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Anthony Silling Hi Lesley,
I like having the surname Silling, it's a unique name, and I've never met a Silling in Australia, that wasn't related to me!
It's great to be in contact with descendants like yourself. I have just obtained some original family tree notes from my father, and he had correspondence from a man, Hans Fumberger, who is the Grandson of Anna Elizabeth Silling.
I need to get in contact with him again, as the letters he sent were from 2002, and he may have passed away by now.
I have a lot of photos of Anna Elizabeth, I'm going to upload to my site. (When I get my scanner working).
It would be great to find out where you fit into the family tree.

Anthony Silling
210 days ago
Lesley Pilmore Hi Anthony,
Anna Elizabeth is my grandmother Alice Selma Vale's mother my mother Alma Elizabeth Ballard daughter of Alice and Frank Ballard. Mum married George Johnson Lenon. I AM Lesley Helen Lenon married to Jim Pilmore.
Alma is still living aged 96 and in good health.
Hans is still living I have his address some place I have been rearranging my Genealogy den. When I see mum next I will obtain his address.
I have a couple of photos of Anna Elizabeth.
In July I took mum to Nathalia Cemetery to visit her parents and grandparents graves.
Lesley Pilmore.
209 days ago