Item--I give and bequeath to my two grandchildren Andrew B. Brown and Ellen Brown five shares of my bank stock to be divided in the proportion of three for Andrew and two for Ellen Anna Adelia share having been advanced to her at her marriage.

Item--my will is that at the expiration of my widow's interest in my estate, all the residue and remainder of my estate real and personal, not herein already disposed of be sold by my executor and the proceeds thereof divided into nine equal shares. My son David to receive two shares, the rest of my children (except John who is to receive nothing more than the one bank share already bequeathed to him) to receive one share each and the remaining share to be divided between the children of my daughter Rachel equally, and my will is that my son David be a trustee for Andrew Brown and see to a proper application of his money.

Item--My will is that a sufficient amount of the money on hand be vested in some safe fund to procure sixty dollars (60) annually to be paid to my widow as before directed.

Item--My will is that my executors take ample time in selling the real estate as to obtain for it a fair price and if my executor think proper to sell the real estate before the expiration of my Widow's interest therein and place the proceeds at interest for her use as aforesaid and can get her consent so to do, I give them that authority.

Item--My will is that my son Andrew be not accountable for any debts. I have heretofore paid for him.

Lastly--I appoint my wife Rhoda and son James A. Jackson executors of this my last will and testament given under my hand and seal.

A. Buchanan

Signed and sealed. Published and declared to be my last will and testament in presence of us

H. L. Pennock
James Mahanah"

“One Pioneer” article, Waynesburg Independent, Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, 27 August 1896, page 8, column 1-2. Jane (Ragan) Zink, granddaughter of Andrew and Rhoda (Stevenson) Buchanan, wrote and submitted the article for this special edition of the local newspaper celebrating the Greene County centennial anniversary.


"One Pioneer

About one hundred years ago out of the east their came a fair haired boy, with capital of brain and education, a Bible from his loving mother's hand, and in his purse an hundred shining dollars.

Attracted by the little hamlet nestling amid Greene county's old forest trees, he made pause in his travel for a fortnight's rest. The birds sang just as sweetly; the sun touched hill and vale with the same arrows of gold, and young hearts were wooed and won as tenderly in these last nineteenth century days; so when a maiden fair as the dawn, cast upon the ardent boy her spell of innocence and beauty, the life old story was repeated.

No further did he journey toward the setting sun, but soon the roof tree of a simple home was fashioned, and in its sunny garden 'olive branches' grew and flourished, while wealth and honors answered to the earnest endeavor of the passing years.

Nine sons and daughters were the 'crown jewels' of that home. Under the locust branches which shaded the plain frame house, these children played, and as time wrought her changes, the darlings of a third generation gathered about the grandshire's chair, or hung eagerly on the housemother' thrilling stories of the early days. Ah me! the "Penelope" of those sunny hours, the dark haired child whose restless, teeming thoughts were ever weaving fancies which the morning light dispelled, cannot count the threads of silver lying now above her weary eyes.

The moloch of progress obliterates the land marks of "ye olden time," and beneath the grinding of its steadily revolving wheel, the old Buchanan homestead disappears. Another and a fairer structure will rise above its ashes, and yet the unfamiliar form of those who come to dwell within its gates, will smile out the rosy faces of the dear ones long since abiding in the heavenly mansion,

Sweet souls around us. watch us still
Press closer to our hearts.

Of all that family circle, father, mother and the mystic nine, but three remain, three of the stalwart sons whose heads are crowned with 'almond blossoms,' share in the celebration of this county's wondrous growth. To one is given the heritage of his father's eloquence, the coal of divine fire, touching thought and life; another wears the crown of keen and subtle reasoning, with judgment firm and sound, while to the third and youngest of them all, the sturdy independence, and untarnished honor of the sire descends. They are men to whom life has given of her wine in full and sparkling measure, even as she has ofttimes entwined the cup with bitter rue, leading them now with gentle hand, through the dimness of the 'afterglow.' And how can we estimate the power of this one pioneer life, the impetus given, the elevating and uplifting of whomsoever it hath touched, or, alas! the blots that poor humanity doth leave!

The third and fourth generations of these fathers and mothers are today closing the history of the century, their power for good or evil only to be measured by eternity. All these who have lived and rejoiced, suffered and died, cluster about us today flitting shadows of the unreturning past, their ghastly fingers, touching with ours, the completed circle of the years, and I hear God's angels singing, as in His quiet city on the hill, they swing their censors to and fro, above the grass grown pillows, 'these sleep until the day break, and the shadows flee away---be ye also ready for the eternal morn.'

Let us then keep steady grasp of the helm throughout this changeful voyage, its seas running riot with their arrogance of progress, and all the while, not one straw in life's whirling flood to hold by, as the torrent sweeps us on, save that we move across the silent breast of God's infinitude which safely bears us towards the 'gathering of nations," for "the harvest is the end of the world, and its reapers are His angels.'

Steubenville, O.
J. E. R. [Jane E. Ragan] Zink"

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