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Unknown Graeme, wondering if you want any more info from me, WebSite I gave you access to will not be updated any further because as I think I explained I had duplicated my new sites & one you were looking at is not Site I will continue on. It won't be deleted , just left as is at moment.

I merely got a bit confused because this is still fairly new to me, computers& Genealogy both.

6 years ago
Unknown Graeme, I have sent another invite to this Website, this Bricknellbranch1731 is the one I shall maintain , it is large (700 plus names ) so does take a while to load. Have another try anyway & let me know.

6 years ago
Unknown Graeme,
Evelyn, here. I have checked & you have got access to Bricknellbranch1731. I am leaving this message via my inbox, which shows you have visited correct Tree. As I said it does take a while to load.
Please, do you mind confirming to me that you have done so? Sorry, but what was the connection? I know you said 3rd cousins but I must have lost original request.
6 years ago
lesley preece Hit graeme, my great great grandmother is Louisa annie diprose and edward james elmer from Lesley Newman
5 years ago