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Amber Arp

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Paul Morris Hilton I will write you further when I can get your Email address and name. I ahve had a problem with my computer re the Virus or Bug of some sort I have no knowledge of Alvin Chesley at the moment. I am reworking my Genealogy as it was knocked around a lot. I will be able to look up the info, but I ahve a lot to look for. My personal Email address
is tinym81@nb.sympatico.ca. Thank you for writing. Sincerely Yours, Paul Morris Hilton.
5 years ago
Paul Morris Hilton Hi Debra. I was off the computer for a while and I am not just sure which book you are referring to. A bug hit my computer and i lost my Emails. It is OK now. Let me know what book you are referring to. My persoanl Email address is tinym81@nb.sympatico.ca Thank you for writing to me. Sincerely Yours, Paul Morris Hilton.
5 years ago
Paul Morris Hilton I looked up Alvin Chesley last night and he seem to be connected to the Webbs and the DANIEL BOONE FAMILY which has 32,000 + names in it. I am connected to ole Daniel too as are most of us in some way. More info later.
5 years ago