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Genealogy surnames I am researching:Welch,Cartmell, Talbot, Martin, Laube, Green, Johnston
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Christine Alice Hills Hello Marilyn, Just to say I don't think that John Cockram is a match as mine is son of Richard Cockram & Margaret Criddle & yours son og John Cockram & Mary Oxenham. (Though we probably both have both Johns on our trees!)
I'll check more later have to go now.
4 years ago
Lynette Lockyer Thomas Lockyer in your photo is my ggg grandfather
4 years ago
Marilyn Welch Hello Christine, I hope I have all the info correct. let me know if I haven't. Thanks, Marilyn
4 years ago
peter Tasman clements HENRY JOHN MORLEY
4 years ago
Lynette Beange interesting Marilyn that my children come up in your tree. Can you work out the connection. I am a bit new to all of this.
2 years ago
Marilyn Welch Not sure, as I don't know who your children are, you haven't said their names. If you can give me their names and DOB, and if they are married who to, I should be able to find out. Marilyn.
2 years ago
Bob Thanks for letting me view your tree. John Dalby is a loner, so I can't see if there is a connection or not. I am sure the Dalby's and Kuchels are related some how to my line. Maybe one day??
107 days ago