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Dom Swinkels

Age:80 or above
Joined:August 11 2007 (7 years ago)
Genealogy surnames I am researching:Swinkels, Small, Mobbs, Pogson, Newton, Thijssen
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Suzanne Richards Dom, I am new to genealogy - unfamiliar with the pros and cons of these groups. Any assistance you can offer would be appreciated. Suzanne Richards
4 years ago
Marion Swinkels Hello,looks like we are family,I see some of my relatives in your family tree and I can help you with some names if you like.
Greetss Marion Swinkels
4 years ago
Dom Swinkels Hi Marion,

Can we compare notes directly? Contact me at However, I will be travelling for about 10 days, so I may not get back quickly after Monday 18 Oct.

Cheers, Dom
4 years ago
Marion Swinkels Sure we can,I will e-mail you tonight,it will be morning where you are though,but you will see it then.
Grets marion
4 years ago
Alice Nicholls Hi Dom

I notice you have Herbert Minchin Nicholls in your tree and Patrick Nicholls, they are my father and brother, can you tell me the connection to your family...thanks Jo
4 years ago
Dom Swinkels Hi Alice, It turns out you are a 5th cousin to my wife, Wendy. Contact me at for more details.

Cheers, Dom
4 years ago
Leila Abbey hi Dom, my name is leila Williams nee Abbey daughter of Colin and Melda Abbey i was born in Jandowae Qld 5.11.51 can you tell me your connection with our family
thank you Leila - Merry xmas and Happy New Year
4 years ago
Dom Swinkels Hi Leila,

Based on your information here is the connection I have:

25 Dec 2010
+-Colin John Richard ABBEY
Leila ABBEY (b.5 Nov 1951-Jandowae,Qld,Australia)
| +-Albert Julius HOPPE (b.1851-Komsow,Pommern,Germany d.25 Jul 1939-Toowoomba,Qld,Australia)
| +-Albert HOPPE (b.6 Nov 1877-Qld,Australia d.7 Aug 1954-Qld,Australia)
| | | +-Franz PLATZKE
| | +-Fredericke Bertha PLATZKE (b.1853-Serhoff,Pommern,Germany d.9 Jan 1934-Toowoomba,Qld,Australia)
| | +-Henrietta SAHENKIN
+-Melda Amelia HOPPE (b.11 Aug 1917-Qld,Australia)
+-Kathleen Winifred QUINN

This may to too hard to read. Please contact me at if you want to compare further.

Cheers, Dom
4 years ago
Ruth Draper Dom, My name is Ruth Draper you seem to have quite alot of people that seem to match my family tree can you please email my as to how this is. Are we related in some way. thank you Ruth Draper Email Address is
4 years ago
Dom Swinkels Hi Ruth, I have emailed you directly, Cheers, Dom
4 years ago
Emi Clayton Hi Dom, My name is Emi Clayton and it seems we connect up in our Family Tree's. I would be interested to see where we link up. The Connection for me is through my Newick / O'Brien line you can contact me on Clayton_dem@ bigpond,com.
Regards Emi
4 years ago
Dom Swinkels Hi Emi,

I have corrected your email address and sent you an email directly.

Cheers, Dom
4 years ago
Leila Abbey hi Don , it does seem we have the same connection so as soon as i am able i will do my best to update my tree as i am new to all this we are shifting house so everything is packed away even the computer with my family tree on it cheers Leila
3 years ago
Mark Addicoat Hi Dom

It looks like I may share many names that of the Gerrard/ Addicoat Family as both Joel & Scott are sisters sons. So If possible can please have access to your site and to my tree, you also have me premission to used my tree at any time to add to your tree.
My email address is should you require any other imformaton.

Reagrds Mark
3 years ago
victoria bower I am Victoria Bower married to James Carlyle Bower in your tree. We first married in 1995 -We divorced in 2004 and re-married in 2008-My family tree is on a public tree if you are interested in more information on the Bowers.
3 years ago
Dom Swinkels I tried to find it on but I was not successful.

Can you send me a direct link by any chance?

Cheers, Dom
3 years ago
Robyn Aulmann Joseph Jones is not Michael Harrison's son but Francis Jones's. his mother Jane Wheatley married Francis on Michaels demise in 1815.
Trial of Jane appears to have changed Joseph's name from Jones to Harrison when being transported as a child of 3yrs with mother
2 years ago
Dom Swinkels Thank you. I will correct this on my computer but it may take a while before you see it on the Internet site as I only upload occasionally. It may get more often soon as I have just moved house and may get a better connection.

Cheers Dom
2 years ago
Ross Scott Good day to you Don, Have just confirmed comparisons of my great aunt Jean Williams ( Dunn). I am rather curious as to your attachment to her. Would like to know more from you about this. l have included my email address in case .
Kindest regards Ross Scott
one year ago
Dom Swinkels Alfred Henry WILLIAMS is my wife's 2nd cousin twice removed. Both are SMALL descendants.
one year ago
Carmel Onderwater Dom, we have matched a few members on our tree.
Would love to see your tree and find out how we are connected. Thanks Carmel.
one year ago
Peter de-Wit Hello Dom, while I respect your private site we have some relatives in our trees ,if you have the time can you look at my site to confirm the matches ,I would not want to put false information that would be copied and transferred to other sites ,regards &best wishes Peter
one year ago
maggy Sullivan Hi Dom, We have some common ancestors eg Thomas Edward Hanlon and was wondering how he fits into your tree he is my grandfather. Looking forward to hearing from you. maggy
247 days ago