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Rick Benzies

Rick is a site manager of lost benzies
Rick created the site on February 20 2009 (6 years ago)
Rick visited 1984 times, last visit on April 1 2015 (today)

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Immediate family

<Private> Nothnagel
<Private> Benzies
<Private> Benzies
<Private> Benzies
(1) Pearl Josepine Temple
Larry Wayne Colbow
Mother's son
<Private> Benzies
<Private> Benzies
Caroline Coligan Coligan John Adam Ironside Leys b. July 9, 1884 at home East Lodge, Johnson Gardens Parish of Laurencekirk , son of William Leys, Master Gardener and married to Mary Isabella Ironside (age 33) he married Helen Jane Thomson (aged 37) born July 10, 1980 East Taylock Parish of Clatt, dau of John Thomson and Elisabeth Smith - John Thomson and Elisabeth Thomson nee: Smith married December 8, 1877 Clatt. Would you like a photo of them?
4 years ago
Rick Benzies That would be great for the picture , but please look at your return letter you have Helen jane Thomson born July 10 1980 type o ThanksRick P.s where in Canada are you the name rings a bell
3 years ago
Robert Robinson Hey Rick. Please note my mother's name was Joan Elizabeth Miller NOT Betty Joan Elizabeth. You have copied the wrong info from one of my cousins.
3 years ago
Rick Benzies Thanks Robert I have coorect the right name & sorry for misspelling of your mothr's name
3 years ago
Bruce Cowan Hi Rick
Can you tell me why you rejected the match as I was wondering if you have more information on this family's history and whereabouts

Many Thanks
3 years ago
Rick Benzies sorry bruce I am not sure which one I cancelled I do so many e-mails a day & families I just can't rembember .If so it maybe with the dates or places that is why I would cancell or reject a name or family I just have to have more than names if that is so . If you can remind me or send it again I will look at it again Rick
3 years ago
Ellis Trautman You looked at my Rothnie tree recently. I discovered today it was an early version & less complete than it is now.A lot of folks from 1800s are now included. Have you a connection? Like you so many viewers thru' I can't remember if it was a go or not before. Cheers.
2 years ago
Rick Benzies Somewhere down the line we both have Duncan's in the tree & I still go in different branches. I believe that we do somewhere in the tree but It can't tell me if we are they tell me that my tree is to big to make connections. thanks Rick
2 years ago
Ellis Trautman Hey Rickety. I've tried to find a connection of the Benzies to the Rothnies but, alas, It beats me.
One can't just go out & pluck a family name off the net & stick it in their tree. My Rothnie Tree is pretty exclusive to the extent that if they didn't carry Rothnie DNA, or give birth to it, then they don't get a gurnsey, if you get my drift.
I've asked you earlier for a proof of connection but no answer.
I agree, your tree is too big & out of control & I don't think you are remotely related, certainly not by DNA.
41+ thousand folks is not a family, it's a population of a city. If you can't verify a Rothnie connection, I'd appreciate removing it from your tree. That would help better management of your tree.
Cheers, Ellis Trautman.
one year ago
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