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Here are frequently asked questions about Research.

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1.I'm new to genealogy. Where should I start?
2.How can I search for photos?
3.How can I search for members or sites?
4.Can I use Research to look for places, instead of people?
5.Do I need to pay anything to use Research?
6.Where's the catch? How do you guys make money from this product?
7.Which Websites and databases does Research cover?
8.Why do I need to download a Java applet to my computer?
9.Can I make searches run faster?
10.Do I need to register to use Research?
11.How should I enter names in Research? What about hyphens?
12.Can I search for names by typing in languages other than English?
13.How long does an average search take on Research?
14.Do I have to wait until my query ends by itself?
15.How do I use the search results presented by Research?
16.Why don't I see actual names on the results page?
17.Can I sort the results?
18.Can I save my search results and access them again later on?
19.I couldn't find any information on my ancestors. What should I do?
20.Cool, I found information about my ancestors. What now?
21.I have some suggestions for improving this search engine, and some feedback. How can I pass this on to you?
22.I know about a good genealogy source that doesn't seem to be on your list. Can it be added to Research?
23.Seriously, is this the best genealogy search engine on the planet?
24.Is this going to solve all my family history research problems?