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Catherine Brauns

Joined:January 1 2008 (6 years ago)
Genealogy surnames I am researching:Brauns, Brouwer, Holding, McCulloch, Cleary
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James Power Hi Catherine,
what is your connection with the Power Family? I am happy for you to have membership if you wish.
Regards Jim Power
2 years ago
Nigel Smith Hi Catharine,
I see you have my Mother, Father and maternal grandparents in your tree. My Mum is Joan Smith, born Swann. Roger Smith, also in your tree, was my eldest brother, who died in 2008.
If you are connected and would like membership of my tree, please let me know and send me a request.
Best regards,
Nigel Smith
2 years ago
Catherine Brauns That would be great Nigel... how do I send a request through?
2 years ago
James Black Hi Catherine.I see in the Black family tree reference to your family tree.I live in NZ. My Great G Father was Rev Samuel Black son of John Black of Drumsurn near Derry
My dad Thomas Alexander Black had following relatives in Australia.
Uncles Joseph, Gippsland Victoria, and I have met some of these (Des Bennett Trarangula ). John Black who went to Bunderberg and I have met up with some of these descendants Barbara Furze , and his Aunt who was a McGown as married name .
Anyway my email regrds Jim Black
2 years ago
Margaret Lesley Beck Hello Catherine - have just confirmed 108 matches to your family tree - seems we are connected somewhere - Godiva Jessie McConnell (nee Brown) family tree
2 years ago
Catherine Brauns Hi Margaret,
We are related through the Geraghtys - my maternal grandparents, Godiva is nine steps away:
Godiva is the wife of James McConnell
James is the father of Mona English (McConnell)
Mona is the wife of Charles English
Charles is the son of James English
James is the son of Mary Geraghty (English)
Mary is the sister of Caroline Wilson (Geraghty)
Caroline is the mother of Desmond Wilson
Desmond is the father of Maureen Cleary (Wilson)
Maureen is my mother

2 years ago
Dean James Anderson Hi Catherine! We have recently confirmed each others smart matches on Minnie Warner Covington. Just wondering what your connection is to her? She is my great grand mother
one year ago
Catherine Brauns Hi Dean
The relationship is as follows:
Minnie Warner is the daughter of Maria Bartley
Maria is the sister of Michael Bartley
Michael is the father of Charles Bartley
Charles is the husband of Bryda Manning (Bartley)
Bryda is the sister of Sydney Manning
Sydney is the husband of Annie Niven (Mannng)
Annie isthe daughter of James Niven
James is the son of Mary Walker (Niven)
Mary is the daughter of Sarah Foley (Geraghty)
Sarah is the sister of Caroline Geraghty (Wilson)
Caroline is my great grandmother

one year ago
Dean James Anderson Hi! I've only just started here on My Heritage. Slowly getting to know it and how to use it.
Looks like you have far more information on the Bartley's than I do. Just wondering how far back you may have gone with the Bartley's out of curiosity?
one year ago
Catherine Brauns Not quite sure but I have some back to early 1800s. You can merge from my tree or I could send what I can in a pdf to your email if you wish.
one year ago
Ian Wrigley Hallo Catherine. According to my records Henry Charles and William Henry are brothers
Regards Ian Wrigley
one year ago
Patricia Green Catherine, I notice you have the death of Ellen Joyce incorrect. She died in 1943 in Hawthornb, ic. Reg. No. 8122. Patricia Green
one year ago
Catherine Brauns Thanks - will amend
one year ago
John bramman Hi Catherine, just had a smart match with Annie Webster (Long) she was my G.Grand mothers half sister on dads side. Where do you fit in!? I live in Victoria. Cheers John
one year ago
Catherine Brauns Hi John
There are 16 steps between Annie and me:
Annie is the mother of Annie Webster (Hardge)
Annie is the wife of Claude Hardge
Claude is the son of Isabella Hardge (Winner)
Isabella is the sister of Margaret Winner
Margaret is the mother of Thomas Winner
Thomas is the husband of Annie Davey (Winner)
Annie is the daughter of Frances Feltis (Fenn)
Frances is the sister of Amelia Feltis (Walker)
Amelia is the wife of George Walker
George is the son of Sarah Foley
Sarah is the sister of Martha Foley
Martha is the mother of Caroline Geraghty (Wilson)
Caroline is the mother of Desmond Wilson
Desmond is the father of Maureen Cleary (Wilson)
Maureen is my mother

one year ago
Enid Kennedy Hi, Catherine, I see you have my sister Josephine (O`Sullivan) Buckley in your tree, also on my husbands side you have one of his G,Grandmothers, Bridget Fahey, and again on my mothers side you have one of her`s Austen. Wow we sure are related some how. I will join you up to my tree. Regards Enid Kennedy
one year ago
Catherine Brauns Cool... Nice to meet relatives on the site and learn about their branch!!!
one year ago
June Rinses Hi what how does my family fit in your tree and which one do you think i am doing 4 different family tree at the moment would appreciate any information . June Rinses
one year ago
Catherine Brauns Hi June
I can understand the "doing 4 family trees at once". I put all my trees together, hence the number of people in my tree. The Hallett family is 9 steps away from me:
Edwin is the father if Iris Hallett (White)
Iris is the wife of Clarence Jasper White
Clarence is the brother of Walter White
Walter is the father of Leonard White
Leonard is the father of Diana Glover (White)
Diana is the wife of Kevin Glover
Kevin is the brother of Peter Glover
Peter is the father of Tessa Brauns (Glover)
Tessa is my daughter-in-law

Hope this gives you some information

one year ago
Paul Hoffman Hi Catherine my grandfather was Cuthbert Kirchner how are you related in the family tree
one year ago
Paul Hoffman I meant my wife Elaine
one year ago
Catherine Brauns Cuthbert is the brother of Robert Kirchner
Robert is the husband of Mona Tyrie
Mona is the daughter of Sarah Delaney
Sarah is the daughter of Elizabeth Walker
Elizabeth is the daughter of Sarah Foley
Sarah is the sister of Martha Foley
Martha is the mother of Caroline Geraghty
Caroline is the mother of Desmond Wilson
Desmond is the father of Maureen Wilson
Maureen is my mother.

I think I went off on a tangent for some reason and created a new budding branch.

one year ago
Janine Gurr Hi Catherine, we have connections with the Gurr family. Wondering how you are connected? We are holding a Gurr Family Reunion in Adelaide in Oct 2013 for the descendants of George Gurr who arrived in S.A. in 1850 aboard the Sultana with his large family. Let me know if you are descended and interested. Cheers Janine (nee Gurr)
one year ago
Catherine Brauns Hi Janine
Thanks for the heads up. George Gurr is a distant relative through sisters and brothers of various family relatives. Unfortunately I would not be able to attend the reunion as I would be in the middle of last term of school.
Good luck with your planning and connections.
one year ago
Jan Turley Hi Catherine, what an amazing lady you are. I have matched the Morris side in here, but don't see any other Morris'. Are you able to help please.
one year ago
Catherine Brauns I hope I can - the Morrises are related through my daughter-in-law so the Glovers, I suspecting. Hopefully I can research some more.
one year ago
Terrance Byrne Terrance Byrne Hi Catherine, you have Bridget Byrne in your family tree, what connection are you to her, Bridget is my grand fathers sister. Ciao
315 days ago
Catherine Brauns Hi Terrance
There are 15 steps from Bridget to me:
Bridget is the sister of Elizabeth Byrne
Elizabeth is the mother of Napoleon Eccleston
Napoleon is the father of Raymond Eccleston
Raymond is the husband of Edna Goodwin
Edna is the daughter of May Ward
Mary is the daughter of Joseph Ward
Joseph is the brother of George Ward
George is the father of Mabel Ward (Delaney)
Mabel is the wife of Raymond Daley
Raymond is the son of Jeremiah Daley
Jeremiah is the son of Elizabeth Geraghty
Elizabeth is the sister of Caroline Geraghty (Wilson)
Caroline is my maternal great grandmother
314 days ago
Stuart Vincent Hi Catherine, we just mutually confirmed Christopher Vincent. What branch down from him are you a part of? He is my great-great-great-grandfather and I'm down from his son John Thomas Vincent.
304 days ago
Catherine Brauns Hi Stuart
There are 20 steps between Christopher and me:
Christopher is the father of Christopher Vincent
Christopher is the father of Annie Vincent (Riley)
Annie is the wife of William Riley
William is the son of Sarah Edwards (Riley)
Sarah is the sister of Mary Anne Edwards (Sharpe)
Mary Anne is the wife of Milo Sharpe
Milo is the son of Mary Anne Casey
Mary Anne is the mother of Margaret Black (Yelds)
Margaret is the mother of Ann Yelds (Manning)
Ann is the mother of Ada Manning (Shinfield)
Ada is the mother of Olive Shinfield (Walker)
Olive is the wife of James Walker
James is the son of John Walker
John is the son of James Walker
James is the son of Sarah Foley
Sarah is the sister of Martha Foley (Geraghty)
Martha is the mother of Caroline Geraghty (Wilson)
Caroline is my great grandmother

304 days ago
Loris HALL Hi Catherine,Just wondering how we are connected.Must be on my husband's side .
279 days ago
Catherine Brauns Hello Loris
Could you give me a name with which to begin?

271 days ago
Don Maskew Hi Catherine,

We have just been notified that we have 39 matches confirmed in our families. This is great news.

Jude my wife comes through the Martins and Atkinson families and was wondering if you have any photos to share. We have a few.

We live in Perth

You may contact us through our email address;

242 days ago
Catherine Brauns Hello Don,
The only photos that I have would be on my tree.

242 days ago