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Trish Campbell

Joined:August 10 2007 (7 years ago)
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Allan Mackenzie Hi Trish, we have similar members in our family line, Angelique and Roderick Mackenzie are our direct relatives. My husbands name is Allan, please feel free to contact us.
Pauline Mackenzie
6 years ago
Robert LaBonte Sr. Hello, My name is Robert O. LaBonte Sr. I am a direct
decendent of Antoine Dandurand-Marcheterre. I presently live Oregon, USA. I have been doing research on our Marcheterre family in early 2001. We found out that the first Dandurand to come to Canada (Nouvelle France) from France landed in Canada in 1693. He did come from a Parish in the city of Paris and came typically as a soldier. He landed on a small island near Quebec City. He married a local girl, served his military assignment and was given a parcel of land to cultivate. Theat parcel of land is on the south shore of the St-Lawrence river. He had a number of children. We found out that the name change occurred when two of his sons feuded to the point that one changed his name to Marcheterre and move down the St-Lawrence river to a town name Rimouski. The rest of the Dandurand clan gradually drifted in the other direction and mostly settle in Montreal. The two sons completly divided
the family. My tree is consisted with the Marcheterre side.
Lawrence Dandurand has the other Dandurand tree. We both have Antoine Dandurand 1712 - 1763 m. Veronique
Proulx 1716 - 1763. Joseph - Francois Dandurand : b
1740 . m. Maria Madeleine Beaudoin, m. Felicite Morin -
This is where the two families split apart.

6 years ago
Sandra Webster Hi Trish
It seems we have a smart match in common, Emelie Massicotte and Joseph Brousseau, they were my great, greatgranparents on my mothers side of the family, How were related to you, maybe we can exchange information.
6 years ago
Janice Haines Hi Trish,
I was contacted that our trees might match. Mine is the Semenach family tree and my mother's name is Katharine Peters, her father was Aron and his father was Johann.
Please feel free to contact me.
6 years ago
Angela Melendez We might be related threw my Great-father Michel Lavallee,My name is Angela Melendez.{Lavallee..Email;
5 years ago
Isabel Lefebvre I appears we are related through the Nault line. Napoleon Nault is my husband's great grand father. I would like to exchange information. Please feel free to contact me at
5 years ago
Annabelle (Hepner) Ringash My father was Peter Hepner, son of Johann(John) Heppner and Elisabeth Fehr.
I am wondering just where you fit on the family tree.

Please contact me @
4 years ago
Margaret (Midge( Campagna Is this Mary Reilley the same one that was married to Chuck Pardo in Chicago, Il & had 4 children than? Please let me know.
Midge Mader, I was married to son John Edward Pardo in the 60's., thanks for the help.
4 years ago
Richard Nadeau Allô Trish, j'ai vue que le sîte nous à connecter ensemble avec la famille Beaudoin. Les personne que vous mis dans votre arbre généalogique sont les frères et soeurs de mon grand-père maternel. J'aimerais savoir quel est votre lien avec la famille de mon grand-père. MERCI TRISH, pour vos renseignements.
3 years ago
john thiessen tried to send you a message re the campbell fam. tree via my heritage in august 2010 but got no reply. do you check these messages, or should i try to e-mail you?
john thiessen, pottstown, pa
2 years ago
Valda McKegg Hi are you related to the Campbells that were at Waipu Northland NZ
2 years ago
Gladys Hansen We same to have the Lariviere/Maurice names. Contact me...
2 years ago
David Campbell 1190 visits to this Trish, but no profile, no tree, and seemingly no responses to inquiries. I think she's left the building. even in France apparently...
one year ago
Francine Gosselin Je ne suis pas certaine de la correspondance... ma mère se nommait Anna-Marie
one year ago